Friday, December 19, 2014

Man At Arms: Reforged creates Sauron's mace from The Lord of the Rings!

The master prop and weapon makers at Man At Arms dove into The Lord of the Rings this week as they forged Sauron's mace! It's a fun experience to watch these weapons be created but it is a true delight to see them used in action and this mace looks deadly!

What geek weapons would you love to see be forged?

Source: YouTube - AWE me

The cast and crew of Star Wars: The Force Awakens thanks its fans for their donations to Star Wars: Force For Change!

Director J.J. Abrams has released a new video of the cast and crew of Star Wars: The Force Awakens saying thank you to its many fans for donating to UNICEF Innovation Labs and Programs during the "Star Wars: Force For Change" fundraiser. The fundraiser rose a incredibly impressive $4.26 million for the charity! Way to go everyone!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will open in theaters on December 18, 2015.

Source: YouTube - Omaze

Guardians of the Galaxy remix video will have fans dancing in their seats.

Take a look at this awesome Guardians of the Galaxy remix music video that uses clips and sound samples from the film. Created by Eclectic Method, this remix is a lot of fun to listen to and watch! Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - Eclectic Method

Amazing 2014 Christmas light show set to a medley of Star Wars songs!

Check out this amazing Christmas light show that is synced to a medley of Star Wars songs. This 5 minute video is extremely worth watching no matter what holiday you happen to celebrate. To the creators of this show, amazing job!
"Here's my tribute to my favorite songs on Star Wars! The display has been featured on ABC's The Great Christmas Light Fight and twice on ABC's Good Morning America. I sequenced the show using LOR, mixed the music/sound effects with Digital Performer, and filmed it using a 35' lift :) This is now my second year decorating. I built all the props using wood, metal, acrylic and corrugated plastic. I am a music/teacher director for a living (COVA Conservatory in Oakland and Centerville Presbyterian Church in Fremont), hence the massive instruments! If you look closely (especially during the Cantina song) the instruments are playing the real notes! The beams can be seen for miles but I went out of my way to avoid shining the beams on houses and flight paths. The neighbors are very supportive especially since I use the display to raise money for the poor and homeless through my church. The guitar is 17', the piano is 19' and the drums are standard. About 12,500 channels running around 100,000 lights. Also, Come by and see it in person on the corner of Lafayette and Ruschin in Newark most nights from 6-10pm. Because of the light beams on the roof, I turn off the display in heavy rain. Fair use for educational purposes. Merry Christmas everyone!"

(Among many other things, I love the little singing faces.)

Source: YouTube - Tom BetGeorge

The Lord of the Rings mythology explained in an amazing 4 minute video!

If you are a The Lord of the Rings fans or are just starting to get into the books thanks to the films, then this video will surely help you out. This amazing video breaks down the details of the complex mythology within the fantasy realm of Middle Earth in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (as well as a few other novels). Much of the details in this 4 minute video come from The Silmarillion which is another Tolkien book set in Middle Earth. This video covers an immense about of information on characters, the wizards of Middle Earth, as well as the various races within Middle Earth. Seriously, as a fan of the series, I cannot stress how amazing this video is. Watch and enjoy!

Source: YouTube - CGP Grey

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Get a first look at Spider-Woman's all new costume for Marvel comics!

It took 37 years but Marvel's Spider-Woman has finally gotten a new costume! Since her debut in 1977, Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, has been wearing the same iconic suit to fight crime but that is all about to change.

Spider-Woman has been quite busy lately and her stories have taken her all over the Marvel universe.
"In recent years, she's led a notably insane life, even for a Marvel superhero — Secret Invasion revealed that she'd been replaced for years by a shape-shifting alien Skrull, she's gone through a number of crazy superspy missions, Infinity threw her and the rest of the Avengers into an intergalactic battle to save Earth, and in Spider-Verse, the character's been tasked with keeping various newbies safe in the middle of a conflict involving several parallel universes."

Now that's a busy life. I would say after all that that Spider-Woman deserves a new costume. What fans might not expect is where the new suit is debuting. You can get your first glimpse of the new suit in the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game (that is a lot of fun and you should check out) before it hits the Spider-Woman comics in March. Instead of keeping the full body spandex, Jessica Drew will now be sporting a more modern look that keeps her Spider-Woman presence in tact. The outfit is comprised of a lot more leather, black pants, two-toned gloves and a jacket that can transform from hip street wear to superhero gear in a moments notice.
"As much as I'm a fan of spandex and it has its time and place, I felt Jess as a character could move away from that for a good long while," says Spider-Woman editor Nick Lowe.
"Spider-Man isn't really a detective — he swings around looking for trouble, whereas Jess needs to go and figure stuff out and dig things up, and you can't really do that head to toe in spandex very well," Lowe says.
"To operate on the level she wants to, she needs something that can pass for semi-normal and she can turn it on to crazy if she needs to."
This make-over is similar to the one that DC's Batgirl recently received and like Batgirl's I absolutely love it. I think this look is perfect for Spider-Woman and a wonderful modern update from her original look. How do you feel about Spider-Woman's new look? Think it is a good update or should they have went with something closer to the original?

