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RBS' Cosplay Closet - Katsucon music videos from Beat Down Boogie! [video]

Despite some nasty winter weather last weekend, brave convention goers made their way over to Maryland for Katsucon. Among the attendees was Beat Down Boogie who once again compiled some amazing convention footage into 2 beautiful cosplay music videos.

It looks like Katsucon was filled with some truly memorable cosplays this year. It's a shame that I could not attend this year but it is really cool to see so many people I know in these two videos. Amazing job everyone!

And the fun continues...

Source: YouTube - Beat Down Boogie

Mario Seinfeld - A Parody About Nothing! [video]

Take a look at this funny Seinfeld parody featuring Mario, Luigi, and Toad from Nintendo's Mario Bros. franchise. I used to watch Seinfeld and actually remember the episode that this is parodying so this was really funny to me. Hope you enjoy it as well!

Source: YouTube - EsquirebobAnimations

Amazing rock cover of Frozen's "Let It Go"! [video]

The covers of "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen continue to roll out and it is really impressive that they continue to be really good videos. Check out this great rock cover performed by Youtuber Nathan Smith. Well done!

Source: YouTube - NateWantsToBattle

Olympic Speed Skating Double Dash Final! A great Olympics / Mario Kart mash-up! [video]

It appears that the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi, Russia are getting another new event and this time it is "Speed Skating Double Dash"! You can watch the exciting final race below and see how the athletes took to the new rules and items that were usable during the race!

This is a really fun mash-up video that combines Olympic Speed Skating with the racing gameplay of Nintendo's Mario Kart! Watching the skaters use the item boxes is too funny! The video mixed with the new commentary make this video extremely funny and a must watch. Enjoy!

Did anyone else crack up when Daniel Greg stopped to eat one of the bananas?

You can also watch AT-ATs attack Olympic mogul skiers in a great Olympics / Star Wars crossover.

Source: YouTube - timtimfed

Long Island based Doctor Who convention, LI Who 2, announces Paul McGann as guest! [video]

The Long Island, NY based Doctor Who convention L.I. Who has just announced it's first guest and it is the convention's Doctor! The Doctor for L.I. Who 2 will be the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann! This is exciting news and I know a lot of fans out there will want to meet McGann. I've had the pleasure of meeting him in the past and he is incredibly nice and always a lot of fun to listen to during his panels.

L.I. Who 2 will be held on November 7-9, 2014. You can check out more information at the conventions main page L.I. Who and follow them on Facebook as well.

You can check out my article covering L.I. Who here and check out all my photos in my L.I. Who Flickr album.

Source: YouTube - LIDoctorWhoCon

The Ultimate Pop Culture ABCs brings together all your favorite iconic characters!

Over the last two weeks, artist Jeff Victor has been working on a list of Pop Culture ABCs and setting an iconic character for each letter. Seeing the progress of this project has been great! He has just finished the entire alphabet and has put them all together in one great image that lists the alphabet from Ariel to Zombies. Victor's art style is a lot of fun and a gives the character a unique style. I would recommend that you check out his other works in the source link at the bottom of this article for more amazing work from Victor. Check out the finished project "The Ultimate Pop Culture ABCs" below with a "cheat sheet" beneath the photo. See how many you can name before looking at the cheat sheet. Enjoy!

"Also, here's a "cheat sheet" for all the characters:
Cobra Commander
Doctor Who
Edward Scissorhands
Iron Man
Jason Vorhees
Mega Man
Optimus Prime

Leonard Nimoy hosts a fun Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi documentary in 1983! [video]

In the 1980's Leonard Nimoy hosted a children's television show on Nickelodeon called Standby: Lights! Camera! Action!. It was a fun show that took kids behind the scenes of movies and shows to show them how their favorite programs were made. In one particular episode Nemoy did a short documentary about George Lucas' Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. Within this seven and a half minute documentary there is some great footage that Star Wars fans will really enjoy. "Essentially it's a brief look at set construction, prop makers and costumers (including some nice bits with a baby-faced Phil Tippett), and watching it reminds you how truly special practical effects were and still are. For example, Jabba's ship, which took over 100 men and several months to build (in the middle of a desert, no less), would be created with computers these days. And it's the same for most of those aliens you see walking around in the background, too." The interestin…

New Game of Thrones featurette "Intensity of Iceland" takes you on location during the show's summer shoot! [video]

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the fourth season of HBO's Game of Thrones in the new featurette "Intensity of Iceland". You will get an inside look at the cast and crew shooting the series in Iceland during summer. In previous seasons the show has only shot in Iceland during the snow covered winter months. See what the cast thought about being in the beautiful location set during the summer months.

