Fantastic video dives into how Wolverine's costume for X2: X-Men United was designed by Ironhead Studio.

Tested goes behind the scenes with Ironhead Studio and discovers some amazing secrets about how Wolverine's costume was made for X2: X-Men United. This video shows how Ironhead Studio took actor Hugh Jackman's complaints of his first costume from X-Men to heart when creating his new look for the sequel. This video is a lot of fun to watch and fans of the franchise will find it interesting how the costumes were created and even see details that weren't noticeable on screen.
"Ironhead Studio brings a costume out from their archives--Wolverine's costume from X2: X-Men United--to show how designer Jose Fernandez gave the X-Men their evolved look in one of the best superhero films of all time. Jose talks to us about his design approach to this costume and shows us aspects not seen on screen. Plus, we check out one of the helmets Ironhead Studio made for Netflix's Altered Carbon!"

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Source: YouTube - Tested


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