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Baby Star Wars nursery art is too adorable

I reported yesterday about some great looking Star Wars Children prints that would look great on anybody's wall. Well, today I would like to share with you some more prints that would look adorable on your wall. Inspired by children’s books that list animal noises (a cow says moo, a duck says quack, ect.) these prints show us a baby version of R2-D2, Chewbacca, and a Jawa and tell us what they 'say'. The art is well done and the prints vary in price from $8.99 for a 8x10 to $25 for a 20x30. You can check out all the pricing in the source link below.

Source: Etsy - Modern Home Prints

Stop Motion Mario takes you through World 1-1 [video]

Mystery Guitar Man has presented his youtube watchers with a very well done stop motion video of the first Super Mario Bros. video game. The video is of World 1-1 and feels pretty basic until you get towards the end and Mario grows large and barrels through the stage knocking over the props used to create the video game world. Then the camera pans back and left to show you the run of the whole stage that our stop motion Mario just went through. Nicely done, Mystery Guitar Man!

Minecraft themed wedding

Sometimes the strangest things can bring a couple together. In the case of Matt and Asia it was all due to their love of Minecraft. The game gave their relationship an avenue to grow in and their engagement happened at the official MineCon. So it was only natural that Matt and Asia had a Minecraft themed wedding. And they pulled it off beautifully. With pixelated trees and animals around the hall, the couple managed to pull off a video game themed wedding that looks great. You can look at many more pictures and a wedding video in the source link below. 

Source: The Goodness

Decorate your child's (or your) room with these adorable Star Wars Children prints!

Etsy seller Ginormous Robot has created these incredibly cute prints that feature our favorite Star Wars characters as children having fun and playing games. As a big Star Wars fan it is hard for me to look at these and not say "Awww!".
What do you think of these prints? What character print is your favorite?
Check out Ginormous Robot's etsy store (linked below) for prints and prices.

Source: Etsy - Ginormous Robot

DC reveals that original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, is gay in the New 52

Rumors have been spinning everywhere for the past week that DC would announce that one of their characters would be reintroduced in the New 52 as gay. These rumors appear to have been coming from a trusty source as DC announced today that the original Green Lantern (a member of the Justice Society of America), Alan Scott, will indeed be gay. In next week's Earth 2 #2, the Golden Age Green Lantern will make his change from an older, straight, mentor hero to a younger gay version who will reportedly still have his natural leadership qualities. James Robinson, a writer for DC Comics and the writer for Earth 2, feels that Scott's sexuality has no bearing to change the core of the character. Too true.
"I really believe in this idea of relaunching the Justice Society and making them younger. But I thought it was a shame that we lost Jade and Obsidian, who are Alan Scott's children. Obsidian has been in the comics for years and was a positive gay character.

And then, in …

Teaser trailer for LEGO The Lord of the Rings!

The Lord of the Rings fans are rejoicing today as the new LEGO The Lord of the Rings game has officially released their first teaser trailer! Being a teaser trailer, not much is shown but what is shown is very interesting indeed. From this minute long trailer we can see that the classic LEGO game humor that fans love will still be present but the biggest shock is that the LEGO characters are actually talking! The trailer uses voice overs from the movie itself.  Normally in a LEGO game the characters just mumble and laugh and the story just kinda comes across pantomime style. However, it looks like we'll be experiencing full dialogue in this game. (Unless the dialogue was simply for this trailer which I think would be an unfair tease to fans. I kind of think this may be the case but then again no other trailer had dialogue. Interesting!) Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think!

Source: IGN

Star Wars Wampa rug

If you are a big Star Wars fan who is looking to complete the look of your room or home then this bearskin style Wampa rug is just what you need! "Wampa Rug
"Bear rug" in form of Wampa from Star WarsSynthetic fur with plush pillow headEmbroidered facial detailsVinyl clawsNon-slip backingSize: 62" x 30" (157.5 cm x 76.2 cm)" There are currently only 2 left at this shop and the sale price is still a bit high at $145.95. But you are getting a completely awesome Wampa rug!

Source: Neato Shop

1950's Rockabilly Batman fan art

Denis Medri has created an amazing series of fan art titled Rockabilly Batman that features the Batman characters in a 1950's re-imagining. The art is very well conceived and they look absolutely fantastic. Medri did a great job at looking at the individual characters and figuring out the different 1950's styles that each of them would have worn. Well done! I would love to see more of these specific versions and hope that Medri does further pieces of art in this series.  

