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New My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls toys from Hasbro and Playskool at Toy Fair 2015.

Hasbro and Playskool give fans a great look at their upcoming My Little Pony toys for both Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls. There are lots of all new Equestria Girls dolls designed after sporting events from the Friendship Games in their new movie out this fall. All the new My Little Pony toys will have intergrated app play to further the fun experience. Fans can also build their own ponies in the My Little Pony Pop line. Ponies are fully customizable. The new Friendship is Magic line brings fans both their favorite characters as well as stories!

The My Little Pony  Playskool Friends line looks to bring ponies to your toddlers and looks adorable! (As a preschool teacher I can say that this looks great for kids.) It has an interactive playset that kids will love and even sings songs! There is also a Rainbow Dash Glow Pony to cuddle up with during nap time. See all these toys and more in the video below.

Source: YouTube - Inside The Magic

Batman: The Animated Series Femme Fatales statues are a must buy for any Batman fan!

Take a look at these amazing Batman: The Animated Series Femme Fatales statues from Diamond Select Toys! The statues include Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Batgirl! I absolutely loved Batman: The Animated Series so these statues definitely call out to me. These would make amazing additions to a collector's shelf.

*Click on image to see full size images of each character statue.

#Batman: The Animated Series Femme Fatales Statues from @CollectDST!
— (@toychestnews) February 14, 2015

Source: Twitter - TOYCHESTnews

Check out the new Star Wars Furbacca Furby (a Chewbacca furby) from Hasbro in action!

Furbies have been making a come back lately and Hasbro is throwing another unque Furby into the mix. This time the company has combined their product with everyones' favorite wookie from the Star Wars franchise, Chewbacca, to create "Furbacca Furby"! The video below shows a little demonstration of Furbacca at the New York Toy Fair and although I am not the biggest fan of Furbies it does some pretty cool stuff. In a cute wookie voice it will sing you several different themes from the Star Wars films, show off a little lightsaber battle in its eyes, and does the normal ear moments. I believe it'll also move around as though it is walking. Check out the demo below!

Source: YouTube - wwwYODASNEWScom

Hasbro reveals their fully customizable lightsabers in the Star Wars Blade Builders line!

Hasbro is releasing a new line of Star Wars lightsabers called "Blade Builders" that is fully customizable and allows fans to build their own sabers as they see fit. In this demo video from the New York Toy Fair you can see a Hasbro representative putting together a lightsaber and easily attaching various pieces to make a new and unique saber design. The lightsabers can come with lights and sound or in a foam model which is pretty cool. From the looks of it the possibilities for designs that fans can come up with is immensely big. This line should sell very well. It looks like a lot of fun!

The Blade Builders line will be available this fall!

Source: YouTube - wwwYODASNEWScom

Funko reveals a new line of Doctor Who POP figures!

The New York Toy Fair 2015 just keeps the great toys coming! Take a look at the new line of Funko POP figures for the hit British sci-fi show Doctor Who! The line has both the normal size as well as a miniature sized 4th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Doctor, an adorable adipose, dalek, cyberman, the TARDIS, and a Weeping Angel. They all look fantastic and it looks like they'll be available in August.

Post by Action Figure Insider.

Source: Facebook - Action Figure Insider

JAKKS Pacific reveals a jumbo Link statue at the New York Toy Fair 2015!

Get your wallets ready Nintendo gamers! JAKKS Pacific has just revealed a new jumbo Link statue at the New York Toy Fair! It is modeled after Link from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and will be a 20 inch figure with seven points of articulation! Incredible! There are other great toys seen in this photo such as a large metroid, Gold Mario, and Fire Mario.

Jumbo Link coming from @JAKKStoys@jakk!
— Pixel Dan (@PixelDan) February 14, 2015

Source: Twitter - Pixel Dan

Check out the all new Harry Potter Funko POP figures and their height differences!

This great photo from Snitch Seeker shows off the height differences between the new, upcoming Harry Potter Funko POP figures. The new figures include Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, and Hagrid.

Just to show the height diff between Hagrid & everyone else!
— (@SnitchSeeker) February 14, 2015

Source: Twitter - Snitch Seeker

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures and characters are debuted at the New York Toy Fair 2015!

"See the upcoming waves of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures from Playmates to be released throughout 2015, including a remote controlled interactive Leonardo."

This video shows off some amazing new toys coming out for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Playmates and even gives us a look at a few returning characters that have not debuted in the show yet.

