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Second world's name in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is revealed!!

I am currently at New York Comic Con in New York City and am having an absolute blast! I'm posting this from my phone so I'll be brief. Earlier I attended a panel with the Director/Producer of the The Legend of Zelda series Eiji Aonuma! It was absolutely amazing. In the panel he spoke about the upcoming 3DS title The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. They showed some great gameplay footage and even an awesome new trailer for the game! I shall be posting this never before seen trailer in a little bit. One of the big reveals in the trailer was the name of the second world that will be present in the game. Until now fans thought it might be the Dark World from A Link to the Past. But the trailer reveals the name of this new world to be "Lorule" and is ruled by Princess Hilda.LORULE!!It may seem funny that one is Hyrule and the other Lorule but it works given the logo of the game and the upside down Triforce that is the symbol of this world. It's the opposite t…

Watch the original 1976 Star Wars teaser trailer for old times sake! [video]

I'm not sure why but the official Star Wars YouTube page posted the original Star Wars teaser trailer from 1976 on its page today. All the same it is a lot of fun to take a look at the original teaser. It's also quite interesting to see the vast difference from trailers back then to today. The absence of the famous John Williams' film score is interesting. Would have helped this trailer a lot. "Watch the original Star Wars teaser trailer from 1976, featuring the world's first look at Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, and other classic characters and locales from a galaxy far, far away." Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - Star Wars

Bioshock Infinite film short from Chris Hardwick and Chloe Dykstra is perfect! [video]

Chris Hardwick and Chloe Dykstra put together a fantastic film short that is based off the hit video game Bioshock Infinite titled "Booker, Catch!" The short is a lot of fun to watch and the cosplays worn in it are top notch. Fans of the game are sure to love it. "Making his way through the floating city of Columbia, Booker DeWitt is a man on a mission! Luckily his ever helpful companion, Elizabeth, is always around to keep him stocked up on supplies, even if she might get a little overzealous with her throwing. Booker, Catch!" Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - Nerdist

The Hobbit retold by a thug! [video]

Sit down and get ready for the best summary and analysis of The Hobbit that you will ever see. Sparky Sweets, PhD, presents "Thug Notes: The Hobbit". Watch as this self proclaimed thug walks you through the story of The Hobbit and adds in his own flair to the summary and analysis. Every Tolkien fan will find this video funny and yet informative at the same time.

*Video contains spoilers!

Source: YouTube - Thug Life

Teaser trailer for Star Wars Rebels! [video]

Disney XD has just released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming animated show Star Wars Rebels. Folks, this is a true teaser! Not much is shown at all but it gives you a look at the visual style that will be used that was "heavily influenced by the work of original Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie." "The official Star Wars Rebels teaser trailer from Lucasfilm gives viewers their first look at the upcoming animated series' visual style, which is heavily influenced by the work of original Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie. Star Wars Rebels takes place between Star Wars: Episode III and IV, a time period previously unexplored on-screen, as the Empire cements its power and a rebellion begins to form. The highly anticipated show, executive produced by Dave Filoni, Simon Kinberg, and Greg Weisman, is coming Fall 2014 to Disney XD."

Source: YouTube - Star Wars

Link from The Legend of Zelda shows us why he is the original gangster! [video]

One of the new features that made it into the Nintendo Wii U version of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is the ability to take "selfies" with Link's camera known as the picto box. Then you can send them to friends and the internet via the Wii U Miiverse. However, one dedicated fan just found something even more fun to do with the new picto box; self videos! Watch as Link proves why he is truly the original gangster. This video is really funny!

Source: YouTube - Thieve's GuildTV

Samus Aran is Tinker Bell!

Finnish artist "Sir Tiefling" has just offered fans a new identity for the famous bounty hunter Samus Aran! What if Samus was really Tinker Bell from Disney's Peter Pan? This would definitely change things in Neverland but what about Zebes?

Source: Deviant Art - SirTiefling

New clip from Ender's Game - "Ender's Army". [video]

A brand new clip from the upcoming film Ender's Game has been released and it features Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford) talking to Ender (Asa Butterfield) about leading his own army; the Dragon Army. This is a great scene and although it has a serious tone to it Harrison Ford still manages to make you laugh with a single line towards the end.

Ender's Game hits theaters on November 1, 2013.

Source: YouTube - SummitScreeningRoom

RBS' Cosplay Closet - Ultimate Iron Man.

For today's (amazing) cosplay we have to go pretty deep into the Cosplay Closet; all the way to Italy! Italian cosplayer Riccardo Montico created a breath taking Ultimate Iron Man cosplay using EVA foam. The detail on this cosplay is incredible and Montico did great work on the paint job! The ark reactor, eyes, and two chest pieces light up which give it an amazing look at night.  
*Click images to enlarge.

Source: Deviant Art - blacklink2811

Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek! [video]

Geeks and Nerds have been who is "better" for ages but finally two individuals throw down in the middle of an electronic store and have an epic rap battle to finally settle the score. Who is better: Geeks or Nerds? Watch as the two throw references to computers and Tolkien at each other to try and put the other down.

Source: YouTube - Rhett and Link

Batman fails his drivers test the only way he knows how! I'M BATMAN! [video]

In the newest video from Animation Domination High-Def Batman hilariously fails his driver's test in true Batman fashion. "The Dark Knight scores a perfect 0 when trying to renew his license. He's the driver Gotham deserves."

Source: YouTube - Animation Domination High-Def