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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode will be simulcast worldwide!

Alright Doctor Who fans, it looks like the Doctor Who 50thAnniversary will be setting another record for the show! For the first time in the show's history, the show will be simulcast worldwide! So far the show has been picked up by 200 countries and they will all get to watch the 50th Anniversary at the same time at 8pm GMT on Saturday, November 23rd. This works out to be 3pm EST for viewers in the USA. This turns out to be great news as there will be no spoilers floating around to ruin the anniversary special for fans.

How do you feel about the special being simulcast worldwide? This is definitely great news but I personally am not excited about the 3pm EST show time for my region. But that is only because I have to be home now in the middle of a Saturday afternoon to watch it. Other than that it is great news and fans won't have to worry about spoilers.

Source: Tennant News

Forging Hit Girl's detachable sword from Kick-Ass 2! [video]

In the newest "Men At Arms" master swordsmmith and propmaster Tony Swatton answered the fans' calls to create a weapon from the Kick-Ass series. As a fan of the movies and this particular weapons Swatton created Hit Girl's detachable sword from Kick-Ass 2. No matter the weapon that Swatton creates its always fun to sit down and watch the forging process and the details that he puts into each weapon. Then the bonus comes at the end when you get to see the weapon be actually used. This videos are always great. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - AweMeChannel

Star Wars fan groups are featured in Star Wars Celebration Europe showcase! [video]

With Star Wars Celebration Europe going on this weekend in Germany actress Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ashoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, takes a moment to talk about some of the amazing Star Wars fan group from all over the world that will be attending the celebration. Fan groups such as the 501st, the Rebel Legion, the R2 Builders, the Belgian Prop Crew, and the Mandalorian Mercs. Take a look at the video as Ashley Eckstein talks to each of these groups and showcases some of the amazing cosplays and props that they have created. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - Star Wars

Spider-Man art shows Spidey web slinging through the streets of Manhattan!

Nothing is better for clearing your head than web slinging through the streets of Manhattan. Or at least that is what Spider-Man would tell you. Deviant Artist "Pertheseus" has created this fantastic piece of art that shows just that. The piece features Spider-Man web slinging right at the "camera" through the streets of Manhattan. This particular Spider-Man seems to be Ultimate Spider-Man and the piece itself is perfect. I love the slightly blurred foot that is directly in front of the viewer and the color blending to create shadow looks great. Well done!!
*Click image to enlarge.

Source: Deviant Art - Pertheseus

Take a look at Agent Melinda May from Marvel's Agents of SHIELD! [video]

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD will air on Tuesdays this fall on ABC but fans can now take a sneak peek at Agent Melinda May being played by actress Ming-Na Wen.  "Some legends are true. Today, we're opening the file on one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s best - Agent Melinda May."Marvel's Agents of SHIELD will air on September 24, 2013 at 8pm EST.

Source: Facebook - Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Read the scene scripts being used to select the next Doctor on Doctor Who!

With Matt Smith stepping down from his role as The Doctor on the British sci-fi show Doctor Who actors are scrambling to audition for the role.

However, the next Doctor Who Magazine will have in it three scene script extracts used for the 12th Doctor auditions that fans can take a look at and read. These are the exact scripts that will be used in choosing the 12th Doctor.

Take a look and read the scenes but be warned that showrunner Steven Moffat has stated that these scenes will not be used in any actual episode and should not be used to get a glimpse of the 12th Doctor. "1. INT. TARDIS The new Doctor is checking out the new body. Clara, watching. It’s been a few minutes, they’re both still adjusting. THE DOCTOR: Right then, eyesight. Not bad, bit blue. Ears – not pointy, right way up, more or less level. Face – well I’ve got one. Oh, no -French! CLARA: French. THE DOCTOR: I’ve deleted French! Plus all cookery skills, and the breast stroke. And hopping. Never mind hopping, who…

RBS' Cosplay Closet - San Diego Comic-Con 2013 [video compilation]

San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone but the photos and videos of the panels and cosplays will be watched over and over as fans wait for next year's convention. Sneaky Zebra was in attendance and has compiled another amazing video of some of the best cosplays that they found over in San Diego. And Sand Diego Comic-Con never disappoints when it comes to creative and fun cosplays!

There are some familiar faces seen in this video and its nice to see some of their new cosplays. Which stand out the most for you?

Source: YouTube - sneakyzebra

Nothing to Prove - A Geek Girl's Anthem. [video]

Girls have always had to fight for the recognition as a "true geek" as though there was an actual definition of the term. Well this great music video by The Doubleclicks takes a look at some true female geeks and celebrates their geekdom with an inspiring song.

Girls, and also guys for that matter, should never have to prove that they are a geek. Geeks, in whatever fandom, should be able to turn to each other and find a place of comfort. Never should they be questioned.

Take a look at this video and watch as female geeks that are into comics, gaming, sci-fi, fantasy and so much more reveal who they are in some amazing self written signs. These girls certainly have "Nothing to Prove".

Source: YouTube - thedoubleclicks

X-Men: Days of Future Past releases two Sentinel Program propaganda posters!

The mutant menace has been allowed to go unchecked for too long! Trask Industries seeks opportunities to stop this menace with their new robots known as Sentinels. Take a look at two new propaganda posters for the upcoming film X-Men: Days of Future Past that feature the Sentinel Program.

X-Men: Days of Future Past will be in theaters on May 23, 2014.