Game of Thrones Season 4 will premiere on April 6, 2014 at 9PM on HBO.

Source: YouTube - GameofThrones

LEGO machine solves Rubik's Cube in 3.6 seconds! [video]

Take a look at the "Cubestormer 3"! A machine built from LEGOs that can solve a Rubik's Cube in 3.6 seconds!   "It turns out that the Samsung Galaxy uses a special app to take pictures the Rubik’s Cube’s faces, then calculates the most efficient way to solve the puzzle.The phone then communicates with the software powering the Lego arms via Bluetooth, and sends it the solution. Boom!" Impressive!

Source: Us vs Them

Hasbro unveils great new Star Wars toys at Toy Fair NY! [video]

Earlier this week Toy Fair NY took over the Jacob Javits Center in New York City and unveiled and displayed some of the newest and unreleased toys that companies will be offering their customers in the near future. Inside the Magic was able to stop by the Hasbro showroom and get some great footage of upcoming Star Wars toys that are sure to excite a lot of fans out there. "In a special showroom at Toy Fair 2014, Hasbro unveiled upcoming additions to the Star Wars Black Series as well as Star Wars Rebels toys and a new line of small figures called Star Wars Command." I know I saw a few things in this video that I wouldn't mind saving up for. Let me know what you spot that is a must buy when it comes out!

Source: YouTube - Inside The Magic

New official poster for Guardians of the Galaxy!

Marvel has just released a new poster for Guardians of the Galaxy and it looks great. Making sure that the thing on everyone's lips are the Guardians, Marvel has been releasing a lot of great new information on the film and everything that I see gets me more excited for it! This new poster features the Guardians themselves (Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon).

Guardians of the Galaxy will hit theaters on August 1, 2014.
*Click image to enlarge.

Source: MTV

The Doctor from Doctor Who gets a Facebook "Look Back" video!

With Facebook turning 10 years old and releasing the popular "Look Back" videos, a dedicated Doctor Who fan created a video for our favorite Time Lord, the Doctor. Sit back and enjoy a look back on the Doctor's time on Facebook.

Source: YouTube - smallerpictures

New cast for the Fantastic Four reboot is announced!

Miles Teller (Spectacular Now), is tapped to play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
Read more at 20th Century Fox and director Josh Trank have just unveiled the new batch of stars that will become the Fantastic Four in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot! The cast is not what most fans would have been expecting but let's take a look at who will make up the team.

Actor Miles Teller (Spectacular Now) will be stepping up as the leader of the team, Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic. Actress Kate Mara (House of Cards) will be the beautiful Sue Storm / Invisible Woman. Playing Mara's brother, Johnny Storm / Human Torch, will be Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle). Finally, rounding out the team will be actor Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, The Adventures of Tintin) as Ben Grimm / The Thing.
Kate Mara (House of Cards), Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle), and Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, The Adventures of Tintin) …

New photo of Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is released and gives fans their best look at the character!

A new photo has been released that gives Spider-Man fans their best look at the Green Goblin, Dane DeHaan) in the upcoming film The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The photo features Green Goblin attacking Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield). Green Goblin definitely has an interesting look in this film and is clearly driven mad. It'll be interesting to see how the character gets to this point in the film. So now that you have a clear image of him, what do you think of the new Green Goblin?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will swing into theaters on May 2, 2014.
*Click image to enlarge.

