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Anne Hathaway Suits Up As Catwoman

Anne Hathaway has finally suited up as Catwoman for the upcoming movie The Dark Knight Rises but it is unlike anything fans had expected. This first official image of Catwoman riding the Batpod is anything but stellar. The fact that she is mostly hidden makes this an awful first official photo but you can still see enough to understand what she is wearing. Still, I hate this first photo. The second picture is a set photo which gives us a much better look. We know that this new Batman franchise is trying to go the more realistic route when it comes to its characters' wardrobes but is this too much of a change? It looks alright but perhaps it just looks weird without some kind of a headpiece or mask? Maybe Hathaway will be slipping into another suit or mask towards the end of the movie. You never know. It's too early to really pass judgment but I would like to see her in the suit and off of the Batpod. I think the best thing about her suit so far is the belt with the pouches. I …

2nd Trailer For 'Doctor Who' Season 6.5

I guess the BBC does not want Doctor Who fans to forget that the Doctor is out there because in the wake of the last trailer for the second half of Season 6 they have released another!
I'll take a close look at both trailers in an upcoming post but for now enjoy the new one!

Henry Cavill Suits Up As The 'Man Of Steel'

Warner Bros. has released the first official image of Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, Superman. The photo features Superman in front of a steel vault and we get a pretty good look at his new suit. Overall, it is a great first photo.

The suit is pretty traditional with no big noticeable changes and looks better than versions we have seen recently. On first glance you can see that they are going with the longer cape which looks great (but maybe too long?), the 'S' shield on his chest seems a little bigger and the boots look fantastic. One thing we cannot tell from this picture is if Superman will be wearing the traditional red trunks over his pants. The surprising thing here is that superheroes must be going to the same tailor as the material for this new suit looks remarkably like that of many other superheroes to put on new suits recently. Henry Cavill still has some work to do as this photo does not win me over for him. He just appears to have a different feel than I am use…

Link 1 Ups The Doctor

The last of the Timelords may be able to regenerate but he'll never have more hearts than our favorite Hylian.
Source: Deviant Art - Pirpintine

Harry Potter meets Master Chief

Mixing the world of Harry Potter and Halo, this video is short and sweet and will definitely have you laugh out loud.