Twitch Channel Spotlight - Stacey Roy!

I've wanted to start sharing some of the incredible content creators out there that I know and there is no better time than the present. For Realm Beyond Sight's first "Spotlight" I would like to introduce the amazing Stacey Roy who is the CEO of Whabam Media and the host of Whabam TV! That name may sound familiar to my long time readers as I have shared much of her content over the past few years. Stacey is currently on a Twitch Studios game show called "Stream On" and she could use your support to keep her in the competition. All it takes is a simple follow/subscribe. (I will discuss more about Stream On at the end of this article but first let's take a look at our Spotlight streamer, Stacey Roy.)

Before we begin however, I highly encourage everyone to please follow and subscribe to Stacey's channel on Twitch which will also help her for Stream On. You will not regret it! Twitch - TheStaceyRoy

For those unfamiliar with Stacey, let me fill you in on why her channel deserves your attention. There are of course great Twitch streamers out there but Stacey continually stands out above the rest for many reasons. First is the quality of streams that she provides. Going above and beyond the normal webcam streams, Stacey provides TV-quality streams from both an actual studio and on location for her shows. This gives her channel and streams a professional look and makes following/subscribing feel worth your time. Whether in her studio or out on location in restaurant kitchens or at wineries, you never know where Stacey could pop up next. Second is the amount of energy and fun that Stacey both puts into her shows and has come out of them. Stacey has an energy about her that makes watching her shows fun and gives them a nice sense of spontaneity. Though this may be my own personal opinion, I also love that Stacey keeps small bloopers in her shows as well. It shows the amount of fun she is having creating these shows for everyone and it keeps your full attention. Last, she always has fun special guests come onto her shows every week so it gives them a feel of freshness with new guests, new interactions, and a lot of continued fun!

Stacey's flagship shows on her Twitch channel include "Cooking with Stacey" and "The Nerdy Bartender". Cooking with Stacey shows off Sunday brunches with weekly community theme challenges (with prizes!) to Midnight Monday Munchies that hit those late-night cravings while The Nerdy Bartender is a talk show that pairs pop-culture themed drinks with weekly special guests. Both of these shows promote highly interactive chat involvement from her followers and subscribers (who are called "Whabammers") and without fail are always full of energy. The community of Whabammers are a great group who love to engage with both Stacey as well as each other during the streams. It's always great to find a fun group of such welcoming people.

(Seriously, if you haven't done it yet, go follow and subscribe! Twitch - TheStaceyRoy)

Below you can watch two short promo videos that will give you a taste of what "Cooking with Stacey" and "The Nerdy Bartender" have to offer.

Stream On:
"Stream On" is a Twitch Studios produced game show that Stacey is currently competing in that features up-and-coming streamers. Stream On premiered on Twitch on March 8 and has weekly shows Thursdays at 3PM. Viewers of Stream On can show their love of their favorite streamer by being part of the show and join in the weekly challenges and live voting to save their streamer from elimination and help them win. This show is also a great opportunity for viewers to discover up-and-coming creators and play a key role in their potential success. With a cash prize of $60,000 USD ($5k per month for a year), Stacey has a great opportunity to improve her amazing shows and could use the support of her fans. You can watch a short video where Stacey talks about her channel for the Stream On viewers here.

Be sure to check out the official Whabam Media page as well that will dive deeper into who Stacey Roy is, what Whabam TV is all about, as well as her amazing blog, specifications about her studio and equipment, her schedule, and so much more!

You can also follow Stacey on other forms of social media:
Twitter: TheStaceyRoy
Facebook: WhabamMedia
Instagram: TheStaceyRoy
YouTube: Whabam

*Most importantly, please be sure to follow / subscribe on Twitch:
Twitch - TheStaceyRoy

You can also follow Realm Beyond Sight on Facebook and Twitter - RealmBeyondS for the latest news and fun conversations!


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