Source: Digital Trends

New record set in Super Mario Bros. for the lowest score! Watch the 500 point run! [video]

Gamers are always looking to set new scores and faster times and YouTuber "Not Entirely Sure" just set the record for the lowest score on a single run of the classic Nintendo game Super Mario Bros.. A few years ago he was able to complete the game with the incredibly low score of just 600 points. Well now he has beaten that and set the new record at just 500 points! This run took just under 9 minutes which is incredible in itself. "Well, I did it. This is THE lowest possible score you can finish the game with (without continuing). And surprisingly, it didn't take very long at all. Sadly, it's not deathless, as I miss my first attempt at the 8-1 wall jump. Getting 500 points without dying would have been nice, but that jump is so brutally precise I'd rather not restart every time I missed it (though I would have to restart anyway if I accidentally picked up a coin). How tough is that jump in 8-1? Well, the timing of the liftoff, the duration of holding the ju…

Meet two new characters from Star Wars Rebels! Ezra and Sabine! [video]

Disney and Lucas Film have been doing a great job revealing new characters for the upcoming show Star Wars Rebels and fans can now meet two more! The two new characters that have been released are Ezra, the show's main character, and Sabine, a key member of the Ghost crew.

First let's take a look at Ezra. He's a 14 year old con artist who loves to stick it to the Empire any way he can. Viewers of the show will watch the rebellion rise through the eyes of Ezra. Taylor Gray, the voice actor for Ezra, says that, "He's very street-smart, he's a pickpocket, he's a little thief. But he's doing it all because he needs to survive." It appears as though everything will change for Ezra when he meets and is taken in by the crew of the Ghost, the main group's ship in the show. Executive producer Greg Weisman says, "His eyes get opened to the fact that there are people who care, who are trying to fight the good fight. And he becomes one of them."

Tom Beaker - a fantastic Doctor Who / The Muppets mash-up!

The Doctor Who universe has once again collided with The Muppets universe with this fantastic creation from Reddit user "x2501x". Take a look at this fun piece of art that features the muppet Beaker as the legendary Fourth Doctor who was played by actor Tom Baker. Mix the two together and you get the Doctor as played by Tom Beaker! Keep an eye out as the creator is looking for this image to soon appear on shirts.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

New Godzilla poster shows off the monster's massive size!

Warner Bros. has just revealed the newest poster for the upcoming Godzilla film and it is quite intimidating! Godzilla has always been known for being quite big but this time around Godzilla will be absolutely massive. If this is its real size in the film, they just added an interesting element to the Godzilla mythos that will be really fun to see dealt with on screen. How do you feel about Godzilla's new massive size?
Godzilla will smash it's way into theaters on May 16, 2014.

*Click image to enlarge.

Source: Yahoo Movies

Hear Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon in this new featurette for Guardians of the Galaxy! [video]

Fans are still talking about the recently released trailer for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy but the one character that was not heard talking in the trailer was Rocket Raccoon. Actor Bradley Cooper will be voicing the character in the film and fans can for the first time see him lend his voice to the character in this new featurette for the film.
"Rocket speaks for the very first time as Bradley Cooper lends his voice to the tiny titan in a new look at Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy," in theaters August 1!"

Source: YouTube - Marvel Entertainment

Disney Princesses as characters from Game of Thrones!

Artist Sam Tsui has cleverly brought the World of Disney and Westeros (the world from the hit novel and HBO show Game of Thrones) together in a fantastic art series called "The Wonderful World of Westeros". He has taken some of Disney's most famous princesses and female characters and turned them into the female inhabitants of Westeros. "This was a silly idea I had a little while back and so became a little pet project of mine - both the world of Disney Princesses and Game of Thrones have become so culturally pervasive, and feature such a diverse cast of ladies, it seemed crazy to me that this hadn't yet been done!!" I think they came out great and look forward to seeing what else Tsui will create. *click images to enlarge.

See all the Disney Princesses as Game of Thrones characters inside the full article! 

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Vanilla Ice remind us that turtles know how to get down! Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go! [video]

Its hard to believe that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secrets of the Ooze is already 23 years old. I remember seeing the film in the theaters and going crazy for it. Well, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese has gotten the gang back to together in this incredibly funny commercial featuring Vanilla Ice himself, Rob Van Winkle. Promoting the new Ninja Turtles macaroni and cheese boxes Rob Van Winkle gets down singing the classic turtle anthem "Ninja Rap"!

I pretty much cracked up throughout this whole commercial simply because the mom in the commercial acts just like I would. And I too wouldn't care what my son thought. I'd break it down ninja style!

