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'Oz' Gets Real

Things would have gone much differently if the residents of Oz decided to get their missing items another way.
This comic is fantastic. Scarecrow doesn't have a brain to realize killing Dorothy is a bad idea. Tinman doesn't have a heart, so he doesn't care if they kill her. And the Cowardly Lion doesn't have the courage to stand up to the others to suggest this may be the wrong way of doing things.

TARDIS materializes in Brooklyn

The Doctor's TARDIS (Doctor Who) has materialized in Brooklyn! The Way Station, a Steampunk-Victorian bar, opened it's doors last night to reveal to the public its new interior. Those looking for the bathroom only need to step into the Doctor's TARDIS. Interesting interior but I am sure if they return it back to normal before the Doctor finds out it'll be fine. Andy Heidel, the owner, reports that Doctor Who fans will be delighted to find out that it is bigger on the inside. The Way Station is open 4 p.m. till 2 a.m. during the week, and till 4 a.m. on weekends.
You can check out The Way Station's blog for details and address here.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Forget Frodo and the One Ring. This tale is set in the north where the Dunedain dwell and an mysterious ally of Sauron is preparing to make his strike.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Snowblind Studios are teaming up to create this untold story by piecing together the whispers and references of the northern lands from Tolkien's Middle Earth.
While much attention and focus has been placed on the journey of the One Ring, the assault on Middle-earth hits all corners of the map. War in the North turns our attention towards an integral part of the storyline that is grounded in details within the books and various appendices. This is not someone else’s fight. This is your own effort to forage a way through the dark, dangerous, and unknown landscape, defending all that is yours. This is your war.War in the North is an Action/Fantasy RPG with 3 person co-op play. You'll play as part of a party consisting of an elf, human, and a dwarf. Whichever spots are not filled by …

25 Years of The Legend of Zelda

After celebrating its 25th Anniversary, Legend of Zelda fans were presented with a fan art that is truly worthy of  their awe. Created by Pixiv this huge fan art features characters from all 25 years of The Legend of Zelda franchise. Look closely to even find characters from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (set to be released later this year). Click over to Bleeding Cool for a full size image.

Bill Murray on Ghostbusters 3

Will Bill Murray ever suit up as Dr. Venkman again? That was the topic of discussion on today's Howard Stern Show where Stern got Bill Murray to do what many have been trying for some time - talk openly about Ghostbusters 3.

We've known that he has the script and that it was just a fact that he hasn't read it yet. Today Murray admitted that reading it is low on his priority list and that he feels bad about that. Murray stated, "I only made one sequel and it was Ghostbusters 2 and it didn’t end up the way it was presented." (This is of course not including Garfield & Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties where he voiced Garfield.) Now we know that his hesitation is coming from a good place. He doesn't want to commit to the movie and then have it be a disappointment. Fans cannot be too mad at that line of thought. But will his non-involvement mean the end to the project or will he okay the movie but tell them to hire a new team member?
Read more of the intervie…

The Legend of Zelda: 25th Anniversary

Our favorite Hylian turns 25 today! Happy Birthday, Link! Happy Anniversary, Legend of Zelda!

February 21, 1986 marked a day in Japan that will not soon be forgotten by gamers. Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda for the Famicon Disk System. It was later re-released in the United States on August 22, 1987 on the famous gold cartridge that we all know and love for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo did not know it then, but they had just launched one of the biggest franchises in video game history.

There's no doubt that The Legend of Zelda changed the way games are played today. It was the first Nintendo game to need a save feature, it incorporated a vast world with many dungeons, and it gave us a game with non-linear game-play. These have all become staples of games today. Since 1986 Nintendo has released 14 Legend of Zelda titles with the 15th, Skyward Sword, set to release later this year. This is not including Nintendo's Link's Crossbow Training. It&#…

Have a Productive Snow Day

You know you've had a great snow day when you can check all these things off your 'To Do' list.