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Raiders of the Lost Ark deleted scene reveals a much different fight scene with the swordsman! [video]

One of the most iconic moments in the Indiana Jones franchise is Indy gunning down an Arab swordsman in an Egyptian market. However, fans almost received a very different scene than what they saw in the film.

The scene originally called for a whip vs scimitar fight that was rehearsed in great length and had the swordsman training for months. However, on the day of the actual shoot Harrison Ford was feeling ill. Unlike Speilberg who was only eating canned food from home, Ford had a bad reaction to local Tunisian cuisine where they were filming. When it came time to shoot the scene Ford had little to no energy to pull off the fight scene and suggested that it’d be better to simply shoot the swordsman.

The swordsman was understandably upset having trained for several months so in order to prolong his moment on scene he acted out an elaborate death scene where after getting shot he stumbled back and forth before actually falling to the ground. On the second take, Ford simply fired his s…

Mischief Managed: the Harry Potter Retrospective [video]

Now that the Harry Potter franchise is complete and the entire story has been told, one fan has brilliantly created a retrospective video that takes you through Harry's adventures from start to finish.

Created by Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr., the retrospective takes fans through all eight movies in just 13 minutes. As this is fan made, there will be moments where you may think another particular moment or scene would have been better suited to show in the retrospective but I feel that one thing all fans will agree on is how well this video captures the essence of each film.
"One of the greatest tales of our time, Harry Potter has enchanted us all with wit, courage and magic. Relive the greatest moments of the brilliant film series with 'Mischief Managed', an epic retrospective with original music from the films. The magic lives on!" "Without the films, we'd never have been able to experience John Williams's Hedwig's Theme, Stuart Craig's Hogwa…

The Hunger Games pitch trailer shows us a much darker Panem! [video]

When a filmmaker pitches a new movie they do their very best to sell a studio on the concept that they envision for the film. Sometimes the best way to approach this is with a visual presentation. To do this filmmakers will create an original mash-up trailer that complies short clips from other movies that will express what they want their movie to look like.

When Lionsgate was looking around for a director for The Hunger Games, Kevin Tancharoen got straight to work and prepared a unique mash-up trailer that created a much darker world for The Hunger Games. Kevin Tancharoen is known for his 2009 remake of Fame, the amazing Mortal Kombat: Rebirth trailer, and the web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

Obviously, Tancharoen did not get the job for the The Hunger Games as it was directed by Gary Ross. As such we never got to see his vision for the movie. But he has now shared exclusively with SlashFilm the trailer that he created and the darker world that he wanted to portray. Take a look at …

Wonder Woman gets another shot at a television show!

It appears that the thought of getting Wonder Woman on television is not yet dead. Vulture is reporting that the CW is currently writing up a script for a possible show based on the DC superhero. (At the moment it is just a script. No pilot or production of any kind have been ordered.)

The CW has had success in the past with hero shows (Smallville) and is hoping that their current project Arrow will keep that success going. Now they are looking further into the future with another big DC name. The big catch is that this script is going to be an origin story of our beloved Wonder Woman, Diana. The show "will focus on Wonder Woman as a young, budding superhero, rather than a fully formed defender of liberty." Similar to how Smallville had the "no tights, no flights" rule. Like Smallville focusing on Clark, this show will focus on Diana. The show will be written by Allan Heinberg (Grey's Anatomy, The O.C., Young Avengers) and will be titled Amazon.

Would you be in…

Halfling (Hobbit) Slippers!

Thanks to Think Geek you can now walk through your daily routines as a halfling (also known as a hobbit) in plush comfort. They are selling an amazing pair of plush halfling slippers for just $19.99 and they look both very comfortable and so much fun!

Source: ThinkGeek - $19.99

Blue Skin Core - Gangster Smurfs

Artist Andrew Tomaszuk drew up this fantastic piece of art titled Blue Skin Core that features the Smurfs as hardcore gangsters. I think its safe to say that with these Smurfs roaming the streets that Gargamel is probably hospitalized or dead.


Roller Coaster Tycoon in Real Life [video]

If you are like me and a big fan of the Roller Coaster Tycoon games, you've wondered what it would be like to really live the game. No, I don't mean to open up a real amusement park. I mean actually building up a tiny amusement park like in the game. Change things however you'd like with a simple click or wave of your hand. Well, Andrew McMurry does just that in his newest video! "Andrew jumps into a yet another real-life version of a game! This time, it's the classic, beloved Roller Coaster Tycoon. Will he be good-spirited and give the peeps a flawless theme park? Hah. Yeah right."

