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Amy and Rory Pond will get their own Doctor Who mini-series 'Pond Life' [video]

Doctor Who fans rejoice! It appears that we will be getting a little more screen time with Amy and Rory than we first thought. Unfortunately, the Ponds are still leaving after episode 5 but it has been confirmed that we will be getting a short 5 mini-episode web series called Pond Life that will lead into the first episode of Doctor Who's seventh season.

Fans will be able to catch up with Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) and find out what married life has been like outside of the TARDIS.

Writer of Pond Life, Chris Chibnall, states that:

"Pond Life provides us with a lovely opportunity to catch up with Amy and Rory since we saw them at the end of the last series.

It opens with them at home and gives us an insight into just what happens when the Doctor drops in and out of their lives.

Travelling with the Doctor is one of the greatest things you can do, but it's fun to spend a few moments looking at the chaos he can also bring."

Pond Life will be a 5 …

Newest Doctor Who season 7 trailer shares dramatic moments between the Doctor and his companions! [video]

A new trailer for Season 7 of Doctor Who has been released by BBC America and it's sure to get fans very excited. Not only is it filled with fan favorite characters and villains but some very deep moments between the Doctor and Amy. With this season being promised as "fourteen big, blockbuster-movie episodes - each a brand new epic adventure featuring new monsters and some familiar foes as you've never seen them before," will fans mark this as Matt Smith's best season yet?
Doctor Who season 7 premieres on BBC America on Saturday, September 1st at 9pm!

Two of my favorite exchanges between characters seen here:
The Doctor: "We could end this right now. We could save everyone right now!"
Amy: "This is not how we roll and you know it!" And,
The Doctor: "You're thinking of stopping aren't you? You and Rory."
Amy: "The traveling is starting to feel like running away."
Source: Youtube - BBCAmericaTV

Superman and Wonder Woman become an official couple!

DC fans are in for a shock when they see the cover of next week's Justice League #12. There is no question whether this rumor is true or not anymore; Superman and Wonder Woman are getting together. On the cover we see the pair floating high in the sky, Superman wrapped in Wonder Woman's lasso of truth and Wonder Woman wrapped in Superman's arms as he goes in for a kiss.
"Writer Geoff Johns hints that some event — possibly tragic — will impact every member of the Justice League, and cause Superman and Wonder Woman to seek solace in each other and move from super-powered colleagues to power couple. This is no one-issue stunt: “This is the new status quo,” says Johns, adding that the relationship will have a seismic impact on all the heroes and villains in the DC universe." These two heroes as a pair will make for some interesting stories. Will they work perfectly as a team or will their different morals clash? Superman has never believed in taking someone'…

CW's Arrow adds Huntress to the cast!

The CW's Arrow is shaping up to have a star studded cast of heroes and villains. Previously, fans have been alerted to the castings of Torchwood's John Barrowman to play a rich philanthropist and Kelly Hu (X2: X-Men United) to play the villainess China White. Also reported to make appearance are Dinah Lance, Deadshot (Michael Rowe) and Deathstroke the Terminator. Now they have signed on Australian actress Jessica De Gouw to play the character of Huntress!

Arrow's Huntress will follow the story/background of Helena Bertinelli who is the daughter of a mob boss who has turned vigilante. The official description for the character states:
"Helena is a potential love interest for Oliver Queen; a fellow vigilante, set on destroying her father's organized crime empire. But Helena's blind pursuit of revenge will put her on a collision course with the Arrow." De Gouw is set for a multi-episode arc, and scheduled to make her debut around episode six. Are you get…

The Rocketeer is flying back into theaters!

It looks like Disney is bringing back their forgotten rocket flying hero, the Rocketeer. Although the movie had not done so well at the time of release, it has since gained a cult following that Disney is taking notice of. There are definite similarities between the Rocketeer and Iron Man but enough differences for Disney to give it another look. In this 1991 movie:
"a racing pilot named Cliff Secord (Billy Campbell) discovers a rocket-pack prototype in his stunt plane, hidden there by the gangsters who stole it from Howard Hughes; Secord tries it out, and, like Tony Stark, quickly discovers that a) flying without a plane is SO cool, and b) you gotta fight the bad guys (including Timothy Dalton, who two years prior had starred as James Bond for the second time) and save the girl (a luminous Jennifer Connelly)."  At the moment, there are no writers or casting news for the movie but it appears that the movie is getting a good look. We saw that a hero period piece can wo…

After 50 years, Spider-Man gets a sidekick!

Fans know Peter Parker / Spider-Man as a loner hero. He may team up here and there but ultimately he usually does his superhero thing on his own. However, once Amazing Spider-Man #692 hits stands tomorrow that will all change.

