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Dungeons and Dragons yoga classes are being given in Brooklyn, NY! [video]

A Brooklyn yoga instructor has taken the classic tabletop game of Dungeons and Dragons and applied it to his yoga classes. Scott Wayne Indiana wanted to take the story telling in yoga classes and make them more interesting by applying a Dungeons and Dragons theme to it. With the help of his friend and fellow artist Eric Hagan and movement instructor Sarah Danke, the result really took off.

The yoga instructor, now called the Dungeon Master, describes the fictional setting in which the class is traveling through. The yoga poses that are performed during the class are renamed to sound like actions that characters do in the game. In order to involve more of the game into the class, participants roll gaming dice in order to determine whether or not they were successful in their actions in the story.
"“The goal was to complete an entire quest, in this case returning the mysterious package to an ancient temple to absolve yourself,” Hagan told WIRED. “The participants rolled dice at ke…

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling regrets the relationship between Ron and Hermione.

Actress Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, recently interviewed author J.K. Rowling as a guest editor for the magazine "Wonderland". Some very surprising information surfaced during the interview that may spark debates amongst Harry Potter fans.

During the interview Rowling admitted that looking back she feels that she should have put Harry Potter in a relationship with Hermione Granger instead of Ron Weasley like it is in the finished books. Not only does she feel that Harry and Hermione should have been together but they should have gotten married at the end of the series. This is the kind of information that fans have speculated on and hoped for when the books were being written and now that Rowling has said it herself, you can bet there will be a good amount of chatter among fans.  "“I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment,” she says. “That’s how it was conceived, really. For reasons that have very little …

Red Bull Stratos - A first person view of falling from space! [video]

Take a look at this amazing video of Felix Baumgartner as he free falls from space during his jump on October 14, 2012! The video is a first person view of the jump and was recorded using seven GoPro cameras that were attached to his suit. I've used this statement before but this is one of the times where I can truly say that this video is breath taking. Watching him descend is truly an amazing sight. "October 14, 2012, Felix Baumgartner ascended more than 24 miles above Earth's surface to the edge of space in a stratospheric balloon. Millions across the globe watched as he opened the door of the capsule, stepped off the platform, and broke the speed of sound while free falling safely back to Earth. Felix set three world records that day—and inspired us all to reach beyond the limits of our own realities, and reimagine our potential to achieve the incredible.   GoPro was honored to be a part of this epic achievement, with seven HERO2 cameras documenting every moment. Fro…

LEGO introduces Star Wars Microfighters play sets with a fun LEGO Star Wars video!

LEGO has announced that they are released a new line of Star Wars sets called "Microfighters" and in order to promote them they have created an incredibly funny video. The Microfighters are essentially miniature versions of ships seen in the Star Wars films that fans can pit against each other. In the video we get to see Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon go up against an Imperial Officer and his Star Destroyer in a pod race of sorts. So far the sets will include:

"75028 Clone Turbo Tank™
75029 AAT™
75030 Millennium Falcon™
75031 TIE Interceptor™
75032 X-Wing Fighter™
75033 Star Destroyer™"

Enjoy the fun and comical video that introduces the Star Wars Microfighters to the world below.

Source: YouTube - LEGO

Lex Luthor and Batman's butler Alfred cast in the upcoming "Batman vs Superman"!

Rumors had been flying around for quite some time but the casting for two new characters has been revealed for Zack Snyder's upcoming "Batman vs Superman" film!

In a very surprising move, Snyder has cast the young Jesse Eisenberg to play Superman's ultimate villain, Lex Luthor! That's right! I was a little stunned when I heard the news but it has been confirmed that Eisenberg will play Luthor. What remains to be seen is what kind of character Luthor will be in this film. I personally cannot see Eisenberg play Luthor and think this is a odd casting but maybe Eisenberg has shown Snyder something that I haven't seen yet. Either way, he's here to stay.

