Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles - Episode 3 "Big" is released!

"Set in an alternate universe where Wonder Woman is actually the New God Bekka, the warrior goddess must take on a horde of Kobra soldiers to save her friend with benefits, Steve Trevor."

The third and last episode of Bruce Timm's Justice League: Gods And Monsters Chronicles has been released on Michinima and it focuses on Wonder Woman. This last episode had a lot to live up to considering I enjoyed the first two so much. In the end I thought it was a really fun video that shows off a cool battle sequence but it just wasn't as great as the other episodes.

I really like the look that they gave Wonder Woman in this universe and it is great that she is very clearly confident in herself and her abilities. It is pretty cool that this Wonder Woman can open boom tubes at will and use that to her advantage in battle.

If you haven't seen them yet be sure to check out Episode 1 (Batman) and Episode 2 (Superman).

Source: YouTube - Machinima


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