Spider-Woman's old suit (Left) and new suit (Right).

Source: USA Today

Tom Cavanagh discusses his character Dr. Harrison Wells from The Flash in this new episode of "Chasing Lightning".

"Everyone has secrets. The Flash's Tom Cavanagh talks the mysteries behind Dr. Harrison Wells in this edition of Chasing Lightning!"

We learned a lot more about Tom Cavanagh's character Dr. Harrison Wells in the season finale of The Flash but fans shouldn't jump to conclusions to quick. In this new episode of "Chasing Lightning", Cavanagh talks about his role on the show and what might be in store for Dr. Harrison Wells.

Source: YouTube - The CW Television Network

New Marvel poster has Agent Carter taking aim!

Marvel has released an all new poster for their upcoming television series Agent Carter that has actress Hayley Atwell posing and taking aim as Agent Peggy Carter. This new show will be a mini series event that if successful will most likely launch into a full show.

Agent Carter will premiere on January 6, 2015 on ABC at 8pm ET.
*Open image in a new window for the largest view.

Source: Marvel

Watch this Hyundai Veloster be transformed into a Boba Fett dream ride!

Take a look as this Hyundai Veloster is transformed from a normal looking car into something that the galaxy's most badass bounty hunter would be proud of driving. With digitally designed graphics printed on vinyl, this car is turned into a Boba Fett style dream ride.

I know that a lot of Star Wars fans out there, especially me, would love to drive this car around.

Source: YouTube - Joshua Knuth

Chris Pratt and a velociraptor featured in a new Jurassic World photo!

Director Colin Trevorrow tweeted Happy Holidays to his fans by showing them a new photo of actor Chris Pratt and a velociraptor from the upcoming film Jurassic World. I'd love to have a velociraptor as a friend!

Source: Twitter - Colin Trevorrow

J.K. Rowling reveals her favorite Harry Potter quote!

When reading a book we inevitably come across one line that stands out as our favorite quote from that particular book. In the Harry Potter series there are many fantastic quotes but one fan, a teacher from Northern Ireland, asked Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling what her favorite quote was. Rowling responded with a truly great one.

This quote is one of the greats from the series. If I was to pick one myself it would come from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The passage is:
"It's going to be all right, sir," Harry said over and over again, more worried by Dumbledore's silence than he had been by his weakened voice. "We're nearly there ... I can Apparate us both back ... don't worry ..."
"I am not worried, Harry," said Dumbledore, his voice a little stronger despite the freezing water. "I am with you."
- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
My favorite quote being, ""I am not worried, Harry, I am with you."" I've always loved how this line summed up Dumbledore and Harry's relationship.

What is your favorite, or one of your favorites, Harry Potter quote?

Source: Twitter - J.K. Rowling

Super Fan Builds - The Lord of the Rings cat litter box and scratching post!

Take a look at this absolutely amazing geek creation that turned one Tolkien fans' passion into a wonderland for his two pet cats "Sam" and "Frodo". A team of prop makers created a Hobbit-hole Bag End kitty litter box and an Eye of Sauron cat scratching post! They look incredible and I'd love to have this for my future cats as well!
"Every other week, some of Hollywood's top prop makers build one-of-a-kind items for super-fans of comic books, video games, movies, and pop culture. In celebration of the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. this week, we're turning the Hobbit-hole Bag End into a kitty litter box and the Eye of Sauron into a cat scratching post!"

Source: YouTube - AWE me

The Lord Of The Rings: Let it Go parody by The Hillywood Show.

In honor of the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, here is one more parody of Disney's Frozen's "Let It Go". This new parody comes from the very talented sisters at The Hillywood Show and is centered in the world of The Lord of the Rings. As always, the video is extremely well done and even though we have seen countless "Let It Go" parodies, the original lyrics of this song keep you interested to see what will be said next. Well done!
"Middle-Earth has Frozen over in The Lord Of The Rings: Let it Go Parody by The Hillywood Show®! Follow the hobbits, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee, on their journey to destroy The One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom. Through the eyes of Samwise the brave, The Hillywood Show® brings you a magical tribute to Peter Jackson's memorable trilogy in an unforgettable, precious way. Once it's taken a hold of you, you'll never want to let it go. This is One Parody to rule them all."

Source: YouTube - The Hillywood Show