Source: Youtube - andrewmfilms

Dragon*Con - Cosplay Gangnam Style Music Video!

Dragon*Con is one of the biggest conventions of the year and right now Gangnam Style is one of the biggest dances of the year. It was only a matter of time before the two collided for what will be known as one of the years' greatest and funniest cosplay dance videos! There are some great cosplayers and cosplays in this video! Enjoy!  

Source: Youtube - minhnhat

Old school vs new school video games - A fight in the real world! [video]

"What happens when old school games go face to face with new school characters?" This is the question that drives this great video that pits old school Atari games against the best of "new school" video games in the real world. The concept behind this video is very interesting but I would have liked to have seem them go a little deeper into various matchups. All the same, it's a fun video to watch. Enjoy!

Source: Youtube - freddiew

First trailer for Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters gives us an action movie with a fairy tale twist! [video]

We officially have our first look at the upcoming Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters staring Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton. The film portrays our classic fairy tale characters as adults and having survived their original witch encounter are now full blown witch hunters. With an assortment of very interesting weapons (which kind of feel weird in this time period) and witches being attacked and hunted down, this trailer seems to be worthy of an action movie with a fairy tale twist. The trailer stands at 2 minutes 11 seconds. Enjoy!

Source: CinemaBlend

Lord Voldemort's rejected anagram names!

Just about every fan tried to rearrange the letters in their name to come up with a cooler name after reading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. When it was revealed that Tom Marvolo Riddle had done that very same thing to come up with "I am Lord Voldemort" everyone had to give it a try. Now for the first time fans can take a look at all of Tom Riddle's failed attempts at reforming his name before he finally landed on one he liked.

Which do you think would have been the most intimating name from the rejected list?

Source: Tumblr - I'm Going to Joke You To Death

Doctor Who season 7 prequel - Pond Life [Complete video]

If you enjoyed the Doctor Who season 7 prequel Pond Life then this video is just what you wanted! Now you can watch all 5 parts to Pond Life in one smooth video. With a length of 5 minutes 22 seconds this video is a lot of fun to watch and is sure to make you laugh. Enjoy!

Source: Youtube - TheDoctorWhoMedia

Neil Gaiman returns to Doctor Who!

Fans were excited when they found out that Neil Gaiman would be writing an episode of Doctor Who. They knew that he would bring a spark of creativity to the show that only he could create. That episode aired during season 6 and was titled "The Doctor's Wife".

Last night, Gaiman won a Hugo Award for The Doctor's Wife in the Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form category. To make things more exciting, he shared some very big news during his acceptance speech. In the middle of his speech, Gaiman stated, "Only a fool or a mad man would try to do it again . . . so I'm on the third draft." That's right! Neil Gaiman will be returning to Doctor Who to write another episode that is currently slated to air during the second half of season 7. Gaiman did make sure to point out that The Doctor's Wife was originally written for season 5 but due to budgetary reasons it was delayed until season 6. Hopefully this does not happen to his new script.I truly cann…

Star Wars vs Star Trek technology [Infographic]

The fandoms of Star Wars and Star Trek have been at odds with each other sine they first hit theaters. There are those fans who truly love both but loyalty usually comes down to one or the other. This great infographic shows us the technology of both universes and which would top the other. Take a look and see who ultimately wins the technological race between Star Wars and Star Trek. Which side do you support? (I'm personally a Star Wars person but am not against Star Trek.)

Source: BestOnlineEngineeringDegree

Doctor Who prequel for Asylum of the Daleks! [video]

By now most fans have seen the first episode of season 7 of the British Sci-Fi show Doctor Who. At the same time most fans saw and enjoyed the season 7 prequel Pond Life. However, most fans did not see the prequel for episode one Asylum of the Daleks! In a very surprising move, this prequel was only available here in the US and only available to those who had a subscription to iTunes or US Amazon InstantVideo (accessible only from a US IP Address). I have no clue how this decision was made but it kept a lot of fans in the dark about this prequel. Thankfully, one fan recorded the video and posted it up to YouTube. Hopefully, it stays up for everyone to enjoy.

The prequel is a good length at 2 minutes 35 seconds and shows us the Doctor getting a mysterious message. Enjoy!

Source: FiatVeronica