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Star Wars Uncut: Directors Cut

In 2009, Casey Pugh created a project that would recreate the much loved film Star Wars: A New Hope into a fan film. He came up with the idea to crowdsource this project and let it be created by the fans of the film themselves. The goal; to recreate the entire film 15 seconds at a time. Fans were allowed to select whatever 15 second scene they wanted and film it however they wanted. Entries included some amazing animations, children in costumes, stop motion, sock puppets and claymation (to name a few styles). Some fans shot scenes in their garage while wearing paper costumes while others went on location or created animations that are truly impressive. With scenes changing their look every 15 seconds, the end result is something that is truly fun to watch.  

The creators behind Star Wars Uncut even won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media in 2010. 

Finally, the creators have finished connecting their favorite scenes from all the entries to crea…

New DC Comics logo - Update

One week ago DC Comics filed for trademark protection on a new DC logo. First impressions of the logo were not great and many felt the new logo had too much of a corporate feel since it was devoid of color. As some suspected (and hoped), the logo we had seen was not the final product. The finalized logo(s) that have now been released are of the same design except that they now have a splash of color to them. More interestingly, the logo will be colored specifically for the comic that it is appearing on. This new edition to the logo vastly improves the look and gives the fans something that they can finally get behind. The design itself is also interesting. "The design of the new DC Entertainment identity uses a “peel” effect – the D is strategically placed over the C with the upper right-hand portion of the D peeling back to unveil the hidden C – symbolizing the duality of the iconic characters that are present within DC Entertainment’s portfolio." Expect to see this ne…

The Bark Side - Volkswagen commercial teaser

Volkswagon is continuing their Star Wars commercial tradition for the Super Bowl this year. You may remember the commercial from last year that featured a young boy dressed as Darth Vader trying to use the force. This year they have released this teaser trailer for their upcoming Super Bowl commercial (yes, a teaser trailer for a commercial!) that features a group of dogs barking the Imperial March theme from Star Wars. How could dogs barking a Star Wars song get any better? The dogs are also wearing costume pieces that will identify them as specific characters! I especially like Wicket and the AT-AT!

Avengers vs X-Men cover #2

Marvel really wants their fans to be excited about the upcoming Avengers vs X-Men storyline. They have just released the cover art for issue #2 (out of 12) and it features Iron Man and Magneto. Other matchups you see on this cover are Captain America vs Cyclops, Namor vs The Thing, Rogue vs Thor, Spider-Man vs Emma Frost, and it looks like Wolverine vs Hope Summers. Its worth pointing out the very obvious 'Phoenix' pose that Hope Summers is in given the storyline of this comic.

The most intriguing thing about this cover however is the main match up of Iron Man vs Magneto. On a normal day Iron Man would not stand 5 seconds against Magneto. So you know Marvel has to have a few tricks up their sleeve. We have seen Tony Stark demagnetize his Iron Man suit in the past. We have even seen Tony change the material in which the suit is made out of. However, this is Magneto we are talking about! As long as there is metal in his surroundings or even an ounce of metal that was not demagn…


R2-D2 and the Daleks. These two characters have been compared for years and have even graced their presence together on some fantastic tee shirts. Now the truth has surfaced that they are one in the same! Watch this great transformation video where you can hear each of them say each others famous catchphrase.

Artist Dennis Salatier's Marvel and DC art

I stumbled across a fantastic series of Marvel and DC fan art by DeviantArt artist Dennis Salatierand couldn't not share it. The art style is magnificent and I really like the coloring technique of the art. What do you guys think?

Source: DeviantArt - tanoshiboy

Caped Crusader's new action figure

After months of anxious waiting, the final version of DC Direct's New 52 Justice League Batman action figure has been unveiled. Prototypes had made appearances at both San Diego and New York Comic Con and made fans very excited for the new line that is based on the art of Jim Lee, DC co-publisher (and Justice League artist). This Batman action figure will stand at 6.75" and will be arriving in stores on May 2nd. No news as been released yet if the figure will be packaged with any accessories.
What are your opinions on the new New 52 Justice League Batman action figure?

Source: ComicBookMovie

The School Yard Avengers

Even heroes start out as children and this piece of art by DazTibbles shows us what the Avengers would look like had they gathered in the school yard. The artist does a great job capturing the juvenile nature of the team and dressed them in items that a young child would be able to get a hold of (possibly around their house).

A short story arc featuring this particular team would be fun to read.
Edit: A good friend of mine pointed out Mini Marvels to me. I had forgotten about those! What fun!

The Darkside

DeviantArt user kizer180 took a look at the dark side of comics and created a piece of art that captured the greatest 'dark' characters that comics has to offer. This piece titled 'The Darkside' features Darksied, Darth Vader, Darkness, Dark Phoenix, Black Spider-Man, Darkwing Duck and The Dark Knight. Though his run in print was short, Darkwing Duck did have his own comic and definitely completes this picture. This is a fantastic concept and well drawn.  

Avengers vs X-Men cover!

Today we got our first look at Jim Cheung's cover art for the first issue of Avengers vs X-Men coming this April. At first glance there are a few interesting things about this cover art. But first let's take a look.

The first interesting note is that we saw Beast fighting Luke Cage and Wolverine fighting Captain America in the AvX teaser images that I posted on January 11th. However, here we see that both Beast and Wolverine have decided to team up with the Avengers. We know that Beast and Wolverine have had their differences in the past with the X-Men but would they really decided to turn against their own kind in this fight? Or will they change sides partway through? We can also see that they are staying with the storyline that Colossus has taken on the avatar of the Juggernaut which I like. Two surprise appearances would have to be the Red Hulk for the Avengers and Namor for the X-Men. Interesting. I'd be very interested to find out how they went about choosing these l…

Video Game Cocktail - Batman: Arkham City

It's Sunday night and we are going to finish this video game drinking week with Batman: Arkham City. Consisting of five separate drinks, "Batman: Arkham Party" has a drink named after all the major characters of the game. Get ready for a wild ride.

(Be sure to check back for more video game inspired drinks in the future!)

Batman: Arkham Party

Crushed ice
Blue Curacao
Cranberry juice
popping candy
Fresh Mint
sugar syrup
Blackcurrant coulis (you can buy this in bottles or jars if you don't want to make your own)

"This shot set sees some of Gotham's most dastardly villains taking on the Dark Knight. For The Riddler, pour 20ml of Midori down the inside of glass, then add 5ml of vodka over a spoon. For a Mr Freeze, crush some ice and pour it into your shot glass, followed by 10ml of Blue Curacao and 10ml of Sambuca. Your Joker is made from 15ml Blue Curacao, cranberry juice and rum with a topping …