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'Underworld: Awakening' Trailer

Looking to give the Underworld franchise a breath of fresh air and regain the following the of the first two movies, directors Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein and producer Len Wisemen (series creator) are releasing the fourth movie in the franchise Underworld: Awakening. The newest chapter in this series will turn things upside-down as the race of humans are now a contributing factor to the series.

Kate Beckinsale, who stared in the first two films in the franchise, returns as the vampire Death Dealer, Selene. Selene escapes imprisonment after being frozen in a stasis chamber for 12 years to realize that the human race not only knows of the existence of vampires and lycans but are doing everything they can to eradicate both immortal species. The war that she left has drastically changed and she is now one of the last of her kind. While looking for her lost love Michael, who was a lycan/vampire hybrid, she enters a war that is now Vampires vs. Lycans vs. Humans.

Underworld: Awakening wil…

The Doctor's New Coat!

About a week ago the BBC released the first Doctor Who mid-season poster for season 6. It was just visible but some suspected and pointed out that the Doctor may be wearing a new coat. With the newest Doctor Who poster, we can lay those suspicions to rest and finally confirm that the Doctor is indeed wearing a new, longer coat. The Doctor is looking to shake things up with this longer coat while keeping his fashionable bow tie. To quote the Doctor himself, the new coat is "Fantastic"! "Brilliant" even. What do you think of this new longer coat? 

Ultimate Futurama / Simpsons Crossover Image

Old news gets a second life as a fun photo has been making the rounds on different blogs recently that features a crossover comic for Futurama and The Simpsons called Futurama/Simpsons: Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis by Bongo Comics. Although this crossover event occurred from 2002-2005 this photo is still getting a lot of attention and it is completely justified. This is a two-page spread from the comic that features The Simpsons characters running around New New York. Its so funny to see the shows' equivalent characters interacting with each other. So who is your favorite pairing here?
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Doctor Who: Let's Kill Hitler - S6 E8, Prequel

The BBC has released another prequel for the show Doctor Who. This time for the upcoming episode 'Let's Kill Hitler'. It seems that Steven Moffat really likes making these short prequels for this current season of Doctor Who and I would expect one or two more before the season's end. The prequel is just shy of 2 minutes. Enjoy!

I haven't been crazy about these prequels as they haven't really pumped me up for the coming episode but this particular one is more interesting than the ones we have recently seen for the show. It also shows us one important point; the Doctor is worried. It could be because he is not sure how to find Melody or that he knows it's going to get worse before it gets better. Either way, he is avoiding Amy (something we haven't seen) and he's definitely concerned. Kudos for making this a worth while prequel. Though how this leads into 'Let's Kill Hitler' I do not know. It more feels like a filler mini-episode but it…