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'Star Wars' Coins Issued By New Zealand Mint

The New Zealand island of Niue will be showing their love of Star Wars to the world in a way that has never been done before. Niue will be issuing legal tender that will feature characters from the Star Wars franchise on the reverse side of their coins in full color (the front having Queen Elizabeth II on it). Each Star Wars coin will be struck from silver plated base metal and will be a limited edition coin created by the New Zealand Mint for Niue Island.
As legal tender, the coins will have a face value of NZ$2 (£1), but the silver content in each is worth considerably more than that. The coins are primarily aimed at collectors and investors around the world in a bid to boost Niue's flagging government coffers.
Sets of four, each containing 1oz of silver, will sell for NZ$469 (£235).You can take a look at the New Zealand Mint site (source below) to check out what some of these coins will look like as well as get information about the coins themselves and how to order them. The…

The Evolutionary Process of Hyrule's Inhabitants

As a contribution to the SUPER iam8bit art show in Los Angeles, Jude Buffum created a piece of art entitled 'Magna Arbor Vitae Deku' (translated The Great Deku Tree of Life). This amazing piece of art illustrates the biological evolution of the creatures and people of Hyrule, showing how some species in the The Legend of Zelda universe have changed throughout the franchises history. If you take the time to look through the art you will find that he has included the 200 most important species in the game franchise.

Complete with binomial Latin names (Zora Bellator and Zora Fluvialis share a common ancestor with the more peaceful species Zora Sapien, for example), the brances of the Deku tree trace the evolution of each species over millions of years. Forks in the branches indicate an extinct common ancestor of the species that follow.SUPER iam8bit is now open atthe iam8bit headquarters in the Echo Park (2147 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026).
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'Doctor Who' Season 6 Mid-Season Poster

Entertainment Weekly has released the poster for the mid-season return of Doctor Who which will take place on August 27th at 9pm. The previously released trailers combined with this poster's tag line "Past, Present & Future Will Collide" makes for some interesting mysteries about what fans can expect to see and how it'll all tie together.

Source: EW