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Realistic Mega Man and Cut Man art will amaze you!

Artist Edgar Gomez delivers this set of impressive pieces that feature Mega Man and Cut Man as they are about to go into battle. Surrounded by flames and preparing their first attack these two look incredibly real and ready to deliver some punishment!

Source: Edgar Gomez

The Legend of Zelda gets influenced by anime in stunning fan art!

Heavily influenced by anime, this series of fan art by Deviant Art user HeavyMetalHanzo gives fans a look at Link, Zelda, and Ganon through several different games while supplying some incredible detail. Hanzo has an extensive catalog on pieces that are all truly stunning.

Which of these pieces stands out to you as your favorite?
*Click images to enlarge.

Source: Deviant Art - Haevy Metal Hanzo

The Last Airbender story continues with its next graphic novel "The Search"

The Avatar community is currently just settling from an exciting, action packed first season of The Legend of Korra. However things are not over in the Avatar universe just yet! Fresh off the success of the graphic novel The Promise which filled some of the gap between The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, writer Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru Studios (art) will be continuing the story further with a new graphic novel series titled The Search.

The announcement was made at the American Library Association by Dark Horse comics. The big news that fans will be excited to hear however, is that The Search will explore one of the great unsolved mysteries from The Last Airbender TV series; what happened to Prince Zuko's mother?

For an in depth interview with Gene Luen Yang about "about his work on "The Search," wrapping up "The Promise, his feelings about "Legend of Korra," the challenge of linking the two shows and their characters together and the ret…

SDCC 2012 - Disney releases the trailer for Oz: The Great and Powerful! [video]

Walt Disney studios debuted the trailer for Oz: The Great and Powerful to a packed house at San Diego Comic-Con and initial reactions are looking good. The movie will be directed by Sam Raimi and star James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, and Zach Braff. Fans shouldn't expect to see the lovable gang from The Wizard of Oz however. This story will be a prequel that will show us how James Franco's character became known as the great wizard of Oz. The visuals are absolutely stunning but lets hope that the same can be said for the story. Check out the trailer below and enjoy! 

Source: Walt Disney Studios UK

SDCC 2012 - 343 Industries releases Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn web series trailer [video]

343 Industries has just taken the Halo world to a whole new level with the release of the official trailer to their upcoming web series Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. The trailer was debuted at San Diego Comic-Con to much praise with the fans.

This web series will start on October 5th and will lead up to the release of the game later this fall. There will be a total of 5 episodes that will be 15 minutes in length. 343 Industries is stating that this will be a dark story about redemption and hope following a young academy cadet by the name of Thomas Lasky. This web series will also serve as an origin story for the Human / Covenant conflict. 343 Industries says that Master Chief will be a big part of the story but will not be the focus.

At first glance many may say that this seems like a simple fan film. However, Microsoft is putting quite a bit of money behind this project and if you keep an eye out throughout the trailer you see some well known faces from both TV and film. I'm excit…

SDCC 2012 - Neil Gaiman announces prequel to Sandman! [video]

Neil Gaiman appeared at the Vertigo Comics panel at San Diego Comic-Con via a video with some pretty big news. Nearly 25 years after Sandman #1 was released, Gaiman will be returning to the series and will be releasing a prequel mini series in 2013 which is the 25 year anniversary. Gaiman will be working alongside J.H. Williams who is currently tied to DC's Batwoman. There is no title for this series yet but it will, "follow Morpheus of the Dreaming's adventures immediately prior to his capture by an evil magician in Sandman #1." Gaiman notes that he always felt sorry that this story was never told but is now excited to see it be told. Are you excited to see the return of the Sandman series?

Watch the official announcement below!

Source: Hypable

SDCC 2012 - Trolls spotted at the Weta Workshop booth at San Diego Comic-Con!

Trolls have been spotted wondering around the Weta Workshop booth at San Diego Comic-Con! These life-size trolls are making Weta's booth one of the most crowded areas at the convention so far. They truly look incredible! It's upsetting that I cannot be at Comic-Con to see this in person but it definitely makes me more excited for the movie!