After 50 years, Marvel will be giving our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man a sidekick. The character that will take this role is Andy Maguire (a combination of the names of big screen Spider-Man actors Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire [which is weird]). Andy is from Peter's old high school and gets caught in an accident involving one of Peter's inventions. After the accident Andy discovers that he has powers of super strength and flight and will eventually take on the alias of "Alpha". Peter then takes it upon himself to look after this young man and sees it as his responsibility. But will fans be accepting of this kind of change for Spider-Man? Amazing Spider-Man #692 writer Dan Slott seems to think it'll go over well. "The fact that …

Nintendo Power ceases publication after 24 years.

Nintendo fans received some upsetting news today from Nintendo and Future Publishing who put out the monthly news and strategy magazine known as Nintendo Power. It has been officially announced that Nintendo Power will stop being printed after its impressive 24 year run. Since its first issue in July/August 1988, fans have enjoyed the tips and great articles that came with each issue.

Reported by GoNintendo, Future Publishing stated that Nintendo is difficult to work with and did not want to "take part in a number of digital initiatives that Future saw as necessary" and that, "Nintendo doesn't seem interested in taking over direct control of the magazine again." It's a real shame that they couldn't work something out and hold on to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. It's true that magazines such as this should have a digital element for today's times but having the actual magazine to flip though and read is always a lot of fun.

You'll be mis…

Doctor Who set photos from the Christmas Special!

Filming is underway in Bristol for the Christmas Special of Doctor Who and several set photos have surfaced with both Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman in costume. The show has turned the streets of Bristol into the 1890s Victorian era with both Matt, as the Doctor, and Jenna, as Clara, in costume to match. Cue up all the new internet memes about how top hats are cool and get ready for one snowy, fun adventure!

Source: Doctor Who TV

The Avengers gag reel will have you laughing non-stop! [video]

It's always said that if you are enjoying what you are doing that the end result will ultimately be that much better. After watching this gag reel from Marvel's The Avengers it is clear why the movie came out so well. It's clear that the cast had an amazing time making this movie and I was laughing hard throughout this entire video. The gag reel can be seen on the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray releases but it has found its way onto the net. Be sure to watch before it disappears! Enjoy and get ready to laugh!

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic


The Hobbit 16 month calendar shows new images of the cast including Radagast the Brown!

A new calendar for The Hobbit due out this October features several new images of the cast including our newest wizard, Radagast the Brown, played by Sylvester McCoy (of Doctor Who fame). Along with the great look at Radagast, we also get to see Thorin Oakenshield holding the key to the Lonely Mountain and Elrond is full Elven armor. Radagast can be seen on the bottom row of images, second from the right.

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Batman hates Call Me Maybe!

It's no secret that many people caught the "Call Me Maybe" craze but Batman is just not having it. Check out this great comic from Deviant Artist Harseik that features Batman, Superman, and Nightwing and find out how each feels about "Call Me Maybe".

Source: Deviant Art - Harseik

RBS' Cosplay Closet - Jayne's Hat (Firefly)

Often at conventions you'll see a few people walking around in the iconic hat worn by Jayne in the sci-fi show Firefly and that is their costume. However, one girl decided to go one step further and literally make Jayne's hat her cosplay and the result is both odd and brilliant at the same time. This is a hard cosplay to critique but it looks as though it is well made and you clearly get that it is a knit cap. Though to people not in the know, this might be a hard one to figure out at first. All in all, this is just fun! Well done!

Source: Reddit

Power Rangers Megaforce trailer [video]

It was unveiled at Power Morphicon 3 this past weekend in California that the Power Rangers would once again be suiting up to defend Earth from evil forces. Coming in 2013, the new show will be called Power Rangers Megaforce and along with the announcement of the show, Saban Brands showed fans in attendance the first trailer for the show. "The Power Rangers Megaforce promo was the worldwide announcement of Power Rangers Megaforce. This promo is not the same as shown at the Licensing Expo, but actually a lot better. The promo shows Sentai footage from Goseiger and the Legend War." Fans will remember that the Legend War is where every Ranger in history enters the brawl to defeat an evil empire. Though we haven't officially gotten to see it yet here in the US, the small glimpse we had back in March of 2011 from Japan excited fans to no end. Now fans will get to see an entirely new show and story leading up to the battle! Are you excited for the new season of Power Ra…

The Avengers deleted scene has Bruce Banner looking at who he really is. [video]

The DVD/Blu-ray release for The Avengers is fast approaching on September 25th, and the studio has released one of the deleted scenes that fans will be able to watch.
The scene is an extension of the conversation we see between Bruce Banner and the security guard after Bruce wakes up from crashing into a building. This clip shows a great character moment for Bruce where he is forced to look at who he really is.

UPDATE - Video has already been deleted. I am currently looking for another copy. In the meantime it can still be viewed on the Entertainment Weekly link below.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Boba Fett gets a ride from Rainbow Dash!

I don't need to say much here because the picture speaks for itself. But any time you can get a cross-over between Star Wars and My Little Pony, it's going to be a good thing. I present two fan favorite characters; Boba Fett and Rainbow Dash!

Source: Geek+