PS - There is a character 3 pack that includes Spike (Raphael's pet turtle), Ice Cream Kitty, and Dr. Cluckingsworth! I must get this 3 pack! (Seen at the 1:50 mark.)

Source: YouTube - Inside The Magic

LEGO introduces their new figures and sets for 2015 at the New York Toy Fair!

The LEGO Team takes you around their booth at this year's New York Toy Fair to show off all their new upcoming figures and sets for 2015. There's a little bit of everything coming this year. From some great Star Wars sets, to multiple Marvel sets that includes a massive SHIELD Helicarrier, various Disney sets including Frozen and The Little Mermaid, and for the first time to LEGO; Scooby-Doo! Watch the video below to see all the toys in action!

Source: YouTube - Inside The Magic

All new clip from next week's Gotham features the Flying Graysons!

Check out this fun clip from this Monday's all new Gotham episode titled "Blind Fortune Teller"! This fun clip shows off Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Doctor Leslie Thompkins' (Morena Baccarin) cute date to the circus where they are watching the talented Flying Graysons perform. (Yes, those Flying Graysons. As in the parents of Dick Grayson, aka Robin!) The date seems to be going very well and the two make an adorable couple until a group of clown come and ruin everything. Watch the all new clip below!

Source: YouTube - Gotham

Take a look at the upcoming Ghostbusters Vinyl Idolz from Funko Vinyl Sugar!

Here is a great shot of Funko Vinyl Sugar's new Ghostbusters statues in their Vinyl Idolz line. The figures represent (from left to right) Dr. Raymond Stantz, Dr. Peter Venkman, and Dr. Egon Spengler. The first and most obvious response from fans will be, "But where is Winston Zeddmore?" It's a good question and it seems that at the moment that these may be the only three getting released which is odd but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.  The statues have a fun cartoon look and would be a great addition to any fan's shelf. Look for them this June!

Post by Ghostbusters News.

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"My Fandom Valentine" asks your favorite pop culture characters about romance for Valentine's Day.

In honor of Valentine's Day YouTuber "Only Leigh" created a new video that asks some of your favorite pop culture icons about love. The selection of characters that make an appearance is impressivel wide and covers all bases from The Hunger Games and Loki to Sherlock and Game of Thrones (and more).
"In celebration of Valentine's Day, we asked your favorite TV and Movie characters questions about love, romance and everything in between. Can you name them all?" Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - OnlyLeigh

The Nerdy Bartender makes the Love Potion from Harry Potter!

Stacey Roy, aka The Nerdy Bartender, has released a new video in time for Valentine's Day! In this new video Stacey shares the bar with Cassandra, aka NerdzRL, to create the love potion from the Harry Potter franchise.

This video once again shows the fun that Stacey has while shooting these videos and as a viewer it's just as fn to watch.

Good luck making your love potions and remember to drink responsibly. And remember, the longer you keep the potion laying around the more potent it will become.

Ingredients needed:
- Vodka - Cinnamon Candy Hearts - Apple Juice - Champagne

Source: YouTube - RP WhaBam

Animated video shares the history of Valentine's Day.

This clever video animates the historical background of Valentine's Day. Find out who "Valentine" was and why the holiday is celebrated on February 14th. It's very interesting to see where this holiday comes from and this video may give viewers a new perspective on what they are celebrating.

Source: Laughing Squid

Official NASA poster for International Space Station mission Expedition 45 has astronauts dressed as Jedi!

NASA just got a little cooler to a lot of Star Wars fans out there. Today NASA revealed their official poster for the International Space Station mission Expedition 45, a.k.a. "Expedition XLV: The Science Continues." What's great about this poster? All six NASA astronauts dressed as Jedi (from the Star Wars franchise) wielding lightsabers!

Expedition 45 is a year long mission on the International Space Station and the crew is comprised of Commander Scott Kelly and flight engineer Kjell Lindgren from NASA. Flight engineer Kimiya Yui from Japan, and Russian cosmonaut flight engineers Oleg Kononenko, Mikhail Kornienko, and Sergey Volkov.

NASA has a running history creating fantastic geeky posters like this and this one will surely stand out as a fan favorite.
*Open image in a new window for the largest view.

Source: NASA

How X-Men: Days of Future Past should have ended!

Another "How It Should Have Ended" has been released and it is great! The new video focuses on X-Men: Days of Future Past. This funny video touches on many fixes for the film but centers around the fact that the X-Men should have allowed Quicksilver to to join them in their mission. The end result would have been much different for everyone involved with this story. They also come up with an entirely separate fix that jumps back to X-Men: First Class that is brilliant. Enjoy.

