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Review - The Avengers

Marvel’s latest venture to the big screen has become an instant smash hit. The Avengers have assembled and the world is taking notice. As of May 8th, The Avengers has grossed $244,014,897 domestically and $500,100,000 over seas for a total of $744,114,897 worldwide. These numbers are simply outstanding!

The scope of this movie was truly amazing. It does a great job of mixing the different franchises together to create the full Marvel universe that the fans know and love. But really it was the small details that really made the movie shine. Nick Fury disobeying direct orders, Thor’s little "this will be fun" smile when he realizes that he will have to use his full power to fight the Hulk or his willingness to forgive Loki, Hawkeye helping injured civilians out of a crashed bus, and Tony Stark’s quick wit. To this end you have to give credit to the amazing cast and the superb acting that they put forth for these characters. The ensemble performed incredibly and new comer Mar…

Avengers on parade! A tribute to Maurice Sendak

In memory of the recently passed Maurice Sendak (author of Where The Wild Things Are), deviant art user Agarthanguide has created this incredibly cute piece of fan art that celebrates Sendak's work as well as the recent release of The Avengers movie. The piece is called "Avengers on parade" and shows the team of Avengers marching forward with Loki in tow after being captured. It is incredibly well done and a great piece to commemorate Maurice Sendak with (may he R.I.P.). *Click to enlarge image!

Source: Deviant Art - agarthanguide

Nintendo themed dominoes!

This Nintendo themed dominoes video is surprisingly entertaining. You would think that watching 3 minutes of dominoes falling would get old but with the great images that the dominoes create and the Nintendo themed songs playing in the background, it is really fun to watch.  "The Nintendo Special is finally here! It has over 30,000 dominoes and is full of awesome clips and cool Nintendo themed games and consoles!"
Source: Dorkly

Video Game Realtor

Ever wonder what happens to all of those great locations in your favorite video games after the hero has saved the day? Well this great video by Dorkly shows us! Watch as a video game realtor shows a happy couple some potential new home locations that may bring back some fond video game memories.

Source: Dorkly

Assassin's Creed III World Gameplay Premiere

A new gameplay trailer for Assassin's Creed 3 has been released by Ubisoft and it will ignite the excitement of every Assassin's Creed fan. The trailer shows some spectacular enemy take downs and amazing gameplay settings. As an American history buff, I am really excited for this game!
"The story is set between the years 1753 and 1783, when "the war between the Assassins and the Templars has moved to Colonial America. The player takes on the role of a young, half-English, half-Mohawk man named Connor Kenway (also known by his birth name, Ratohnhaké:ton), who is drawn into the fight against tyranny when his home is attacked by colonists. Over the course of the game, the player will encounter historical figures including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Lee, Israel Putnam, General Lafayette, John Pitcairn, and William Prescott. The story will span 30 years of Connor's life. Boston and New York will be cities that you can explore …

How To Survive A Robot Uprising (aka Robopocalypse)

With everyone today so focused on zombies and vampires and what would happen if there was an apocalypse with either leading the way, they have forgotten the threat that sci-fi fans have been preparing for for decades; robots! The robot uprising is the original threat that is slowly starting to be forgotten about. But do not worry. If the robot uprising, as known as the robopocalypse, happens, Epipheo has created this video that will teach everyone how to survive. They interviewed the world’s foremost authority on the subject and NY Times bestselling author of the book Robopocalypse Daniel H. Wilson to find out exactly what to do in order to survive the robot uprising.

Source: Laughing Squid

Mark Ruffalo talks about his on screen Hulk performance

Mark Ruffalo had a chance to sit down with USA today and talk about his on screen experience as the Hulk in The Avengers. One of the things discussed was Hulk's single line in the movie which many fans could have missed or not heard clearly because of the uproar of laughter in the theater just before the Hulk delivers his line.

Ruffalo received a big compliment from Lou Ferrigno who played the Hulk on tv in the late 70's.
"Even Lou Ferrigno, who played the title role in the 1978-1982 TV series The Incredible Hulk, is impressed. "This is the best I have ever seen on-screen," he says. "He looks more realistic than the other two movies. He steals the whole show."" The interview is just under 4 minutes long and is great fun. Enjoy!

Source: USA Today

Frakkin' Berry cereal

This great fan art art advertising a new sci-fi cereal mashes together the General Mills cereal Franken Berry and the sci-fi television show Battlestar Galactica to create the new breakfast treat, Frakkin' Berry!. Now complete with 8 metals plus iron, marshmellow basestars, and a cool toy inside! 

Source: Steal This Art

Which hero scored the most screen time in The Avengers?

Now that The Avengers has been released in theaters, the big question of "Which Avenger got the spotlight?" can be answered. Vulture took it upon themselves to tackle this question head on. Armed with the stopwatch function on an iPhone and a notepad, they clocked exactly when characters were on and off screen and came up with some very interesting results.
"Hawkeye: 12:44. It’s no surprise that Jeremy Renner’s assassin was the recipient of the least screen time. His talent involves being a really good archer with a really awesome collapsible bow and really explosive arrows. His longest scene (2:40) is a conversation with Black Widow following a brawl between the two of them.

25:52. Chris Hemsworth gets more than his share of hitting people moments, yet is limited to only one extended dialogue scene — a 2:13-long conversation with brother Loki atop a mountain at night. (Though his perfectly timed “He’s adopted” line got maybe the third or fourth biggest l…

Sexy lightsaber duels - SABER Body Wash ads (NSFW)

In 2009 Adam Green directed a sexy lightsaber duel between Rileah Vanderbilt & Clare Grant (Team Unicorn) that promoted an "Axe" style body wash named SABER. This video caused sci-fi geeks everywhere to flock to their computers. The resulting duel wound up winning 2 Star Wars Fan Film Awards ("Best Action" & "Audience Choice") in the 2009 Lucasfilm Awards/Comic-Con Star Wars Fan Film Contest. It's no surprise that a video of 2 sexy women having a lightsaber duel in a bar in their underwear won the geek crowd over.

Jump forward 3 years later to the present and director Seth Green is picking up where the first video left off. Alongside Rileah Vanderbilt & Clare Grant once again, the newest SABER ad features two animal groomers that get called to give our favorite Wookie, Chewbacca, a bath. The result is another sexy lightsaber duel but this time it takes place in the bathroom. I'm sure Star Wars fans will enjoy this water splashing s…

The Avengers assemble in high school yearbook photos

Every hero has a beginning. Even the Avengers. Check out these high school photos of our favorite super hero team back in high school when they were just discovering their super powers. Best Hair definitely goes to Hawkeye (aka: Jeremy Renner).

Source: Bleeding Cool