Source: First Showing

SDCC 2012 - Have fun with this San Diego Comic-Con Bingo Card!

If you are heading to (or currently at) San Diego Comic-Con then you should definitely print out this Comic-Con Bingo Card! Every convention gets flooded with the same kinds of costumes and people but now you can have fun looking for them and make a game out of it! Created by artists Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying, this bingo card should provide plenty of humorous fun!

Source: Laughing Squid

SDCC 2012 - Warner Bros. unveils new The Hobbit posters!

San Diego Comic-Con is officially upon us and that means news, news, news! Yesterday Warner Bros. unveiled this fantastic set of movie posters for the upcoming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at their booth. I am really excited for this movie!

Source: Geek Tyrant

Watch out Mario! Boo is not the only ghost in that house now! [video]

When Mario gamers enter a Ghost House they are usually pretty excited to see Boo floating around. Let's face it, he's definitely a fun character but not much of a threat as an enemy unless there are a lot of them. But what would happen if the Boos recruited a new ghost to their ranks? One that is not only scary but deadly? Dorkly answers just that in this new video titled 'Boos Meet a Real Ghost'. Enjoy!

Source: Dorkly

Club Nintendo of Europe announces Mart Kart 7 trophy prizes!

North American Nintendo gamers are once again looking to the east with jealousy in their eyes. However, they aren't looking to Japan this time but rather Europe. Club Nintendo of Europe has just revealed their newest prizes and they are absolutely amazing! For 5,000 stars you can order 1 of 3 Mario Kart 7 mini trophies and they look stunning! Standing at 12 x 10cm (4-5 in), you can order the Shell Trophy, Leap Trophy, or the Special Trophy! Club Nintendo of America uses coins for its rewards so I am not sure how the 'coins' and 'stars' compare to each other just yet. But one thing is for sure, these miniature trophies surely make the Mr. Game & Watch: Ball hand-held game for 1,200 coins (the most 'expensive') for Club Nintendo of America look sad.

Source: Club Nintendo of Europe

Q makes his return in the new 007 film Skyfall!

Producers of the new James Bond film, Skyfall, have announced that the fan favorite character Q will be returning in the upcoming film. Taking on the role of 007's Quartermaster (Q) will be actor Ben Whishaw. Whishaw has worked with Daniel Craig once before in 2004 on the film Layer Cake. "Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli commented, “It’s a real thrill to confirm the return of Q in SKYFALL played by the enormously talented, Ben Whishaw. We are delighted to have this beloved character back in the series.”" Q is the head of the research and development division for the British Secret Service and therefore is the one who presents 007 with all of his new gadgets. Q has appeared in 20 of the 23 Bond films that have been released. He did not appear in Live and Let Die (1973), Casino Royale (2006), or Quantum of Solace (2008). Q's last appearance was in the 2002 film Die Another Day starring Pierce Brosnan as 007.

Are you excited to see Q back in a 007 film…

RBS' Cosplay Closet - Amon (The Legend of Korra)

Amon is stepping out of Republic City and coming for benders all over the world! Today's cosplay is of Amon, the leader of the Anti-Bending revolution from the cartoon series The Legend of Korra.

This cosplayer has done a truly marvelous job of bringing Amon to life. The mask is extremely well done and is paperclay on top of either a plastic bondage or Wonderflex base. I really like both the color choice that was made for the fabric as well as the fabric choice itself. Bad fabric color can ruin a cosplay but the color chosen here is spot on. The fabric itself was also a great choice as you can tell that it is not too stiff and falls into the perfect shape when it is being worn up. Id like to point out the great job also done on the various pieces of armor that Amon has. The look very well made and look to fit nicely! Ill fitting armor is another common mistake that could make a great cosplay look a little off. No need to worry about that here though! This Amon cosplay is simply …

Beautiful fan art shows Samus getting into her power suit Iron Man style

Inspired by the inner working of the Iron Man suit, artist JimboBox has created a beautiful piece of art that shows us Samus Aran either getting into her power suit. Jimbo truly has a talent as his color shading and style are brilliant. I really like this piece and the reflecting light off the suit is a nice touch. I also love the look of determination Samus' face. What do you think of this piece of art? 