Source: YouTube - How It Should Have Ended

Amazing edited video has Spider-Man fighting along side the Avengers in the Battle of New York!

With the recent huge announcement that Marvel and Sony have come to an agreement to allow Spider-Man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been wondering what it'll actually be like to see Spidey at home swinging around New York City fighting along side the Avengers. Thanks to Screen Crush, and editor Sleepy Skunk, fans can now get an amazing glimpse at what that will look like. Screen Crush has created an amazing video that edits together footage from Marvel's The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the result is flawless brilliance! This video puts Spider-Man in the middle of The Battle of New York and it proves that Spidey should have always been an Avenger. Enjoy.

Source: YouTube - Screen Crush

Fantastic supercut shows the evolution of Batman throughout his film history!

Batman has become an iconic part of entertainment history. One dedicated Batman fan, Jacob Swinney, has created an amazing supercut of every Batman film to prove just that fact. In this amazing video, he edits together footage from everything from the 1942 seriel all the way to 2012's The Dark Knight Rises. Impressively, he even included the animated film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm from 1993.

If there is one thing that is made abundantly clear from watching this video it is that Batman has always been, and will always be, a badass, crime-fighting genius. He has been protecting Gotham for 75 years and here's hoping for 75 more!

Films used in this supercut include;
"A journey through the evolution of Batman on the big screen and cinema as a whole. From the serials of the 1940s to the Christopher Nolan blockbusters, watch as the iconic character transforms within the different eras of filmmaking.
Films used:
Batman (1943 serial)
Batman and Robin (1949 serial)
Batman: The …

Disney announces "Star Wars Day at Sea" on its Disney Cruise Line cruises in 2016!

Disney has just announced an all new amazing event for its Disney Cruise Line that will excite Star Wars fans everywhere! It was announced that the cruise line will be introducing a "Star Wars Day" into their vacation packages starting in 2016. is reporting that,
"Star Wars Day at Sea will be on Disney Fantasy cruises sailing on January 9 and  January 23, 2016; February 6 and February 20, 2016; March 5 and March 19, 2016; April 2 and April 16, 2016. Departing from Port Canaveral, the seven-night Western Caribbean itinerary includes Cozumel, Mexico; Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, and Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay." If your passions include Disney, Star Wars, and cruises then this package was made especially for you! Along with all the great events and activities that the Disney Cruise Line cruises offer, "Star Wars Day at Sea" looks like it will be absolutely packed with amazing things to do and see. Events and activities…

Touching video shares Severus Snape's important scenes from the Harry Potter films in chronological order.

Severs Snape is one of the most popular characters of the Harry Potter franchise and there is good reason for that. Although readers (and viewers of the films) do not know it at first, Severs Snape becomes one of the deepest and most important characters of the story and really has some great moments where his personal story really gets to shine. 
A dedicated Harry Potter fan has created a brilliant, and heart breaking, video that puts Snape's most important scenes together in chronological order. It all starts with him meeting Lily Evans and leads to his sad death and beyond.

Source: YouTube - kcawesome13

Jedi and Sith humorously discuss the functionality of the new Star Wars crossguard lightsaber in the middle of a battle.

When the newest Star Wars trailer was released and the new crossguard light saber was revealed fans widely debated about the saber's functionality. However, we failed to get the wielder's thoughts on the matter. What does the Sith using it think? 
This funny fan film from The Warp Zone shows a Jedi and Sith stop in the middle of a fight to discuss the new saber's functionality and usefulness. If you followed the fan debates of this lightsaber then you'll definitely crack up over this film. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - The Warp Zone

Jurassic World promotional video introduces fans to Masrani Security Initiative and Vincent D'Onofrio's character.

Another brilliant promotional video has been released for Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World and it focuses on Masrani Global's Masrani Security Initiative which is the security organization that works to protect everyone (and thing) at Jurassic World. This video introduces Vincent D'Onofrio's character which will be the head of security for the park.

Source: YouTube - Jurassic World

Ryan Reynolds teases the Deadpool costume with a prototype picture!

Today marks the pre-1 year anniversary of director Tim Miller's Deadpool film that will star actor Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. As a tribute to this day Ryan Reynolds has tweeted a photo of the Deadpool prototype mask and it looks great!

Deadpool will be in theaters on February 12, 2016.