Speaking about the casting Snyder said, “Lex Luthor is often considered the most notorious of Superman’s rivals, his unsavory reputation preceding him since 1940. What’s great about Lex is that he exists beyond the confines of the stereotypical nefarious villain. He’s a complicated and sophisticated character…

Batman's Mr. Freeze performs "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen! [video]

If you are a fan of Batman or a fan of Disney's Frozen then you owe it to yourself to watch this video. Not because it will blow you away with it's musical beauty but because it will surely make you laugh and everyone needs a good laugh once in a while.

In this video Mr. Freeze sings "Let It Go" from the Disney hit Frozen. The result is bone chilling. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - 2chinTV

Thor: The Dark World's gag reel will crack you up! [video]

Marvel fans will definitely want to check out this clip from Thor: The Dark World's gag reel that will be featured on the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD. Watching the cast and crew have fun on the set of the film is quite a sight to see. From stumbling actors to broken props, this gag reel will definitely make you laugh.

Thor: The Dark World will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on February 25,2014.

Source: YouTube -

Sony releases "Part 1" to their Super Bowl spot for The Amazing Spider-Man 2! [video]

Sony Pictures has surprised Spider-Man fans tonight by releasing the first half of their Super Bowl spot for The Amazing Spider-Man 2! The Super Bowl spot is filled with new footage and you can bet the footage in the second half will be even better than what we see here in the first. This movie is shaping up well and I am hoping that it blows everyone away.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will swing into theaters on May 2, 2014.

Source: YouTube - SonyPictures

Forging Edward Elric's spear from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood in real life! [video]

Get ready Full Metal Alchemist fans, legendary swordsmith Tony Swatton has just released a new weapons video and this week he is forging Edward Elric's spear from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood! Watching Swatton create these beautiful and geeky weapons is always a lot of fun and watching them in action at the end of his videos is just plain fun. Elric's spear came out amazingly and all Full Metal Alchemist fans out there will love it!

Source: YouTube - AWE me

LEGO announces Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary LEGO set! [video]

LEGO fans and Ghostbusters fans out there are about to get a great treat with LEGO's newest announcement. LEGO has just revealed that the 30th Anniversary Ghostbuster set that was designed by LEGO fan Brent Waller will be made into an official product! The 30th Anniversary set will include an amazing Ecto-1, the Ghostbusters' iconic car, as well as mini figures for the Ghostbusters themselves. You can watch the announcement video below. This is so cool and I can't wait to see what kind of price tag they put on this product. This just may be a must buy.

Source: Gizmodo

Functional Batarang boomerang looks and flies great! [video]

Boomerang artist Victor Poulin creates boomerangs of all shapes and sizes, and in this video, he showcases his new fully functional returning batarang boomerang. Check it out!
Read more at Victor Poulin is a boomerang creator and he has just created a great new "Batarang" boomerang styled after Batman's Batarang. He shot a cool video to showcase the boomerang being fully functional and it is really quite impressive. This thing comes flying back at you with some serious speed. I'd need a lot of practice catching it to not have to dive out of its way. "Here you will see me throw my handcrafted returning Bat boomerang. I constructed it with the best 10ply Finnish birch on the market. If you would like to purchase on of my boomerangs please visit my website here If you would like a chance to win a batarang simply subs…

3 new posters for Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

Marvel just treated fans with the release of three new posters for the upcoming film Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The three new posters feature Captain America (Chris Evans), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be in theaters on April 4, 2014.
*Click images to enlarge.

Source: Yahoo Movies

Doctor Who theme played by the British Royal Guard marching band! [video]

Back in 2009 the British Royal Guard's marching band put on a performance where they played the theme song to Doctor Who and it is amazing. As a trumpet player myself, and as someone who has marched (and still does) in a marching band this is truly fantastic! The sound of the band is great and I would have loved to have seen this in person.

Source: YouTube - oysterman55

4 new photos get released for X-Men: Days of Future Past!