Source: Deviant Art - JimboBox

15 minute gameplay video for Injustice: Gods Among Us [video]

If you were still on the fence about the upcoming DC fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, this 15 minute gameplay video may just convince you that the game with worth consideration. Game developer, Ed Boon from NetherRealm Studios, walks you through two different fights and shows you just how badass this game can be. The characters are separated into "power" and "gadget" characters and all have very unique moves and powers. The game has truly captured the essence of these characters in their appearance and fighting styles. The stages themselves are fully integrated into the fight and can help fighters during the match. I was pretty interested in this game when it was announced. Now I am excited for it. I can only hope that actual gameplay is as fun as it looks.

Source: Youtube - IGN

Sesame Street: Share It Maybe (A 'Call Me Maybe' parody) [video]

It looks like Sesame Street's very own Cookie Monster has caught the "Call Me Maybe" bug as he has officially released his own preschool parody "Share It Maybe" in which the blue monster is trying to acquire cookies in his office. Carly Rae Jepsen's song has gone viral on several different occasions and making parody videos for the song has become its own fad. With lyrics like, "Pie and ice cream, it no phase me. But you got cookie, so share it maybe," this video is truly fun to watch.   

Source: Youtube - Sesame Street

Unlikely quotes from Batman's everyday life [video]

Chicago based comedy troupe Octavarius reveals a side to Batman that the movies have not yet explored.Take a look at this video and watch Batman as he goes about his everyday life and says some unlikely quotes that are sure to have you laughing.

Source: Youtube - Octavarius

Ewoks come together for one great clan photo!

Fans may have mixed feelings about the Ewoks but I absolutely love them. They are fun, funny, and can kick some Empire ass with the best of them. One particular artist, Zack (last name unknown), shares this particular thought and decided to draw the Ewoks from all of their media sources. Within the drawing you'll find Ewoks from Return of the Jedi, the cartoon series, and the two TV movies.
"On some of the characters, I sort of split the difference between their various incarnations. In doing a bit of research (Thanks, Wookiepedia) I was actually surprised how much continuity there is amongst the Ewoks and their appearances in all the books, toys, comics, etc." Zack has done a great job capturing the Ewoks in this piece. It's just a really fun photo seeing them all together. What are your particular thought on the Ewoks?

*Click image to enlarge.

Source: Zack's Underground Rocketship

The Legend of Zelda meets The Care Bears to give us Skyward Bear!

The Care Bears may be known as the fun, loveable bears from the 80's with symbols on their stomachs, but they did their fair share of fighting off "evil" forces from attacking their land. But what happens with their famous Care Bears' stare doesn't work on their enemy? Who will they turn to to defend the Kingdom of Caring? Artist Santiago Robles has given us the answer; Skyward Bear! Named after the last The Legend of Zelda game to be released, Skyward Sword, this Care Bear is just what the Kingdom of Caring needs. With his trusty sword in hand, Triforce on his stomach, and green cap on his head, Skyward Bear is ready to take on any enemy that may attack his Care Bear brothers.

Source: Santiago Robles

Spider-Ham makes his television debut on Ultimate Spider-Man [video]

Ultimate Spider-Man has been getting mixed reviews from Spider-Man fans since the show seem more geared towards the younger crowd than adults, but it is making a move that will get the adult crowd's attention, if only for a single episode.

The show has released a clip of an upcoming episode that will feature Spider-Ham, a character that first appeared in November of 1983. Though Spider-Ham's solo comic only lasted 17 issues, he continues to make cameo appearance in Marvel comics to this day. The entire episode featuring Spider-Ham will be shown at San Diego Comic-Con at the Marvel Television Presents panel (Saturday July 14 at 10:30 a.m. PT in Room 6BCF). The clip not only features the appearance of Spider-Ham but the fan favorite villain, Loki! Take a look at the clip and let me know what you think about Spider-Ham's first television appearance.

