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Violin medley from Middle Earth and Hyrule

Lindsey Sterling has been creating a lot of buzz around the net with her recent violin medley videos and the buzz is well deserved. Sterling is an exceptional violin player and had composed her own original medleys for these videos. Her playing is one thing but knowing that she composed the pieces herself makes the videos and the songs that much better and truly impressive. The videos themselves have great production value and are shot on some amazing (and perfect) locations. 

Back in November, Lindsey released her video that featured an original composition of The Legend of Zelda songs. The original composition includes; The Legend of Zelda Main Theme, The Lost Woods, and Gerudo Valley. The video was shot in several different locations in Utah and shot over the course of two months to get in the different seasons which was a nice touch. The cosplay that Sterling wears in the video is Link's Zora Tunic from Ocarina of Time. The cosplay appears to be well made but as an avid The L…

Olympics come to Middle Earth

"In 2012 the Olympics are coming to Middle Earth, and Gandalf has hired a trainer to whip his team into shape."

This fan created/acted video shows us the two teams entering the Olympics for Middle Earth; Team Gandalf and Team Saruman. The film footage combined with the added superimposed trainers creates a great, funny video that any Lord of the Rings fan will enjoy.

First video from the dark side of the moon!

The far side of Earth's moon has always been hidden away from view from Earth. However, thanks to NASA's twin GRAIL satellites we now have the first footage from the "dark side of the moon".
This video may not look like much but if you are into astronomy this video is great!!
"The entire far lunar hemisphere appears in the video, starting with the moon’s north pole. It then pans down over well-known features such as the giant impact basin Mare Orientale, located off to the right, and the prominent Drygalski crater, seen left of center, which contains a distinctive star-shaped formation created when a comet or asteroid smacked into the moon billions of years ago.

Because the moon is tidally locked to Earth, it always shows the same familiar face to our planet. The other hemisphere is sometimes referred to as the ‘dark side of the moon,’ though it actually receives equal sunlight as the facing side during the moon’s orbit."

Source: Wired

TMNT toys return looking better than ever!

With the return of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nickelodeon with an all new CGI animated series coming this fall, it was only a matter of time before we got news of the new toy line for the heroes. This new line from Playmates Toys is one of the most comic accurate that I have seen. The Turtles look just like their comic counterparts from IDW comics. These action figures will vary from 4.25" to 4.75" in height and have some amazing details to represent the uniqueness of each turtle. For further pictures of the toy line including vehicles and a play set (yes, play sets are back!!) see the source link at the bottom of this post.

Source: MTV Geek

2nd The Hunger Games trailer hits the web

With a loyal fanbase, The Hunger Games is set to be a blockbuster before it has even been released into theaters. As long as its trailers remain action packed and book faithful, fans will show up in droves to see the film. The newest trailer focuses on the movie's characters and really builds up the tension that surrounds the Hunger Games.

The Hunger games will be in theaters on March 23.

DC Comics unveils Watchmen prequels

The news is being met with very mixed reviews, but it appears that DC Comics has officially decided to move forward with their idea to build on the Watchmen franchise. What do they have in store for Watchmen fans? A prequel series titled "Before Watchmen". The series will focus on the main characters of Alan Moore's 1986 creation Watchmen as well as the Minute Men from the series. In reaction to this news, Moore has made his position on the project quite clear. In the NY Times Moore referred to the project as: ""completely shameless.” He told the paper, "I tend to take this latest development as a kind of eager confirmation that they are still apparently dependent on ideas that I had 25 years ago" and added that the series is a reminder of "draconian contracts" he signed in the 1980s with the publisher. Moore will not take any action as a result of "Before Watchmen." "I don’t want money. What I want is for this not to ha…

Doctor Who fan art - Dalek and Cybermen

These pieces of art were created by British graphic designer Gareth Pugh and feature two of Doctor Who's most popular villains; the Daleks and the Cybermen. Choosing to use monotone coloring for the main look was a brilliant idea and the art has a poster-esque feel about them.

Source: Geek Art

New LEGO toy line - The Lord of the Rings

To the delight of fans everywhere, it was recently announced that LEGO had acquired the rights to start creating a line of LEGO themed toys for The Lord of the Rings. Since the announcement fans have anxiously awaited pictures of the upcoming line and LEGO has not only given us a glimpse of the line but a great LEGO Gollum poster as well.

LEGO has done an amazing job taking the likenesses from the movie and turning them into LEGO characters that fans will love to play with. Overall, I am extremely impressed with how accurate the characters came out in LEGO form. The only character that may look a little off (in my own personal opinion) is Aragorn. It may be the hair but something just seems to be off. All the same, I cannot wait to see what else comes out for this line. 

What characters do you like the most so far? What scenes or environments would you want to see come out for the line?

The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Oracle (Fan Trailer)

A new fan trailer surfaced today for a future The Legend of Zelda video game for the upcoming Wii U console from Nintendo. The trailer is for a sequel to The Wind Waker (which was on the Nintendo Gamecube and released in 2003)and is titled The Lost Oracle. Created by Joel Furtado and with sound from Sam Wiest, this trailer is exceptionally well done. It captures the spirit and expressiveness of Link from The Wind Waker and I feel that they have created a perfect Zelda title. Enjoy the trailer!

3D glasses get a movie specific look

As more studios look towards making their films in 3D fans have become uncertain whether they want to spend the extra money to see the movie in 3D as opposed to 2D. Studios have apparently been paying close attention to this and are now creating 3D glasses that are specific for their movie as an incentive for audiences to want to spend the extra cash.

At participating theaters, the Real-D 3D glasses that you will receive will be models after of one the Avengers characters. You'll have a choice from Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, or Captain America specialized glasses. This seems like great news but you should know that "the glasses will cost an extra $5 in ticket price, but you’ll be able to sport your super cool specs at many 3D movies to come. Presumably they’re a little more durable than the typical Real D glasses, making them fashionable and necessary." I personally like the Iron Man and Thor glasses.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
For the launch of Th…

Dwarven meal at Bag End

A new photo has surface from the set of The Hobbit and it features none other than Bilbo Baggins and his band of dwarves. The photo shows us Bilbo in the middle of Bifur, Dwalin, Bofur, and Oin as they make themselves at home at Bag End and cook up a meal. The expression on Martin Freeman's face is perfect for that "What's going on here?" look that Bilbo has during his meeting of the dwarves. Well done!