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4 new banners for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey!

New Line Cinemas and MGM have released four new, stunning, banners for the upcoming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. These banners feature our favorite characters in some truly great scenes. Which is your favorite?
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will hit theaters on December 14th!

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Intro to Castle done in the style of Firefly! [video]

Nathan Fillion has lucked out to land two great, defining roles in his television career; Mal Reynolds on Firefly and Richard Castle on Castle. Now fans can watch a fantastic mash up where we see the intro of Castle changed to the style of Firefly along with Firefly's intro music. The creator has done a great job and this was cool to watch. Enjoy!

Source: Youtube - AkaBlackNight

J.J. Abrams shows off first Star Trek 2 clip on Conan! [video]

During his appearance on Conan, J.J. Abrams revealed that he had brought a clip of Star Trek 2, Star Trek Into Darkness, to share with everyone. This is the very first clip of the movie that has surfaced! The only issue is that the studio really did not want Abrams to do this and only allowed him to bring three frames of footage. That's right. Three frames! The scene they are from looks pretty cool though. I'll let Abrams introduce the clip himself.

Just remember, don't blink! (And Doctor Who fan will tell you this is great advice.)

Just in case you missed those three frames, take a look below!

Source: Team CoCo

Hear what the Earth sounds like from space! [video]

I'm a big fan of Astronomy and when I came across this video of the clearest audio of what the Earth sounds like yet I just had to share it. 
"A NASA spacecraft has recorded eerie-sounding radio emissions coming from our own planet. These beautiful "songs of Earth" could, ironically, be responsible for the proliferation of deadly electrons in the Van Allen Belts." The 'music' is simply beautiful!

Source: Youtube - ScienceAtNASA

3D street art promotes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

To promote the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show on Nickelodeon, this piece of street art was debuted in London, England. The art may have been pre-done on a mat but that does not make it any less awesome. It looks real and it's flat out fun! What do you think of this piece of street art?

Source: Geekologie

Hipster Disney Princesses - The Musical [video]

Four Disney Princesses decided to take a little stroll through New York City and sing about a subject that has been plaguing the city for quite some time; hipsters. Watch as  Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella and Belle put on their own little musical about hipsters in the heart of New York. Enjoy!

Source: Youtube - AVbyte

Human-esque sculpture of Yoda looks so real!

If you have ever wondered what Yoda might look like if he were human then you have to wonder no more! Italian artist Andrea Eusebi has created a sculpture that shows us a humen-esque Yoda which is incredibly detailed. The sculpture was built using plastiline modeling clay and looks very real. What do you think of this sculpture?

Source: Laughing Squid

New set photo from Iron Man 3 shows off new Iron Man and Iron Patriot armor!

A new set photo has surfaced that stunningly shows off the two new suits that will be featured in Marvel's Iron Man 3. In the photo you can see Tony Stark's new Iron Man mark VIII armor standing next to the Iron Patriot's armor. At the moment there is still no details known on how the Iron Patriot will come into the movie and what part he will play in the story but fans are eager to find out.

From rumors going around this Iron Patriot suit seems to be a variation on War Machine's paint job. However, it is abundantly clear that this is a nod to Iron Patriot. Because of characters rights however they cannot have Norman Osborne be the Iron Patriot like in the comics. That being said we still don't know how or why Rhodey (War Machine) paints his armor this way.

Source: Daily Mail

The Hobbit's new, stunning poster features the White Council!

The newest poster for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey puts the main story aside for a moment to share with fans the White Council. The White Council is group of Eldar Lords and Wizards of Middle Earth, formed to contest the power of a growing darkness in the land. Members of this council were Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen), Saruman the White (Christopher Lee), Galadriel (Cate Blanchett) and Elrond (Hugo Weaving). The book also has a few other members but they are not featured on this poster so I shall not name them just in case they are a surprise for the movie. These were some great characters in The Lord of the Rings so it'll be exciting to see them working together in The Hobbit.

Source: Comic Book Movie