Source: YouTube - kraftmacncheese

First ever photograph of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan from Doctor Who together is shared by Gillan herself!

Doctor Who fans, it has been four years since we first saw Matt Smith and Karen Gillan together for the first time in an official photograph shared by the BBC as their characters The Doctor and Amy Pond. Actress Karen Gillan, who played Amy Pond, tweeted the memory yesterday and then shared a previously unseen photo of her and Matt Smith together. The very interesting thing about the photo is that it is the real first ever photograph of the pair of them together on set during their costume tests. 

What do you think of this picture? Does it make you wish there were a few more adventures to be seen between these two?

Source: Twitter - Karen Gillan

Street Fighter's Ryu tries explaining his battle cries in the new Pete Holmes sketch. [video]

Comedian Pete Holmes is back with a new comedy sketch that features Ryu from the hit video game franchise Street Fighter. The video stars Holmes himself as well as Mark-Paul Gosselaar as the street Fighter character Ryu. In the sketch Ryu must get his battle cries approved for use in the upcoming televised tournament. This new series of video is titled “Street Fighter Red Tape” and look like they will be just as great as Pete Holmes' "Ex-Men" videos. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - Pete Holmes

The Simpsons will feature an all LEGO episode!

It has just been announced that the hit cartoon The Simpsons will feature an all LEGO episode! (This announcement is perfectly timed with the recently announced The Simpsons LEGO toy set.) The episode will be titled "Brick Like Me" and will be the show's 550th episode. It will air on Sunday, May 4, 2014 and will undoubtedly get viewers to their televisions. "In the special episode, Homer wakes up in a world where his family and everyone in Springfield are made of LEGOs. He then must “put together” how he got there and somehow figure out how to get home." It may be a gimmick episode but who doesn't love LEGOs? With the LEGO video games doing so well and the LEGO Movie being a hit, it was only a matter of time before we saw LEGO take over our television shows too. Are you excited at the idea of a LEGO episode of The Simpsons? Source: TV Line

First great trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy shows a new side to Marvel! [video]

The first trailer for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy debuted last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. For many Marvel fans out there this could be their first experience with the Guardians and they could be slightly caught off guard with the new tone and feeling that this movie will have. The Guardians of the Galaxy won't be the stereotypical "hero" film like we have seen with previous Marvel films. In fact, in this trailer we are introduced to the team as convicts who have just been arrested. Fans will also see a different style of humor come into play in this film.

I think this was a fantastic trailer and that this film will be a total success. It looks like director James Gunn did an amazing job here. Rocket Raccoon looks perfect and his bodyguard counterpart, Groot, looks equally great. Fans also get their first glimpses of actress Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) as the villain Nebula. It was a shock to everyone when Gillan shaved her head for the role, but I think they nail…

Superheroes like costumes as much as civilians do!

It seems that civilians aren't the only ones who like to dress up in costumes. Check out this great comic from artist Mike Maihack that features Batgirl and a costume loving Supergirl.

Source: Deviant Art - mikemaihack

Watch the video game trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark! [video]

A new Transformers video game is being released and appears that it will be a companion story to the upcoming film Transformers: Age of Extinction. The game will be titled Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark and will launch on all major consoles (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One this June). The trailer looks pretty cool and one fun aspect to the game is that you can save earth as an Autobot or destroy it as a Decepticon. Which side will you choose to ally with?

Source: YouTube - IGN

A Geeky Guide to Magical Rings!

Rings have been at the center of attention of geeks for a long time and its becoming more apparent as the geek culture takes center stage in today's media. The folks over at Custom Made (in partnership with Ghergich & Co.) have created a fantastic infographic that takes a look at some of the more popular "geek rings" in media. The infographic is titled "A Geeky Guide to Magical Rings" and explores the origins, appearance, the powers of each ring, and states book/movie/comic that the ring is from.

This infographic is amazingly well made and really makes you look at how many characters out there have magical rings. Is there a favorite magical ring of yours that didn't make this list? Let me know what it is in the comments!
*Click images to enlarge. Open in new window for largest view.

