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River Song's Timeline

Whether you loved her or hated her, the enigma that is named River Song kept popping up in the Doctor Who universe to create even more timey-wimey mischief. Now that we have seen her story from the beginning to the end (there is possibly still plenty to fill out in the middle) a brilliant visual timeline has been created that plots her adventures from start to finish as we have so far seen them. Enjoy! *Click to enlarge.

Source: Unknown (but possibly looks like DW Magazine)

Clever Girl - Velociraptor Loose At Comickaze

A couple of cosplayers drew some attention as they made their way around Comickaze 2011 in Los Angeles dressed as a Jurassic Park ranger and a velociraptor. This short, funny video of the couple shows the park ranger driving around in a small motorized Jurassic Park jeep as the velociraptor hunts him down and chases him around the convention. This is a great cosplay idea and very funny. Kudos!

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

Europe Treated To Limited Edition 3DS Bundle

Confirmed by Nintendo of Europe, European Zelda fans will be treated to a special The Legend of Zelda Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Bundle for the Nintendo 3DS that will be released on November 25th. The 3DS will come in Cosmic Black and have a gold color scheme that will feature the Hylian crest centered on the handheld along with a ocarina and lyre in the upper and lower corners. These two instruments were chosen because they are the instruments played by characters within The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time3D which is the game that comes packaged with the bundle. The gold color scheme is even implemented on the 3D depth slider and touch buttons.
Seems like Europe has lucked out once again and received an amazing exclusive bundle. To everyone in Europe - I am quite jealous! This 3DS is gorgeous!

Source: The Escapist

Skyward Sword - Falling Swords TV Commercial

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has its first television commercial and it is fantastic. It's short and to the point in a great way but more importantly, can I please have a Hylian sword and shield fall from the sky so that I can have them too please?!