Sepia tone disguises the fact the mask is ballerina pink. It's early. 365 sleeps early.
— Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) February 12, 2015

Source: Twitter - Ryan Reynolds

The first trailer is released for the animated film Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts!

Warner Bros. Animation has just released the first trailer for the upcoming animated film titled Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts! This film is said to launch a new Batman Unlimited line of merchandise, another feature film, as well as many animated shorts. I have not come across if this will be turned into a full show yet.

The trailer shows off the featured characters nicely and from it we can see that Batman will be teaming up with Red Robin, Nightwing, the Flash, and Green Arrow. Leading the villains for this film will be the Penguin. On the Penguin's side isCheetah, Man-Bat, Killer Croc, and Silverback.

Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts will be released on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital on May 12, 2015.

Source: YouTube - CBR Trailers

Incredible fan trailer delivers the Star Wars vs Star Trek film fans would love to see!

Here is another amazing mash-up trailer from YouTuber Alex Luthor that brings together two of the biggest science fiction franchises in history; Star Wars and Star Trek. This Star Wars vs Star Trek trailer is exactly what fans have been wanting to see since these two franchises started to co-exist. It's the Sith vs the Starfleet and it is completely action packed. The great thing about this trailer is that it doesn't lean one way or another as to which side will ultimately win the fight but instead delivers amazing visuals using clips from both franchises to tell an amazing story. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - Alex Luthor

Amazing video details everything a fan needs to know about The One Ring from The Lord of the Rings! (Lord of the Rings Mythology Part 2)

In this video, YouTuber CGP Grey explains everything you need to know about Sauron’s One Ring and its powers. This video gives an amazingly detailed analysis of The One Ring and even a big The Lord of the Rings fan like myself learned some very interesting things from this video. For example, you'll learn why the Elven realms are still shining and in pristine order. You'll also find out exactly why the "Age of the Elves" is coming to an end and making way for the "Age of Man". CGP Grey also released one other video on the mythology of The Lord of the Rings which is another absolutely amazing video to watch. Be sure to check it out. For now, enjoy this great video detailing everything you need to know about The Lord of the Rings' The One Ring.

Source: YouTube - CGP Grey

2 new jaw dropping fan trailers are released for "Star Wars vs DC / Marvel"!

YouTuber Alex Luthor has released the final two trailers for this "Star Wars vs DC / Marvel" trailer series. These trailers put the heroes of the DC and Marvel universes up against the Sith of the Star Wars universe and it is absolutely amazing! Taking key scenes from various franchise films and video games, Alex Luthor creates a visual story that I would love to see unfold on the big screen. The two trailers use different footage and feature a few different heroes. Watch the trailers below and let me know what you think about them as well as who you think would wind up on top. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - Alex Luthor

Hugh Jackman reacts to the Marvel / Sony Spider-Man deal!

Last night, Marvel and Sony stunned the world by announcing an agreement that will allow Spider-Man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With this monumental team up of rival companies the only Marvel properties that are still looking at the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) from the outside are the X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

Today actor Hugh Jackman was being interviewed for his upcoming film Chappie and Screen Crush brought up the big Marvel news. In the interview Jackman shares his thoughts on the deal and what it could possibly mean for a potential crossover for his character Wolverine.

At the moment Fox is having good success with their X-Men franchise but you can be sure that they'll most likely be keeping a close eye on how this deal works out for both Marvel and Sony. Even if a deal cannot be worked out at the moment between Fox and Marvel I would love to see Hugh Jackman come back in the future to do a movie about the "Old Man Logan" story!

Watch the interview c…

2 new deleted scenes surface for Game of Thrones Season 4!

Two new deleted scenes have surfaced for the hit HBO show Game of Thrones and they are pretty interesting. The first scene should have made the cut (in my opinion) and gives fans a look at another side of Tyrion Lannister's bodyguard Bronn. He is seen giving Shae some very kind words after she was sent away by Tyrion. The second scene is a small conversation between Daenerys and Missandei after Ser Jorah has been sent away. (Notice a pattern?) You can enjoy the two clips below.

Source: YouTube - martin HOLTEN

Trailer for next week's Gotham gives fans a look at a young Joker!

