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Disturbance in the Force

Fun little strip with an awesome Star Wars reference.

Spider-Man Joins FF and New Suits Are Revealed

In a move that frankly everybody saw coming, Marvel has officially announced that Spider-Man will be joining the FF. With Johnny Storm dead however, they certainly wouldn't be keeping the name The Fantastic Four. So what does FF stand for? The Future Foundation.

Marvel is promising some pretty big things from The Future Foundation when FF #1 is released in March. I wouldn't say that they are off to a great start though. The addition of Spider-Man is no surprise to anyone who followed The Fantastic Four and the name "The Future Foundation" just seems to be lacking in superhero creativity. They'll need to pull a rabbit out of their hat and have the stories make up for the name. The next notable change will be their new suits, including Spider-Man's. The white suits are not completely terrible but I cannot help but think of the Gamecube game P.N.03 whenever I look at them. The new FF symbol seems like it was taken out of the customization mode of any hero game/…

Doctor Who Infographics

As a huge Doctor Who fan I find these infographics absolutely amazing!
If you have ever had a friend ask you to explain who the Doctor is to them, then you know the difficulty that this question can create and the eventual twitch you get halfway through the explanation because of Doctor Who's complexity. Bob Canada has solved this problem and created some brilliant infographics that gives an overview of the Doctor and can explain everything to that new Doctor Who fan. He has recently updated the infographic to fix a few minor information errors.

This first infographic explains to us who the Doctor is (including all 11 of his regenerations) and explains to us what the TARDIS is.

This second infographic maps out the occasions where the Doctor has teamed up with his prior regenerations to solve a problem that was simply too big for only one of him.

A full size revised infographic (1008x1512) for the Doctor can be seen here
A full size infographic (1200x1800) for the Doctor Team-Ups …

Star Wars Begins - A Fan Documentary

Jambe Davdar has accomplished what George Lucas has been attempting for some time; put out new and exciting videos of the original Star Wars trilogy. In 2007 Davdar created his own fan documentaries on Empire Strikes Back (24 parts - about 2hrs 12min) and Return of the Jedi (23 parts - about 2.5hrs). Nearly four years later he now completes his saga with the release of Star Wars Begins, a 14 part (about 2hrs 18min) documentary on the original Star Wars.

Davdar has managed to track down the impossible to create these breathtaking documentaries; unseen alternate takes, deleted scenes, original audio, and quotes from various interviews, commentaries and recordings. I was amazed at how excited I was to click to the next video while watching. Seeing the new footage presented in such a clean and professional way was a breath of fresh air for the original trilogy. It is highly recommended for any Star Wars fan to check these out.

You can watch all three documentaries on Davdar's youtube…

Superman Classic

Robb Pratt, a veteran animator for Disney, pulled together some classic elements of Superman's history to create a brilliant 1 minute animated short. After the short Pratt discusses some of the reasons that went into his creating Superman Classic and gives a behind the scenes look at the animation process he used.

Nostalgic Superman fans will hear Max Fleischer's classic music from the 1940's cartoon series. Superman himself was created from Pratt's favorite characteristics of Superman actors throughout history. John Netwon (TV's Superboy in the 1980's) voices Clark Kent/Superman while his wife, Jennifer Newton, voices Lois Lane.