Empire has been doing a lot of promotion for X-Men: Days of Future Past recently with their 25 individual character magazine covers but they just released even more images from the film that look great! In the photos you get to see Adan Canto as Sunspot, Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde, Shawn Ashmore as Iceman, and Daniel Cudmore as Colossus sporting some great futuristic looks, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) unleashing his bone claws, Magneto (Ian McKellen) hovering in the same location as Iceman and crew from the first photo and then Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) taking aim with a gun. The film simply looks amazing and I cannot wait to see it!

X-Men: Days of Future Past will hit theaters on May 23, 2014. *Click images to enlarge.

Source: Empire Online

Check out the new look for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Shredder in the upcoming reboot!

It appears that the final designs for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie have made their way to the internet! (But for how long, who knows!)  There is no official confirmation that these are the final designs but given that they look very similar to how the toys were described you can probably bet that these are legit. Below you will find the new looks for Shredder (played by William Fichtner) as well as Leonardo (Pete Ploszek), Donatello (Jeremy Howard), Michelangelo (Noel Fisher) and Raphael (Alan Ritchson).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will make its way into theaters on August 8, 2014.

At the request of Paramount Studios the images of the Turtles and Shredder have been removed.

Source: Comic Book Movie

Taylor Swift gets attacked at the Grammy's by Street Fighter's Ryu! [video]

I came across this and it was too funny not to share! Check out this great video where Ryu from the video game franchise Street Fighter attacks singer Taylor Swift at the 2014 Grammys. "Taylor Swift Attacked during her performance at the 2014 Grammys. Like a pro, the attack didn't faze her and she kept on singing." Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - Twisted Genre

Batman shows Green Lantern his superpower in a new Justice League: War clip! [video]

A brand new clip has just surfaced for the upcoming DC animated film Justice League: War and its a great one. The scene features a great moment between Batman and Green Lantern and really shows the cunningness of Batman.

Justice League: War is adapted from Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League: Origin comic storyline. The film will show the formation of the Justice league and the clip shows us a great conversation between Green Lantern and Batman just after their first meeting where Green Lantern tries to figure out Batman's superpower. The response he gets is simply awesome!
Justice League: War will hit DVD and Blu-ray on February 4, 2014.

Source: YouTube - Calvin Kasper

The Last of Us: Left Behind full cinematic DLC trailer! [video]

The full cinematic trailer for the new The Last of Us DLC title "Left Behind" has just been released!  "A familiar face returns as new light is shed on an essential relationship in the story of The Last of Us. Naughty Dog continues to explore the themes of survival, loyalty, and love in their first ever single player DLC with The Last of Us: Left Behind."The Last of Us: Left Behind will be available on February 14, 2014.

Source: YouTube - PlayStation

San Diego Comic Con makes another registration change - a lottery to purchase passes!

Things just got a lot more complicated for convention goers looking to attend San Diego Comic Con this year. A few weeks ago I reported how all weekend passes were gone for 2014. Attendees would only be able to purchase single day passes for the weekend and would have to buy a pass for every day to be eligible to attend the "preview night". Well it seems that this was not the only change for 2014. The company in charge has decided to implement an "Epic Waiting Room" which is being billed as a way to level out the field of those looking to buy passes for the weekend. In the end the registration becomes a lottery as to whether or not you get to purchase a ticket.

Here is the information straight from San Diego Comic Con. "We would first like to thank everyone for your patience while we conduct a lot of tests on the new registration system. We know how frustrating purchasing a badge for Comic-Con can be and while the sheer number of people who would like to atten…

Playstation's Sly Cooper is heading to the big screen! Watch the first trailer! [video]

The official trailer for the upcoming Sly Cooper CG animated film has been released by Blockade Entertainment and Rainmaker Entertainment. Sly Cooper is a video game franchise that first appeared for Playstation in 2002. The film will center around three characters, Sly Cooper (the gentleman theif), Bentley Turtle (the brains), and Murray Hippo(the muscle). The trailer looks really funny and it'll be sure to get gamers to the theater.

