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Macklemore Thrift Shop "Game Shop" Parody [video]

"If you have Macklemore #1 single Thrift Shop stuck in your head and grew up in the ’90s buying video games…this one’s for you. From Black Ops and Halo, all the way back to PlayStation’s Jet Moto and Goldeneye 64, prepare for nostalgia to smack you in the ears. Featuring guest appearances by Epic Meal Time, cosplayer VampyBitMe, Wong Fu Productions, RoosterTeeth, Lisa Foiles (of Nickelodeon’s All That) and more!" If you grew up buying video games at Game Stop (or still do) then this video will having you laughing. It's well made and the lyrics are very funny. (I remember using those paper slips at Toys R Us for games!) Check it out and enjoy!

Source: IGNentertainment

Gandalf's Problem Solving Flow Chart

Middle Earth inhabitant and wizard, Gandalf, often finds himself in some pretty sticky situations. If you have ever wondered how he comes up with his brilliant solutions then you should check out this flow chart that reveals Gandalf's problem solving thought process. 

Source: LotrProject Blog

Superhero Hockey - Bane ends the lockout! [video]

Hockey fans have had little to do over the last few months because of the lock out that has been going on this year. Fortunately, an unlikely hero has stepped forward and ended the lockout and brought hockey back to the streets of Toronto, Canada. Bane (The Dark Knight Rises), along with a few friends, not only brought hockey back to Toronto but did it with a game that may inspire comic fans to have their own epic superhero games. 
"Hockey is back, and more colorful than ever in this game of heroes VS villains street hockey. Chicago Bane came all the way to Toronto to end the NHL lockout, take hockey from the corrupt, and give it back to you (the people).

Playing for the heroes: Toronto Batman, Spider-Man, Rogue, Gambit, and Toronto Maple Leafs Iron Man.

Playing for the villains: Chicago Bane with Toronto's Joker, Mystique, Catwoman, and Deadpool.

With Comissioner Gordon as the referee (" Check out a fantastic video of the game belo…

How It Should Have Ended - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey [video]

Are you one of the many fans who thinks they could have created Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey a little differently and had it be more successful? Well, the gang over at How It Should Have Ended have taken a stab at how they think the film should have ended and it solves more than one franchise's problem.Take a look and see if you think HISHE came up with a great new ending for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Source: YouTube - HISHEdotcom

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger voice Darth Vader! [video]

One of the most iconic things about the Star Wars franchise is the voice of Darth Vader whom was voiced by James Earl Jones. This great video takes a look at what the movies would have been like if Jones had not gotten the voicing role. For a moment, let's see what the movies would have been like had Arnold Schwarzenegger received the part. The results are hilarious! Using audio clips from his other films, this video let's us enjoy Darth Schwarzenegger terrorizing the galaxy. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - seifer2846

Pancakes cooked to look like characters from The Hobbit!

Who's ready for Second Breakfast? With these amazing pancakes cooked to look like characters from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey you can bet the breakfast table will be crowded tomorrow!

Source: saipancakes

How to Avoid Being Branded a Convention Creeper! [video]

One of the highlights for attending a convention is seeing all the amazing cosplays that people have worked hard to create. Of course, there are some cosplays that you will either want to take a photo of or take a photo with. However, when the cosplayer is an attractive girl and you happen to be your average guy, you do not want to come off as the "convention creeper". Cosplayer Ardella has created this fun video titled How To Avoid Being Branded a Convention Creeper". She gives guy convention goers some good and funny tips on how to handle situations where you want to approach an attractive cosplayer.
"This educational video is brought to you by Ardella, Eve and Kitty. Please keep in mind that this is meant to be a fun, humorous poke at convention "creeper" stereotypes and was not intended to offend"

Source: YouTube - Ardella Cosplay

The Batman Chronicles - web series trailer! [video]

If you are looking for a little more Batman and Joker in your life then director Joe Petruccio has just the web series for you! The Batman Chronicles is a new IndieGoGo project that will hopefully turn into a full web series with support from it's viewers. A great trailer has just been released that is eerie and should definitely peek viewers' interest. Take a look at an introduction from the team and the trailer below!
"Hi there! We are The Batman Chronicles team, and are looking to fund our non-profit, original web-series. It is based in world where Batman has just started out. He's not perfect, he's naive, and he has a lot learn. The series is a comic-true realization. Dark, but not afraid to stay true to the source material. Our Bruce doesn't have all the answers to his past that he would like, and is still struggling with his inner guilt that stems from the night his parents were murdered. His choice to become "The Batman" was to be his …

Disney Infinity official trailer and details! [video]

Fans have been teased about an upcoming Disney video game that would incorporate all Disney and Pixar films for a while now but today they were treated to the official announcement and trailer for Disney Infinity, a game that will truly put players in the worlds of the iconic Disney/Pixar characters.