Source: Geek Tyrant

Deadpool vs San Diego Comic-Con 2013! [video]

Deadpool (D Piddy) has made his return to San Diego Comic-Con and the ensuing cosplay video is (as always) hilariously fantastic! D Piddy has the Deadpool persona down pat and always finds amazing cosplayers to put into his videos. As such, there is so much awesome in this video that I seriously can not point out just one thing to comment on. You just have to watch the whole thing and enjoy. So ... enjoy!

Source: YouTube - D Piddy

Watch a sneak peek at the first episode of The Legend of Korra - Book2! [video]

Fans were excited to see the first trailer to Book 2 of The Legend of Korra but now they can take a sneak peek at the first episode which is titled "Rebel Spirit". The clip (or clips) show what the whole gang is up to these days. Take a look as Korra, Bolin, Mako and Asami carry on with their lives after the events of the first season of The Legend of Korra.

*The audio on the video is slightly off pitch because the uploader sped up the video slightly so that it would not get blocked.

The Legend of Korra - Book 2: Spirits will air on Nickelodeon this September.

Source: YouTube - AvatarRishi

Arrow Season 2 trailer from San Diego Comic-Con is action packed! [video]

Warner Bros. showed fans at San Diego Comic-Con an amazing trailer for Season 2 of Arrow. The trailer gives you a good look at the story for the second season while still delivering a good amount of action as well. Fans also get a glimpse of Summer Glau (Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) as character Isabel Rochev as well as a first look at Black Canary in action! Fans will also be excited to see that Oliver Queen is getting tired of the name "The Hood" and is looking for a new name. Could we finally see him called Green Arrow on the show?

Arrow returns to The CW on October 9, 2013

Source: YouTube - Summer Glau Channel

New clip for The Wolverine gets released by HBO! [video]

HBO has just released a new clips for the upcoming film The Wolverine! You can watch director James Mangold and Hugh Jackman talk about the film before the clip (which starts at the 2 minute mark). The clip itself has Wolverine interrogating a bad guy and taking care of him in a truly badass manner.

The Wolverine will hit theaters on July 26, 2013. 

Source: YouTube - HBO

X-Men: Days of Future Past posters mash up older and younger Professor X and Magneto!

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, fans can now take a look at two fantastic posters for X-Men: Days of Future Past that feature Professor X and Magneto! The two posters are mashups up the younger and older versions of the two characters. Professor X is being played by Patrick Stewart (older) and James McAvoy (younger) while Magneto is being played by Ian McKellen (older) and Michael Fassbender (younger). These new posters have a really cool look to them. What do you think?

X-Men: Days of Future Past will hit theaters on May 23, 2014.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Watch the announcement of the Superman / Batman crossover for Man of Steel 2! [video]

Zack Snyder revealed some huge news at San Diego Comic-Con about his plans for the Man of Steel sequel that is projected to be released in 2015. With the help of actor Harry Lennix Snyder revealed that the sequel will not only feature the Man of Steel himself but also DC's most famous detective, Batman! Lennix introduced the new film with a famous quote from The Dark Knight Returns. Take a look and try not to scream too loud from excitement when the Superman/Batman logo is revealed.

Source: YouTube - Acx8748

Game of Thrones: In Memoriam video from San Diego Comic-Con. [video]

There may not have been any big news about the 4th season of Game Of Thrones from San Diego Comic-Con but the Game Of Thrones panel did deliver a pretty cool (and gruesome) "In Memoriam" video showcasing all of the deaths from the first 3 seasons of the show. "Remember those we have lost."Game of Thrones Season 4 will return to HBO in 2014.

Source: YouTube - GameOfThrones

Little Mermaid revealed for Once Upon A Time! [video]

Once Upon A Time has revealed a new upcoming character for the show next season in this great clip on their Facebook page. The clip features "Grumpy" as he gets a fork stolen from his lunch (nice touch on the fork) from a certain red headed mermaid. Enjoy!

A big thank you goes out to my girlfriend, Jackie, for sending this video over to me!

Source: Facebook - Once Upon A Time

First look at a Dalek from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary trailer!

The first trailer for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode has been released at San Diego Comic-Con and fans are loving it. Fans who were not in attendance have not yet seen it but can read a shot for shot description of the trailer here.

To tease fans a little further the BBC have released an official photo of a Dalek surrounded by flames from the trailer on their official twitter page. Could this scene be a part of the Time War? Could it be something else entirely? We'll have to wait and see but it certainly looks great!
*Click image to enlarge.

Source: Twitter - Doctor Who Official

Read a shot for shot description of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary trailer from San Diego Comic-Con! (Video coming soon)

Doctor Who fans have been craving a glimpse of the 50th Anniversary and thanks to San Diego Comic-Con their wishes have come true! Fans who were in attendance at San Diego Comic-Con got to see the first trailer for the 50th Anniversary episode. Unfortunately, the trailer has not made its way onto the internet yet but thanks to the great people over at iO9 we have the next best thing. An in depth shot for shot description of the trailer! (This may not be the trailer itself but I'll certain take it for the time being.) "The trailer starts out on a haunting, dark note — Matt Smith is walking in the TARDIS, while in voiceover he says, "I've had many faces. Many lives. I don't admit to all of them. There's one life I've tried very hard to forget." And we glimpse the Doctor talking to Clara about his greatest secret. And then — what looks like the Time War, between the Daleks and the Time Lords! Seriously. Daleks blowing up, flames everywhere, eve…