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First poster is released for Netflix and DreamWorks Animation's She-Ra and The Princess of Power.

Last December, I reported that Netflix and DreamWorks Animation were bringing back the warrior princess She-Ra. Now Netflix has released the first piece of art for the series and it shows promise. The poster shows our heroine wielding her magical sword with the words "A Hero Will Rise" in the background. She-Ra herself is in shadow so you cannot see much of the her or the details of how she'll actually look but this poster will excite fans.

"This new take on the 1980s cult classic follows an orphan named Adora who leaves behind her former life in the evil Horde. She then discovers a magical sword that can transform her into the warrior princess She-Ra, and unites a group of magical princesses "in the ultimate fight against evil."" They also released a cool gif of the poster so that you can get a glimpse of She-Ra in action.

She-Ra and The Princess of Power will stream on Netflix in 2018.

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Cartoon Network is bringing back ThunderCats with the new animated show ThunderCats Roar.

Warner Bros. Animation has announced that it is developing a brand new ThunderCats animated series that will air next year on Cartoon Network. The new series is titled ThunderCats Roar and it is not exactly what fans of the franchise want.

Above you can see the first official art piece for the series which clues fans in that the show has adopted the all too lazy art style of Steven Universe, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Gumball, and many other recent animated cartoons. (Seriously, so lazy.) I was a massive fan of the original series that aired from 1985-1989 and a big fan of the recent reboot that aired from 2011-2012. I felt the new series never got a fair chance to grow and got knocked around by the network too much with new time slots and days.

Going from those series to this feels like an insult to fans. However, producer Victor Courtright says that ThunderCats Roar will stay true to the original series and have plenty of action while playing up the comedic elements of the show tha…

Fantastic video dives into how Wolverine's costume for X2: X-Men United was designed by Ironhead Studio.

Tested goes behind the scenes with Ironhead Studio and discovers some amazing secrets about how Wolverine's costume was made for X2: X-Men United. This video shows how Ironhead Studio took actor Hugh Jackman's complaints of his first costume from X-Men to heart when creating his new look for the sequel. This video is a lot of fun to watch and fans of the franchise will find it interesting how the costumes were created and even see details that weren't noticeable on screen.
"Ironhead Studio brings a costume out from their archives--Wolverine's costume from X2: X-Men United--to show how designer Jose Fernandez gave the X-Men their evolved look in one of the best superhero films of all time. Jose talks to us about his design approach to this costume and shows us aspects not seen on screen. Plus, we check out one of the helmets Ironhead Studio made for Netflix's Altered Carbon!" Enjoy!

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Warner Bros. reveals the new lineup of heroes in Young Justice: Outsiders with a new piece of promo art.

Get ready, Young Justice fans! Warner Bros. has just released a new art piece from the show's upcoming third season Young Justice: Outsiders! Fans will notice there are a lot of new heroes for the show.

At the top from left to right you can see Tigress, Black Lightning, and Superboy. Then looking at the foreground you can see Katana, Geoforce, Wylde, an unknown hero (anyone out there recognize them?), Metamorpho, and Nightwing.

Are you excited to get another season of Young Justice? What do you think of the new lineup of heroes that DC is putting in the show? Would you have added, or brought back, anyone different?

Young Justice: Outsiders will stream on DC's upcoming streaming service DC Universe.

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch's new Netflix reboot gets a confirmed title.

The upcoming Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot coming to Netflix has officially been given a new name. The new show will follow the popular comic series and be titled Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This take on the show will be a lot darker than the original series following the occult and will still keep the coming of age story. The series will star Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina while Ross Lynch will play her love interest Harvey.

Will you be tuning in to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina when it streams on Netflix?

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Kevin Feige confirms that Marvel Studios has plans for Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel in the MCU.

Fans have been curious as to what new characters they can expect to see in the next Phase of Marvel films and Kevin Feige has shed some light on that subject. During a recent interview, Feige spoke about how Captain Marvel is currently shooting and once she is introduced to the world that Marvel Studios has plans to introduce Marvel Comics' Kamala Khan, who is the current Ms. Marvel and huge fan of Captain Marvel.

Marvel is planning to do Miss Marvel after Captain Marvel y’all

Muslims. Prepare to finally be represented. — R O D Y ⚡️ IW SPOILERS (@StaarksHeart) May 12, 2018 Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel is a really fun character and it will be really exciting to see her in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kamala Kahn is a shape-shifter but more specifically she is a Muslim Pakistani-American teenager from New Jersey. She would make a great, and really fun, addition to the MCU. Would you be excited to see Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel on the big screen?