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Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC trailer

Warner Bros. has released a new trailer to show fans what they can expect from the newest DLC (downloadable content) pack for Batman: Arkham City. This newest pack is called Harley Quinn's Revenge and will be released on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network for $9.99 on May 29th.

I really love the maniacal nature of Harley Quinn! 
Source: GameInformer. Video Source: IGN

Auror's Tale - A Harry Potter web series

The Harry Potter fandom is looking to once again make an impact as a group of dedicated fans have come together to create a brilliant new web series titled Auror's Tale. In the Harry Potter books, we learned that aurors are an elite unit of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement for the Ministry of Magic who are specifically trained to deal with witches, wizards, or other magical creatures dealing in the Dark Arts. We only saw a small glimpse of what aurors truly do in the books but fans have always wanted to see more. This is exactly where Auror's Tale comes in. Whether you are looking for a in depth look at aurors, more dueling, more magic, or just a glimpse of the wizarding world that you grew to love for 14 years, this web series is for you. Directed by Leo Kei Angelos and written by Cassandra Johnstone this web series will bring the world of Harry Potter to a place that is more gritty and dangerous that it has been in the past; underground wizarding world of New Yor…

Walt Disney creates Lord of the Rings

Blogger JuanmaUrbina drew this great piece of fan art that features some of Disney's most beloved characters portraying roles from the Lord of the Rings franchise.I don't know about you, but I would give this a watch.

Source: juanmanimation

Full length trailer for Arrow!

Yesterday I posted footage from the upcoming CW show Arrow. The footage gave us a glimpse of the gritty nature of the show and showed us some great clips of Oliver Queen training to become the Green Arrow. But today a full length trailer has been released that shows us some new footage that features some great flashbacks of Oliver Queen being trapped on a deserted island. The trailer also gives us a brief look at the show's story. Watch the trailer below!  

New Promotional image for Dredd comes from Cannes

The cover of The Hollywood Reporter's movie guide for the Cannes film festival shows us a new poster for Peter Travis' Judge Dredd reboot titled Dredd.

It's hard to tell if this movie looks good or bad. All the photos coming from it look very similar to the original film but just slightly more accurate to the source material. At the moment it looks like we'll have to wait to see what kind of story the movie delivers and the acting put forth in it to tell whether this will be good or not. What do you think, are you excited for Dredd or is this a pass?

Dredd will hit theaters on September 21st!

Source: Comic Book Movie

3 minute preview for CBS' Elementary!

CBS has released a great 3 minute preview for their upcoming show Elementary which will air on Thursday's this fall. Elementary is a modern day take on the Sherlock Holmes story with a few twists thrown in. The biggest twists being that Dr. Watson is now a woman (played by Lucy Liu) and the show is set in New York City. Below you can read the official show synopsis and the 3 minute preview released by CBS. 

Show Synopsis:
ELEMENTARY stars Jonny Lee Miller as detective Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson in a modern-day drama about a crime-solving duo that cracks the NYPD’s most impossible cases. Following his fall from grace in Londonand a stint in rehab, eccentric Sherlock escapes to Manhattan where his wealthy father forces him to live with his worst nightmare – a sober companion, Dr. Watson. A successful surgeon until she lost a patient and her license three years ago, Watson views her current job as another opportunity to help people, as well as paying a …

First look at footage from CW's Arrow

Looking to fill the hole that Smallville left behind, the CW is looking to a familiar character, Green Arrow. The show Arrow has been picked up and is set to air this fall and thanks to the CW Upfronts we have gotten our first official glimpse at what Arrow will look like. Take a look at the first clip below titled 'Just beginning'.

Source: Facebook - Arrow

What kind of geek are you? [Infographic]

The world of 'geeks' has grown to encompass a wide variety of individuals. This inforgraphic humorously shows the breakdown of geeks into 16 different categories. What kind of geek are you? What categories do you fit into? I personally fit into at least 6 of these categories. And maybe touch on a few others. Can you guess which?