Sly Cooper will hit theaters in 2016.

Source: YouTube - Sly Cooper Movie

Lara Croft, Master Chief, and Assassin Connor team up against Mario in the amazing fan film "Powered Up"! [video]

Check out this great fan film from Corridor Digital titled "Powered Up" that features some of video games hottest characters. Lara Croft, Master Chief, and Assassin Connor team up in order to steal the treasured power ups from Mario when they find out you do not mess with a plumber from Brooklyn. The video is extremely well made and the special effects are perfectly done. This is top notch entertainment. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube - CorridorDigital

New information and a new character revealed for Star Wars Rebels! [video]

Some new information has been revealed for the upcoming television show Star Wars Rebels and it all sounds great! Executive Producer Dave Filoni recently did an interview with where he spoke about the series and even revealed a cool, new character., we now have some new details on the series, including the reveal of a new character.

Filoni spoke about how this new series will take fans back to a familiar Star Wars setting where we will see the Empire as we knew it in the classic trilogy (Episides IV-VI). We will see  Star Destroyers, TIE Fighters, Stormtroopers, and more! The tone of the show will also be different than what we have seen recently. The Clone Wars had a dark tone to it where as Star Wars Rebels will bring back the funny banter and pace of the original films.

Filoni continued on and spoke about the setting for the series known as the planet Lothal.
"Rebels takes place in the Outer Rim. The audience typically thinks of Tatooine as the place where Luke S…

Star Wars taun taun rocking horses are a must buy for your kids!

Take a look at these awesome taun taun rocking horses! Perfect for a family who wants some rocking horses for their child but loves Star Wars even more!

Source: Neatorama

BBC releases first photo of Peter Capaldi in his new outift for Doctor Who!

The BBC has just released the first official photo of actor Peter Capaldi in his new outfit as the Doctor in the show Doctor Who!

The new outfit sports a sleek look that brings a modern touch to a classic feel. Capaldi's outfit very much reminds me of Jon Pertwee's (which can be seen at the bottom of this article). The look is great and Capaldi certainly pulls it off nicely. The outfit consists of a dark blue Crombie coat with red lining, dark blue pants, a white shirt, and black Doc Martens shoes. The BBC did a great job here. Now the real test is to see how it looks on screen and in action! 

Source: BBC America

Below you can take a look at a great side by side comparison of the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) and the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi). Let's just hope that Peter Capaldi gets some great future promotional photos of him in an original stance to give his Doctor some original character.

Source: Facebook - The Daily Dalek

Game of Thrones - For Kids!

Today, we’ve got a new comic artist for you: Jon Stachewicz from The Jay Stack!
Read more at Today, we’ve got a new comic artist for you: Jon Stachewicz from The Jay Stack!
Read more at Here is a great comic from artist Jay Stack that turns the popular show Game of Thrones into a show that even kids can enjoy!
*Click image to enlarge.

Source: The Jay Stack

Loki wears Captain America's suit in deleted scene from Thor: The Dark World! [video]

Check out this fun deleted scene from Thor: The Dark World where we see Loki dress up as Captain America! In the film Thor and Loki are in a conversation where Loki turns into Chris Evans as Captain America but in this deleted scene Loki just wears the Captain America suit which is really funny to see!

Thor: The Dark World will be on DVD and Blu-ray on February 24, 2014.

Source: Empire

New "Dream" trailer for Maleficent will blow fans away! [video]

Disney just revealed an amazing new trailer for the upcoming film Maleficent that should blow fans away! With lots of new footage and Lana Del Rey singing the classic "Once Upon A Dream" in a much darker tone this trailer really sets the mood for the film. If you weren't sure about seeing this film yet this trailer might just make up your mind that you should. Enjoy!

Maleficent will be in theaters on May 30, 2014.

Source: YouTube - DisneyMovieTrailers