Source: Geek Tyrant

The Tatooine premiere of Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope

Jeff Carlisle has just released a new print titled “A Fan’s Hope: Namm’s Huttese Theater, Tatooine” which will be available at the Star Wars Celebration VI convention this August in Orlando, Florida. The print shows the premiere of Kyle Newman's Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope at Naam's Huttese theater on Tatooine. Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope is a documentary about the thousands of fans who flock to San Diego Comic-Con every year.

This print is completely filled with cameo Easter eggs that are both characters and vehicles from other geek related media. Be sure to look at for Easter eggs from Doctor Who (both characters and vehicle), Star Trek, The Guild, Lost In Space, Jay and Silent Bob, Battlestar Galactica, and many many more. I even spotted a few cosplays that have since become famous. This print is just filled with great things to look out for! How many different cameos can you spot? 

*Click image to enlarge.

Source: ArtBoyJeff

Hilarious Golden Girls intro for the Justice League's Super Golden Friends! [video]

Artist Kevin Bapp has created a cross over video that answers the question, "What happens when four superfriends retire and move to Miami to share a ranch style home?" In his video you get to see Batman, Superman, Aquaman, and Robin living together through the intro of Golden Girls titled Super Golden Friends. Bapp also adds that, "This is a pilot I'd like to propose to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, if I knew anyone who worked there, and if all the licenses could be obtained." This could truly make for a hilarious cartoon that could even work as a 15 minute filler cartoon. Do you think you'd tune in to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim to watch?

Source: The Daily What

Tom Baker is reportedly set to return to Doctor Who for the 50th anniversary!

With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who coming up in 2013 fans are already really excited to see what the show has in store for them. However, the news of a certain previous Doctor's possible return will elevate the level of excitement higher than anything fans have shown to date.

Fans young and old should get out their scarves as the Fourth Doctor himself, Tom Baker, has reportedly agreed to come back for the 50th anniversary. Tom Baker, now 78 years old, played the Doctor for 7 years from 1974 - 1981 and is arguably the most iconic incarnation of the Doctor in the show's history. Fans may remember that Baker had refused to appear in the 20th anniversary special "The Five Doctors" back in 1983. This time around, a show insider has stated,  “It will be fitting to have Tom back to mark the 50 years. He was a big part of the show’s success and is much-loved by the fans.” 

With his refusal to come back for the 20th anniversary it appeared unlikely that Baker would c…

First look at Guillermo Del Toro's giant robots in Pacific Rim!

Guillermo Del Toro's new film Pacific Rim was said to feature giant robots and this new movie poster shows that the word 'giant' is definitely true. This new poster is being released for San Diego Comic-Con and shows fans the giant robot known as the Jaegar with it's two pilots standing on it's shoulders. This poster definitely has gotten me excited for this film and what it could mean for future possible mech warrior type movies.

Film synopsis:

When legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea, a war began that would take millions of lives and consume humanity's resources for years on end. To combat the giant Kaiju, a special type of weapon was devised: massive robots, called Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge. But even the Jaegers are proving nearly defenseless in the face of the relentless Kaiju. On the verge of defeat, the forces defending mankind have no choice…

The Hobbit panoramic poster shows off amazing new visuals and scenes!

New images from Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey have been released as a part of an amazing panoramic poster. The poster features 10 scenes from the upcoming film and gives fans a great look at some new scenes and characters. In this poster we get out very first look at Beorn the shape shifter (in his black bear form) talking to Gandalf.

Which scene(s) in this panoramic poster are you excited to see?

*Click image to enlarge.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Original Spider-Man trilogy in 6 minutes! [video]

The Amazing Spider-Man may be doing well in theaters but you can't just ignore Sam Raimi's original Spider-Man trilogy now that a new one has started. Let's not forget that Spider-Man 2 is arguably one of the best superhero movies that has been made.

One fan has taken all three movies in the original Spider-Man trilogy and created a 6 minute supercut that highlights all of the key moments from the movies. While watching this video you can see the two vastly different takes on the Spider-Man universe that Raimi and Marc Web took. You can see here that Raimi's Spider-Man is definitely 'brighter' and has a bit more humor within it. It is also very interesting to see difference in style between Toby Maguire's and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man. 

Source: /Film