The trailer for next week's all new Gotham caught many fans by surprise. It had been said that fans would get a glimpse of the villainous Joker by the end of Season 1 but most assumed that that would be in the finale. (I thought the same!) However, in next week's episode titled "The Blind Fortune Teller", fans get a look at a younger Crown Prince of Crime with his wide smile and evil laugh while being interrogated by Detective Gordon. The trailer also walks you through some of the main character villains that are in the show and then says, "Gotham's next villain is no joke." I think it's pretty clear who this young man will become (OR Gotham is pulling a real fast one on its fans with this trailer). Watch the trailer for next week's Gotham below.

Source: YouTube - Television Promos

Marvel and Sony officially announce that Spider-Man will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe! (4 films get new release dates!)


Late Monday night Marvel and Sony Pictures Entertainment officially announced that Spider-Man will be crossing over into the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

The agreement seems to be the best for both parties and absolutely amazing for Marvel fans everywhere.

Official announcement:
"Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios announced today that Sony is bringing Marvel into the amazing world of Spider-Man.   Under the deal, the new Spider-Man will first appear in a Marvel film from Marvel's Cinematic Universe (MCU). Sony Pictures will thereafter release the next installment of its $4 billion Spider-Man franchise, on July 28, 2017, in a film that will be co-produced by Kevin Feige and his expert team at Marvel and Amy Pascal, who oversaw the franchise launch for the studio 13 years ago. Together, they will collaborate on a new creative direction for the web slinger. Sony Pictures will continue to finance, distribute, own and have final creative co…

Epic Iron Man vs Thor vs Spider-Man stop motion fight sequence!

Check out this fantastic stop motion film that features an epic fight sequence between Iron Man and Thor! You'll also get a special appearance from Spider-Man! Who will wind up on top as the victor? Watch below and find out!

Source: YouTube - counter656

Find out what the velociraptors are really thinking in Jurassic World in How It Should Have Ended's newest video!

How it Should Have Ended has created a hilarious short parody video for Jurassic World that features Chris Pratt and his velociraptor friends that he is training. The video will show you what the velociraptors are really thinking and what they really wanted to do in that scene we saw in the recent Jurassic World Super Bowl trailer. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - How It Should Have Ended

The new HBO special "Game of Thrones Season 5: A Day in the Life" brings fans behind the scenes!

With the fifth season of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones approaching on April 12, 2015, HBO has released a fantastic new special titled "Game of Thrones Season 5: A Day in the Life". If you are not caught up with the books or show you should be warned that watching this special may show you a bit of spoilers.
"3 countries, hundreds of cast & crew, 1 epic day. Get an inside look at #GoTSeason5." This special really shows what it is like being on the set of the show and what goes into creating it. It's absolutely wonderful! This is the full 26 minute special. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - Game of Thrones

Teens react to Nintendo's Power Glove!

Nintendo gamers have fond memories of Nintendo's Power Glove that was released in 1989. That doesn't mean necessarily that the glove was good but you still had a fun trying to use it. The Fine Bros. have released another "Teenagers React" video and this time they got to use the Power Glove and try it out for the first time in their lives. The teens played two games; Bad Street Brawler (in the first video) and Rad Racer (in the second video). At the end of the second video the teens are shown the scene from the film The Wizard that featured the Power Glove being used to play Rad Racer and it is extremely funny. (But what a great-ish movie!) Enjoy the reaction video below!

Source: YouTube - TheFineBros
Source: YouTube - REACT

"Multiplicity 2: Game of Clones" - George R.R. Martin takes drastic measures to finish the Game of Thrones books!

In order to keep up with the demand of the Game of Thrones fans, finish his books, and keep up with the hit HBO show, George R.R. Martin decides it's time to clone himself to keep ahead of the game. Below you can watch the funny parody trailer for "Multiplicity 2: Game of Clones". Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - humordy

Funny fan film portrays what it's like paying money to get ahead in video games.

Modern video games have changed quite a lot since they first appeared. One of the biggest changes is that gamers can now pay actual money to get ahead of the curve early in a game. For those that want to progress at the game's normal level this can cause quite an imbalance. This funny video shows exactly what this looks like in game.

Source: YouTube - Video Bakery

3 fun facts you may not have known about Jurassic Park!

This short video takes you into Jurassic Park and reveals three very fascinating facts that you may not have known about the film. I was quite impressed with these facts. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - MovieBlast

I Miss You - A video about a Stormtrooper missing his far away cat.

When we are away from a loved one it can be very hard. This short video shows us a Stormtrooper from the Star Wars films missing his pet cat who is very far away and how he handles it.
"A movie about missing a loved one. And what you'll do to feel that you are close even though you are far far away"

Source: YouTube - Twistedspeedo - To The Rescue!