Friday, July 3, 2015

New Ant-Man featurette tells you who Ant-Man is and shows off new footage.

Marvel has released a new featurette for their film Ant-Man that focuses on who Ant-Man is what his abilities are.

Top 10 weirdest Batman: Arkham Knight glitches.

The PC edition of Batman: Arkham Knight may have been taken down due to not being ready but some fans were able to get some videos of the glitches found in the game before it was pulled.

Cosplay Closet - HeroesCon 2015 cosplay music video!

Heroes Con took place in Charlette, North Carolina the weekend of June 19, 2015 and cosplayers definitely stepped up and brought some amazing costumes.

Hilarious cartoon parody trailer for Jurassic World fills the film with great jokes.

If you enjoyed Jurassic World then you'll definitely enjoy this "Toon Sandwich" parody trailer by ArtSpear Entertainment that lets the jokes fly in an extended trailer.

New Terminator Genisys IMAX featurette talks about the franchise's legacy.

Sit down with the Terminator Genisys cast, Jai Courtney, Emilia Clarke, and Jason Clarke, and director Alan Taylor as they talk about the new film and it's place in the iconic film franchise.

Funny College Humor video presents Pixar’s next 7 (incredibly sad) films!

Pixar's new film Inside Out has been a big hit at the box office and fans everywhere are highly recommending it to everyone they know. Since fans can't wait for the next Pixar film College Humor has released a new video sharing previews of the next 7 Pixar films that will be released.
*Video contains some NSFW language.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Amazing Spider-Man gets a new look and car in the "All New. All Different." Marvel Comics this Fall in The Amazing Spider-Man #1!

Move over, Tony Stark. The "All New. All Different" Peter Parker is the new global millionaire industrialist for Marvel Comics. This October the Amazing Spider-Man will return with an all new life style, all new costume, and an all new Spider-Mobile! Find out all the details and see great photos inside the full article!

Entertainment Weekly released 5 new photos from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and an amazing new cover!


Entertainment Weekly has graciously treated fans to some very exciting and new photos from the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! Above you can see the amazing magazine cover featuring the trinity; Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman!

Inside the full article you can see five more photos including one of Lex Luthor!

New Ant-Man clip shows Hank Pym teaching Scott Lang that the suit has power!

Marvel has released another brand new clip for the upcoming film Ant-Man and it features Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) teaching Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) how to use the Ant-Man suit.

Man at Arms: Reforged creates the Soul Reaver Sword from Legacy of Kain!

Baltimore Knife and Sword are back with an all new Man at Arms: Reforged! This week they create the Soul Reaver Sword from Legacy of Kain!

Deadpool is looking for action in the newest official photo from the film!

A brand new photo of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool has surfaced thanks to Entertainment Weekly and it only makes you realize how amazing Deadpool is going to be.

The new photo shows off Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth wielding two guns and looking absolutely amazing. The article from Entertainment Weekly also confirms that the film will be a "hard R" rating. The film's producer Simon Kinberg states,

"“It’s graphic. Nothing is taboo. You either commit to a truly outrageous boundary-pushing kind of movie or you don’t.”"
That is exactly what fans want to hear. I cannot wait to see more of this film.

Deadpool will be in theaters on February 12, 2016.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Funny video shows Alfred trying to convince Batman to get rid of the bats from the Batcave.

"Flying rodents aren't a good idea for your secret billionaire cave."

Dorkly released a humorous video in which Batman's butler Alfred tries to convince him that he should get rid of all the bats that hang out the Batcave. He gives some pretty convincing reasons that will make you laugh. This all leads to Batman having to make a choice that put him in a weird spot with Commission Gordon. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - Dorkly

Paul Rudd "farts" through an entire hilarious Ant-Man interview.

If there is one way to get through a long day of press interviews its to make things light and get yourself and the interviewer laughing and having fun. Actor Paul Rudd took this route when doing an interview for Marvel's Ant-Man where he decided to make fart noises throughout the entire interview.

I feel bad for that poor interviewer but she has one great story to tell people now. She didn't get much of an interview done with the actor but the resulting interview was absolutely hilarious. Maybe they really will get "better chairs" now so that others won't rub across them to recreate this great moment in interview history.

Source: YouTube - Clevver Movies