[Source: BCO | Via Geeks are Sexy]

The Avengers timeline!

Marvel has created and released an official timeline that leads up to the events that took place in The Avengers. The timeline spans all the different franchise movies that led up to the team being formed; Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Incredible Hulk, and lastly how S.H.I.E.L.D. infiltrated all these different movies. The even included Iron Man 2: Public Identity, and Marvel One Shot: The Consultant. This is a truly brilliant timeline that should clear up any questions about what happened when and how everything connects to each other. Well done, Marvel! And thank you! 
*Click image to enlarge or visit the source link for a high-res image!
Source: Comic Book Movie

Crayon Dragon - A heart warming short

Animator Toniko Pantoja has created a cute short where, "A girl is commissioned to paint over an old concrete illustration, in which to her surprise, sinks into. She befriends a painted dragon who has a wing missing." The short is incredibly heart warming and I recommend all to watch.

Source: Vimeo

Disassembled - A super hero short

Created by animator Junaid Chundrigar, "Disassembled" is a brilliantly made short that gives fans a glimpse of what it would look like if our favorite super heroes and villians had an 'off day' where things just did not go right for them. The short is well animated and extremely funny. I recommend all comic fans to check it out and enjoy!

Source: Comics Alliance

New web series aimed at gamers - Video Game High School

The trailer for the new web series Video Game High School gives us a good look at a fictional high school that is not only teaching how to play video games but takes place in a video game inspired world. The first episode is now available on Rocket Jump's website (linked below) and a new episode will be released every week for 9 weeks. See if you can catch all the different video game references in the trailer and then check out the first episode!

Source: Rocket Jump - Video Game High School: episode 1

Stark's Shawarma Shack

With Robert Downey Jr.'s ad-libbed line about wanting to try out a near by shawarma restaurant in The Avengers, sales at shawarma restaurants have actually gone up significantly. With this in mind, Vulture has created this clever ad for the official restaurant of the Avengers, "Stark's Shawarma Shack".  

Source: Vulture

The Avengers vs Star Wars - Funny comparisons

Character comparisons can bring together two great franchises but this this particular comparison brings together two of the hottest franchises that are out there. On one side we have The Avengers, the hottest movie out at the moment, grossing $1 billion in just 10 days. On the other side we have Star Wars, a worldwide pop culture phenomenon that has spanned 35 years. These six comparisons bring together 14 of our favorite characters in a brilliantly funny way. Enjoy!

Source: imgur

Gaming passed bedtime. Just 5 more minutes!

Remember the days where you had a specific bedtime and were scared to get caught by your mom if you were awake past it playing video games? This video captures that feeling in a great student film that was shot and edited in under 6 hours as a part of a school project. This is incredibly well done for having done everything in 6 hours.

Watch as the gamers try to complete the round as bedtimes rolls ever closer.  

Steven Moffat outs popular Doctor Who character River Song on Twitter!

In a surprising move, Steven Moffat made a declaration about the character of River Song on Twitter today commenting on her sexuality. River Song is of course the popular time traveling archeologist on the British Sci-Fi show Doctor Who. In a discussion about how the Doctor (the main character on Doctor Who) cannot distinguish between the concepts on being 'straight' and 'gay', one fan brought up the fact that the Doctor should be able to know the concepts from his companions. Captain Jack Harkness is ... well open to everything, and the Doctor is involved with River Song. Surely he would know the concepts of 'straight' and 'gay'. Moffat's response not only answered the fans question on why the Doctor woudn't know but also outed River Song as a bisexual. Could this be relevant information for the upcoming season? Could this just be Moffat's personal view on the character? Could this just be Moffat creating new information on a character to …

Princess Leia hoodie with hair bun hood!

Time to gear up and save the princess! Hot Topic has released a new Princess Leia hoodie complete with hair buns attached to the hood. It's not exactly cheap but if you are a big fan or looking to gain some geek cred then you may want to look into purchasing this.

Source: Hot Topic - $54.50