The game will feature a set of figurines similar to Activision's successful Skylanders series. These figures will sit on the "Infinity Base" and will launch those characters into the game and the world that the player is creating. Within the game there will be two areas; the Play Set and the Toy Box. The Play Set will set challenges for the players to conquer that will unlock new characters, vehicles, weapons, and gadgets that you will be able to use in the Toy Box. The Toy box area is essentially your personal play zone where you can create your own environments and have fun with your friends playing multiplayer.

Disney Infinity will be making its way to all major video game…

Fans re-create Toy Story as a Live Action film! [video]

I am deeply impressed. Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta are big fans of Toy Story and took on the immense task of re-creating the entire film as a live action movie. The result is a perfect shot for shot(dialogue as well) re-creation of the Pixar and Disney film. Below you can now watch Toy Story like never before! Amazing job, guys!

Source: YouTube - jonasonsMovies

Luke Skywalker plays with his toy X-Wing as a child in art pieced named "Little Luke's Destiny"!

Everyone has big dreams of what they want to become when they are older and Luke Skywalker is no exception. Take a look at this adorable piece of Star Wars fan art that features Luke as a little boy playing with a toy X-Wing star fighter on the sand dunes of his home planet, Tattoine. The artist, Nick Scurfield, has named this cute piece "Little Luke's Destiny".
"...this image is the first in a series of pictures depicting key characters from the series as 'younglings', engaging in acts that reference key moments from their future. Despite being completed before Disney took over the Galaxy, the style isn't out of place with their mantra, representing the childish outlook of the subject whilst drawing on and exaggerating the colour palette of the films worlds. I also liked the idea of Luke playing with his toy Star fighter just like many of us did in our youth."
The piece is absolutely adorable and beautiful drawn. I cannot wait to see what ch…

Gary Busey shares his knowledge on hobbits from Middle Earth! [video]

Very often, trying to understand another lifestyle or culture can be a difficult experience. Thankfully, we have great people like Gary Busey to help us out. In his newest video "A Moment with Gary Busey: The Hobbit", Gary Busey helps us understand the Middle Earth race of Hobbits.

Gary shares his extensive knowledge on hobbits and how they travel in packs of four, their sexual genders, and the connection between hobbits and cockroaches. Busey may be a little "out there", but this video will definitely keep you entertained and will have you thinking about hobbits in a whole new light.

"Pipe-weed. Riddle-games. Life in the Shire can be confusing.
Gary Busey can help you sort things out!" Enjoy!

Here is a video transcript:
"Middle Earth. It’s a land that’s great to visit but you have to know how to get out. One you’ve broken the barrier and crossed the line to Hobbit land. Little hobbits with the pointed ears, not very big, wide underwear but very sho…

Star Wars: Princess Leia and the Seven Jawas

Artist Jozef Kyselica created a great Star Wars and Snow White mash-up piece called Princess Leia and the Seven Jawas. The movie poster came out pretty well and has a cool look to it with the characters hidden in shadow. Take a look below! 

Source: Behance

Mortal Kombat: Legacy season 2 cast photo!

After it's successful first season, Mortal Kombat: Legacy is back for another round. Dicrector Kevin Tancharoen has released a great cast photo in order to get fans of the web series excited for it's second season.

A surprising addition to the cast is Cary Tagawa who will reprise his role as the powerful sorcerer Shang Tsung. Tagawa starred as Shang Tsung in the 1995 film Mortal Kombat. As featured in the photo is "Harry Shum, Jr. (Glee) as the warlord adviser Kuai Liang, Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers) as martial arts film actor Johnny Cage, Brian Tee (The Wolverine) as Shaolin Monk Liu Kang, Mark Dacascos (Cradle 2 the Grave) as Kung Lao - a close friend of Liu Kang, Ian Anthony Dale (Hawaii Five-0) returns as the resurrected ninja Scorpion."

Mortal Kombat: Legacy will return for it's second season on February 17th on Machinima.

Source: Geek Tyrant