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Captain America: The First Avenger

I admit that I was a little on the fence about this movie but after watching this trailer I might be sold on seeing it. I'm looking to Captain America for an epic war movie (with a little super hero taste) more than I am a flat out super hero movie. I like the little easter eggs that are in this trailer too.

Doctor Who Season 6 Prequel!

Doctor Who news has been coming in steady as we approach Season 6 and today's news is sure to get fans excited. The BBC has released a prequel to Episode 1 of Season 6 that was written by Steven Moffat himself. The prequel is a short scene under two minutes that shows us a little of what we can expect when we tune in to the first episode. This definitely sets the tone. As someone who lives in the United States I usually cannot view videos on the BBC Doctor Who website but it seems that the prequel is open to everyone which is great. Just in case that changes I was also able to find the scene on youtube. See the source link below to see the scene on the BBC website. Enjoy!

Source: BBC

'Duke Nukem Forever' Delayed Again!

After 14 long years fans were excited to hear that they were finally going to get their hands on the legendary game Duke Nukem Forever on May 3, 2011 (May 6th internationally). What they should have learned in those 14 years waiting for this game was to never get excited unless its in your hands. Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software, has announced that the game is delayed yet again. Not a very long delay but still delayed. The new release date is June 14, 2011 (June 10th internationally). The only great thing about this announcement was the video that Randy Pitchford created for it. The video takes a jab at the company and should make you laugh.

Source: Topless Robot

Narnia May Return With 'The Magician's Nephew'

Big news for fans of The Chronicles of NarniaAslan's Country is reporting that Walden Media president Michael Flaherty has confirmed the interest and intent to bring The Magician's Nephew to the big screen. He is currently in talks to get the rights to the movie and if that goes well he'll then hire a writer to begin the script.

The Magician's Nephew will be an amazing book to bring to the big screen as it is a wonderful origins story. If you are a fan of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe then you have probably asked yourself the same questions as other fans; When was Narnia created? Why is there a lightpole in Narnia? Who is the White Witch and where did she come from? Why does the wardrobe have a doorway to Narnia? All of these questions and more are answered within The Magician's Nephew. It may be a few years before this movie is released but I am definitely excited.

'Torchwood: Miracle Day' Premiere Date

Starz has released the premiere date for Torchwood: Miracle Day and it is July 8, 2011!
*Possible Spoiler*

'Miracle Day' focuses around the idea of immortality and the effects it would have on planet Earth and our species as a whole. The poster shown for Miracle Day definitely sets the tone for the show.

Source: TARDIS Newsroom

TARDIS Infographic

If you've ever wondered about the Doctor's crazy phone box looking time machine from Doctor Who then this is the perfect infographic for you. has been creating some amazing infographics on the "Most Iconic Fictional Vehicles" and I have decided to start sharing them because they truly are amazing. First up is the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension In Space) from the BBC series Doctor Who. Many Doctor Who fans may look at this and ask about the many things missing (ie: all the other rooms in the TARDIS [though briefly mentioned] or what the controls do on the TARDIS console [when the Doctor knows you'll know], ect) but this is still a great infographic on a classic piece of Sci-Fi transportation. Take a step into this incredible time machine and see what it's all about.
Click image to enlarge.
Source: GeekTyrant

New Trailer for 'On Stranger Tides'

Captain Jack is at it again! No, I don't mean the bi-sexual time traveler from the 51st century. I'm talking about the Pirate Lord of the Brethren Court, Captain Jack Sparrow! Disney has released a new trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. If you were on the fence about whether or not you'd be interested in seeing the fourth installment in the franchise, this trailer just might make your decision for you. It is packed with pirate-y goodness and gives you a much better look at what this movie will be about. Enjoy!