Source: Deviant Art - Denis Medri

The Avengers - How It Should Have Ended [video]

The folks at 'How It Should Have Ended' have done it again! This time their video is on the movie the Avengers and as always points out some very funny points in the movie that should really make you think. I won't ruin the video for you but I'll say that I love the cameos in the restaurant and love the Tommy Boy reference!

Source: HISHE

Doctor Who set photos show us the newest companion (and her name!) and the Doctor's new clothes!

Shooting for a new episode of Doctor Who has begun in Margam Country Park in Wales, but the big news is that Jenna-Louise Coleman is on the set filming. Coleman was selected to be the Doctor's newest companion and until now has had her character completely shrouded in mystery. Through helpful hands on the Doctor Who set we now know that Coleman's character will be named Clara. No news on a last name as of yet.
It is believed that the episode filming in these photos are not the Christmas episode which will introduce the new companion but episode 11 of the newest season. From the photos we can tell that the setting will be Victorian era and that the Doctor is sporting a new outfit. Whether it is a new official outfit or something he is wearing to fit in with the time period, we see Matt Smith (the Doctor) wearing a new brown jacket with a waistcoat. Either way the Doctor is looking very stylish and fans are already voicing their opinions on happiness on the new c…

Iron Man 3 set photos reveal Iron Patriot armor!

The first set photos are beginning to come out of North Carolina where Iron Man 3 is being shot and the photos have already revealed a new character to the movie franchise. The Superficial has posted photos of a new suit of armor that is clearly going to belong to the Iron Patriot. This suit of armor was introduced in Marvel's Dark Avengers in 2009 and was created by Norman Osborne after he takes over the organization H.A.M.M.E.R.. However, since SONY owns the rights to all Spider-Man characters at the moment it is unlikely that Osborne will be making an appearance in Iron Man 3.

Patriot Armor description:
"Norman Osborn wears a full battlesuit patterned after the heroic images of Captain America and Iron Man. The battlesuit was cobbled together from StarkTech that had been confiscated from Tony Stark's armory at Avengers Tower shortly after H.A.M.M.E.R.'s formation. However, Osborn lacked the technical expertise on how to operate the armor's repulsor generato…

Kid superheroes - When I grow up I wanna be...

Children always play and dream that they are their favorite superhero saving the day. Your creative imagination is one of the great things about growing up. Deviant Art artist Andy Fairhurst has captured this exact moment in a brilliant fan art series is titled "When I Grow Up I Wanna Be..." It features the silhouettes of little kids as their favorite superheros. You can check out his Deviant Art gallery for a few more pieces.
What superhero did you pretend to be when you were a kid?

Source: Deviant Art - Andy Fairhurst

Jack Kirby inspired My Little Pony comic cover

Artist Tom Scioli has created a brilliant comic cover that is inspired by the famous Jack Kirby and drawn to reflect Kirby's art style. The cover was drawn as part of Comic Alliance's "Great Comic That Never Happened" line and there are many fans out there who wish that this comic had really been done. After seeing the cover and reading the synopsis below, do you think you would have wanted this comic to have been done?


Mario themed fish tank

A fan of the Super Mario Bros. franchise has created an amazing Mario themed fish tank out of his 55 gallon tank. Using ordinary LEGO blocks, he created part of the first level from the original Mario Bros. video game on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and then painted them to be the appropriate colors. Many would have expected to see one of the underwater levels in the tank but it still looks great with Level 1-1. You can see progress photos of the tank being made here. You can also watch a little video tour of the tank below!

Source: imgur

WoW's Leeroy Jenkins meme is re-imagined as a bank robbery

One of the funniest viral videos to come out of World of Warcraft is the Leeroy Jenkins video about a clueless player who charges into battle and dooms his entire party of adventurers.  If you haven't gotten to see it yet you can check out the video here.
Director Finn O'Hara recreated this viral video for the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival. In his video, Leeroy Jenkins and his team are setting up their plan to commit a bank robbery. The video is great but I only wish that it was another minute longer so that we can see the aftermath of Leeroy running into the bank.

Source: SuperPunch