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Princess Zelda tells the story of her life in a new Draw My Life! [video]

Michinima has presented us another amazing "Draw My Life" and this time it features the elegant Princess Zelda from the The Legend of Zelda video game franchise! The video is well drawn and very well thought out. Fans may be quick to say that the video is not 100% accurate but then again the video is connecting several games throughout the franchise as though the princess in them are all the same person instead of a line of incarnations. So lets look beyond that. Its a fun video!!

Watch as Princess Zelda tell the story of her life in this all new "Draw My Life". Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - Machinima

Another member of the Batman family dies!

Recently, DC had killed off Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne's son, who was the current Robin. The event had been known prior to the comic hitting the stands but fans were still shocked when they finally got the book in the hands and got to read it for themselves.

It seems however that DC was not done killing off members of the Batman family. Unknown to fans until the comic hit the stands, another member of the Batman family was killed off in a manner that is undoubtedly gruesome. The death occurred in Justice League of America #4

*SPOILERS inside the full article*

Monsters University releases another great and funny trailer! [video]

Disney and Pixar have released another great trailer for Monsters University and it has me laughing! The more I see of this film, the better it looks and the more excited I get. This trailer is filled with a lot of new footage and will surely excite fans of the franchise. Are you excited for this movie to be released?

Monsters University will scare theaters on June 21, 2013.

Source: YouTube - DisneyPixar

The Doctor Puppet releases Episode 3 of his Doctor Who adventure! [video]

The Doctor Puppet returns in an all new adventure! This great puppet is modeled after the Doctor from Doctor Who and currently resides in New York City.

This is episode 3 of this particular story so if you have missed episodes 1 and 2 be sure to check them out! The third episode is titled "The Doctor in the Garden" and has the Doctor Puppet returning to his own past to make sure that it is safe. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - HelloDoctorPuppet

How Iron Man 3 should have ended! [video]

How It Should Have Ended has just released their newest video and this time they take aim at Iron Man 3. They have done a fantastic job with this video and really pointed out some great moments in the movie. I laughed throughout this whole video. Enjoy!

"Sayeth whaaaaaaaatttt?!" -Thor

Source: YouTube - HISHEdotcom

Deadpool visits Marvel headquarters in search of a job! [video]

In anticipation of the new Deadpool video game coming out, Marvel has released a funny promo video in which Deadpool visits the Marvel headquarters in New York City in search of a job. The result is a lot of fun and in true Deadpool style, very funny.  "Deadpool takes some time off from making his first video game to visit Marvel HQ! His first stop? The Vice President of Human Resources." Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - Marvel Entertainment

New trailer for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters! [video]

A brand-new trailer for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters has just been released and it gives fans a great look at the new film as well as actor Nathan Fillion as the Greek god Hermes! This sequel will follow Percy Jackson as he embarks on a journey into the Sea of Monsters, which is commonly known as the Bermuda Triangle. 
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters hits theaters on August 7,2013.

Source: YouTube - Deadline Hollywood

RBS' Cosplay Closet - London Comic Con 2013! [video compilation]

Today's trip into the Cosplay Closet transports us across the "pond" to London, England for London Comic Con that took place on May 24-26th. This video from Sneaky Zebra definitely shows the world what the English cosplay scene is all about and it looks intense. There are so many amazing cosplays within this video but I would like to make special note of the Jack Nicholson "Joker" at the 2:10 mark. WOW. 

Source: YouTube - sneakyzebra

Sonic Lost World - debut trailer! [video]

Sonic is back! The debut trailer for Sonic Lost World gives fans their first look at the game, the new enemies, and most importantly some great gameplay footage. Sonic will be discovering a new lost world in this Nintendo Wii U and 3DS exclusive. Sonic games in the last few years haven't done that well, so I am hoping that this is the game that changes that. Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think!

Source: YouTube - IGN

Doctor Who Season 7 finale prequel is released - Clarence and the Whispermen! [video]

I can't speak for the timing but the BBC has released a prequel episode to the Season 7 finale of Doctor Who! Titled "Clarence and the Whispermen", this prequel sure does make the beginning of the finale easier to understand, however it would have been nice if this was released before the finale!!

Source: YouTube - doctorwhotvvideos

Superman delivers "the ultimate nutshot"! [video]

Ever have one of those days where you just want to wind up and kick someone right in the balls? Of course you have! Everyone has! Including Superman! Now, normally Superman is able to control himself and holds back the urge. But what would happen if one day he just got fed up? Take a look at this funny video and find it! "After far too many warnings, Superman decides to make the ultimate example out of a serial killer." Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - freddiew

Lindsey Stirling and William Joseph perform their Halo medley - Firefight! [video]

Lindsey Sterling has just put out another great video and this time she teamed up with William Joseph to create a Halo Medley video! With Lindsey on her violin and William on the piano, these two take to the battle grounds of the Halo video game series while a full scale war wages on around them. Some of the special effects could be a little better but all the same this video is top notch and the piece of music that was composed is beautiful. Great job!

Source: YouTube - devinsupertramp

Watch Iron Man stylized as an 8-bit Mega Man game! [video]

Why watch Iron Man the normal way when you can watch it styled after an 8-bit Mega Man video game? That's right! The folks over at CineFix have created a short video where you can watch the entire original Iron Man film in just over a minute stylized as an 8-bit Mega Man game. I'd love to see these guys do other comic movies as well!

Source: YouTube - CineFix

Building Sora's Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts! [video]

Tony Swatton, sword master and renowned prop master, has just stepped into the world of Disney and built the famous keyblade that Sora uses in the hit franchise Kingdom Hearts. The cool thing about this particular build is that in the games the keyblade doesn't actually have a bladed edge but since Swatton is a weapon maker, he makes sure to tweak the design just a little in order to put a bladed edge onto it and it looks great.

Source: YouTube - AweMeChannel