Source: Custom Made

Star Wars Rebels reveals another new character - Zeb! [video]

A new character video has been released for the upcoming Star Wars show Star Wars Rebels! The new character will be a new species of alien and is named Zeb. The character of Zeb will be voiced by Steve Blum and will be the "muscle" of the show's main group. While talking to IGN, Blum shared his thoughts on the character and his casting.
""I think I actually screamed when I was booked to play Zeb. It is literally a role of a lifetime. I've been lucky enough to play some major superhero roles in my career, but to be given the chance to play a new character in a Star Wars series? Brain explosion. As if working on a Star Wars series - in any capacity - wasn't enough to cause a grown man to squee, Zeb challenges every acting skill in my arsenal and beyond. His character design is amazing. I get to vocally take on ape-like physical power and abilities, a wicked sense of humor, intelligence and integrity, and so much more that I can't yet reveal. The a…

New comic convention coming to New York City - "Special Edition: NYC"!

It was announced today through Comic Book Resources that ReedPOP, the producers of C2E2 and New York Comic Con, will be bringing a brand new comic convention to New York City this summer! This new convention will be just two days, June 14-15th, and will be called "Special Edition: NYC". Lance Fensterman, ReedPOP Vice President, is stating that unlike New York Comic Con, this convention will be purely focused on comics.
"It's really about creators, artists, dealers and some publishers," Fensterman told CBR. "We're trying to keep it really pure to comics, [with] a little bit of kind of an indie bent to it. Just something for that pure comic fan, and something for the creator community." This new convention will be held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City and will be held in the North Wing where the Artist's Alley is usually held during New York Comic Con. Programming will also be held in a few panel rooms in the Javits Center. Accord…

Two promotional trailers get released for Star Wars Rebels! [video]

Disney and Lucasfilm have just released the first two promotional trailers for their upcoming Star Wars television show Star Wars Rebels! Taking place between Episodes III and IV, Star Wars Rebels will show fans how the Empire seized control of the galaxy and how the rebellion was born. These two promotional trailers focus on the character Ezra, who is voiced by Taylor Gray. Watch closely to get a glimpse of a few other characters that we'll see in the show such as Kanan (the "cowboy" Jedi) and Chopper, the quirky astromech droid about The Ghost.

Star Wars Rebels will premiere on the Disney channel this summer with a tv movie and then will return with the series this Fall on Disney XD.

Source: YouTube - Star Wars

New intense trailer released for Game of Thrones - Season 4! [video]

HBO has just released a new trailer for the fourth season of the hit television show Game of Thrones. This new trailer shows off a lot of new great footage and definitely sets the tone for the new season. Will you be tuning in to find out what happens to your favorite inhabitants of Westeros?

Game of Thrones Season 4 will premiere on April 6, 2014 at 9PM EST on HBO.

Source: YouTube - GameOfThrones

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Cat. [video]

Check out this cute little video that shows you what it would be like if an ordinary house cat had Wolverine's adamantium claws and tried to catch a fly around the house!

Source: YouTube - kaipotainment

Ash and Misty rap about their Pokemon in the rap song "Pokeballer". [video]

Ash and Misty from the hit video game series Pokemon show off their rapping skills in this new video from "The Second City Network". This new video is titled "Pokeballer" and is pretty catchy. Watch as the two rap about what great trainers they are and how they are true "pokeballers". Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - TheSecondCityNetwork

The Legend of Korra - Book 3: Change teaser trailer airs in the Netherlands! [video]

Exciting news Korra fans! A new promotional trailer has just aired in the Netherlands for The Legend of Korra - Book 3: Change. The trailer is quite brief at only 14 seconds long but it is packed with some great new footage that fans will undoubtedly love. The footage of the trailer is a bit grainy but this copy seems to be the only copy around at the moment. If a better quality video pops up I'll be sure to update the video file in this article for you.


Let's take a closer look at what we just watched. Much of this trailer focuses on Korra herself, which isn't a bad thing. The interesting thing is who Korra is interacting/fighting with. At several points you witness Korra fighting with members of the White Lotus and soldiers from the Earth Kingdom. Next we see a shot of a shirtless Tenzin airbending and looking completely badass as well as a shot of Korra, Tenzin, Genora, Bumi, Bolin, and possibly Mako standing on the steps of an airship. Could Asami be providing a…