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Link Finds That Life Is Simpler With A Portal Gun

Lets face it. Sometimes life would be a little simpler if we had a portal gun. And it seems that this little fact has not escaped our favorite Hylian, Link.

New Photos of The Amazing Spider-Man

In anticipation of San Diego Comic-Con Entertainment Weekly has revealed several new photos from the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield in the title role. These new photos give fans some great up close looks at the new Spidey suit from both the front and back as well as showing Spidey in a classic pose and the much talked about web shooters! The new suit keeps looking better as time goes on and I for one am definitely excited at the inclusion of web shooters and the issues that they can bring to the character.

Brittney Lee's 'Harry Potter' Cut Out Art

As we enter the final days before Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 opens some truly amazing Harry Potter inspired media has been surfacing. Talented artist Brittney Lee has created two brilliant pieces of cut out art that will truly impress any fan of art, not just Harry Potter fans.

"This first piece is my take on little Harry introducing his Snowy Owl, Hedwig, to the Owlry at Hogwarts. I thought it would be fun to illustrate these two unlikely friends, as well as all of the different owl personalities that shuttle messages to and from Hogwarts." "The second of my two Potter pieces - Harry defending Ron and Hermione from Dementors with the use of his Patronus charm."

Source: Britsketch