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'Black Ops' Venom Host Revealed!

Marvel held a "Next Big Thing" press conference call this afternoon in order to talk a little about what is happening with the 'Venom' ongoing series that should be debuting this March. Marvel's Senior Editor Stephen Wacker let it slip that the new host will be Flash Thompson. Flash will official bond with the symbiote in February's Amazing Spider-Man #654.1 where Venom will begin working black-ops missions for the military. Yes, you read that right.

After the Amazing Spider-Man series One More Day, Flash had rejoined the Army and fought in Iraq where he was injured rescuing his C.O. and had to have his legs amputated from the knees down and receive prosthetics. Wacker and Rick Remender (writer) also revealed some other interesting information that was reported on by Comic Book Resources. Some of the bigger points included:
Flash will have to keep his temper in check or the symbiote may take over him."The suit will need to be removed after a certain time…

Inflate! Exterminate!

This June Daleks will once again try to take over the Earth but this time they have enlisted the help of Earth's children. Forbidden Planet is releasing an inflatable Dalek Drone (red) and Dalek Strategist (blue) that will be sold for £199.99 ($319). The site description says, "This astounding 'ride in' Dalek stands over 50" tall and arrives complete with 360 degree movement, 10 sounds 'n phrases, lights inside the sitting unit plus comes with 6v rechargeable battery."

The child will literally become a Dalek as he/she takes the place of the Dalek mutant inside the armored casing as he/she sits inside the inflatable device. This may be recommended for ages 3-6 but if I can fit then sign me up to be a Dalek!

Jackson Hospitalized - Hobbit Delayed

Originally reported by, Sir Peter Jackson was hospitalized late Wednesday night, January 26th, due to a stomach ulcer.

From Hobbit publicist : “Sir Peter Jackson was admitted to Wellington Hospital on Wednesday night with acute stomach pains. He subsequently underwent surgery for a perforated ulcer. Sir Peter is currently resting comfortably and his doctors expect him to make a full recovery. Sir Peter’s surgery is not expected to impact on his directing commitment to The Hobbit beyond a slight delay to the start of filming.”

This unfortunate incident is the next in a long line of incidents that has caused delays in filming for The Hobbit. Filming was to start mid-February for the two part Hobbit, but that is now tentative as Jackson will need his recovery time.

We all wish Sir Peter Jackson a speedy recovery.

New Thundercats! HOOOO!

In 1985 we were introduced to the Thundercats, a cat-like humanoid race from the planet of Thundera who fled their dying planet to escape from their pursuing enemies, the Mutants of Plun-Darr. Landing on Third Earth they are confronted by a new enemy, Mumm-Ra, and are found by the mutants. The show went on for 4 seasons and a TV movie before ending its run in 1990. Since then things have been relatively quiet but the show retained its strong fan-base in those who remember watching when they were little.

In June of 2010 it was announced that Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation would be bringing the series back but this time with a more anime-style look. Some fans became concerned that their beloved show would be ruined but with the news that Japanese animation studio 4°C (The Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knights) things began to look up. WB Animation is promoting this new show as, "A sweeping tale combining swords and science and boasting ferocious battles with the highest …

Spidey Suit? Or Wrestling Costume?

With the release of the first official photo of Andrew Garfield in the new Spider-Man suit fans were instantly divided. Some fans felt betrayed at the new suit that Marc Webb, director of the new untitled Spider-Man reboot, had shown them calling it a joke. Others on the other hand praised the new look that the web-crawler was sporting and became excited about the possibilities and new directions that this movie could go in.

The days that followed gave us many new unofficial on-set images of what the Spider-Man suit looks like, this time with the mask on.  Fans remained split. However, a new possibility for this suit has surfaced. What if this suit is not the final Spider-Man suit but instead the suit that Parker uses during his wrestling matches before he starts fighting crime as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Majik1387 on the Superhero Hype! forums provided a scan from the 2008 five issue series Spider-Man: With Great Power by David Lapham and Tony Harris. This…