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RBS' Cosplay Closet: Malfatto (Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood)

Today's featured cosplay is of the character Malfatto from the game Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. In the game, Malfatto was a member of the Templar Order, and a doctor notorious for killing courtesans.

This cosplay was completely self made by Ironmask90 (Benjamin) from Germany and he did an amazing job. The mask was nicely created from super sculpy and the detailing and stitch work on the cosplay is fantastic. I also think that the color choices on the fabric are perfect. This is definitely something to be proud of. By far my favorite Malfatto that I have seen.

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Source: Deviant Art - Ironmask90
Photography by: Senta Gohr

Star Wars characters get a futuristic sci-fi redesign!

Star Wars characters have become an iconic staple in pop culture but it is great fun to imagine what they may look like if you redesigned them just a little. Bree Paulson thought the same thing and has done just that! These redesigns of classic Star Wars characters show us her unique view on the characters. What do you think of these new looks?

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Source: Fly Like A (Bree) Bird

Video games redesigned as traditional Japanese woodblock prints!

I came across this series a few weeks ago and I just noticed that I had not shared it with everyone. So I am fixing that now! Artist Jed Henry has been taking classic video game characters from various Nintendo franchises and redesigning them in the traditional Japanese woodblock print style, known as Ukiyo-e. These prints brilliantly breath some new life into characters that we know and love. Henry as also posted a few videos on his Facebook page that shows these sketches actually being made into real woodblock prints! According to the Facebook page the prints will be available for purchase in August. Enjoy!
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Source: Facebook - Ukiyo-e Heroes

Mario 3D sidewalk chalk art is jaw dropping! [video]

Watch as artist Chris Carlson creates one of the finest pieces of 3D sidewalk chalk art gamers have ever seen. Drawn in Denver, Colorado, this time lapse video shows the detail that Carlson goes into to create a drawing of Mario jumping over a NES controller. Simply amazing!

For any of you who may be curious the Super Mario Bros. theme is being played by The Boston Pops.
Both Chris Carlson and photographer Mike Larremore are available for hire. Info can be found here.

Source: The Daily What

Dora the Explorer movie trailer [video]

With all the adventures that she goes on it was only a matter of time before Dora made her way to the big screen. College Humor presents a hilariously great trailer for a Dora the Explorer movie that would have a good chance at succeeding at the box office. Flawlessly playing the title role of Dora is Ariel Winter from the hit show Modern Family. The trailer offer action and explosions while still staying true to the cartoon by featuring all the characters and giving the audience the same participation that they have with the cartoon.

Would you head to the theaters to see this version of Dora the Explorer?

CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos
Source: College Humor

Nintendo's brawling princesses get violent!

I came across this set of photos that turns Nintendo's relatively innocent princesses into violent, brawling fighters. You might say, "Well they fight in Super Smash Bros." This may be true but at no time have you ever seen these princesses in such a violent manner. These pieces of fan art feature Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros.), Princess Zelda (The Legend of Zelda), Princess Daisy (Super Mario Bros.), and Princess Rosalina (Mario Galaxy). Is it just me or or does this brutal look really work for these princesses?

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Source: Tumblr - Bubbles of Rinia

Daleks invade Rugrats in 1992! [video]

Even though the Doctor has defeated the daleks time and time again on the show Doctor Who, the daleks always manage to come back and be just as menacing as before. Well they have popped up once again and this time you won't believe where!
In season 2 episode 1 of the Nickelodeon show Rugrats titled 'Toy Palace' you can clearly spot 2 toy daleks behind Chuckie. This episode aired on September 6, 1992. That's four years before FOX tried to bring Doctor Who back with their TV movie and 13 years before Russel T. Davies and the BBC brought it back to the fame that it has today. This is a truly amazing reference by the artists and creators of Rugrats and one that I am pleased to share with all of you. Below you can watch a video clip that shows the toy daleks. (It has been slightly edited at the end.) Enjoy! And run Tommy and Chuckie! Run!!

Source: Rugrats Wiki - Toy Palace

The truth about how Donkey Kong got his own franchise [video]

If you have ever wondered how Donkey Kong went from being the antagonist in one game to the protagonist in his own franchise then you should watch this video by Dorkly. It reveals the meeting that took place between Donkey Kong and his agent that would change Donkey Kong's future forever. Enjoy!

Source: Dorkly

Doctor Who gains another new companion!

Recently, we received news that Matt Smith's incarnation of the Doctor on Doctor Who has officially gained a new companion. However, the eleventh Doctor (Smith) isn't the only Timelord currently running around!

For those unaware, Big Finish releases some amazing audio books in which you can follow the adventures of the eighth Doctor (voiced by Paul McGann himself!). In his last audio adventure, the eighth Doctor parted ways with his companion Lucie Miller in the thrilling story To the Death. The next box set adventure to come out will take place immediately after the last story and will be titled Dark Eyes which will be released later this year.
"'Dark Eyes is a new, epic story, a jumping-on point!' explains writer, director and executive producer Nick Briggs. 'It’s a whole new era of Doctor Who in a box! It's certainly bigger on the inside in that respect. My aim was to join the Doctor when he's at the point of desperation after having lost a clo…

Zombie vs Baby- The similarities are surprising! [infographic]

When the zombie apocalypse comes we need to be prepared. Now normally, the best way to prepare for something is to study it. When you do not have an opportunity to study the object in question itself, you normally study something extremely close to it or a simulation.

Now it is obvious that we cannot study an actual zombie yet but we can study something that is eerily close. A baby. Yes, you read that correctly. Below is an infographic that shows the similarities between a zombie and a common baby. The results will surprise you. 

Source: How To Be A Dad

Periodic Table of Marvel and DC's superheroes! [infographic]

Artist Matt Cowan has created a brilliant infographic that pools Marvel and DC's biggest names into one place and has titled it "The Heroic Table of the Elements". The Superheros are grouped together according to their 'team' affiliation. Looking at the chart you can see that Neil Gaiman's the Endless are in purple, the Avengers are in red, the Fantastic Four are in orange, solo heroes are in green, the X-Men are in blue, the Watchmen are in brown, and the Justice League are on the far right in tan. At the bottom you will find super villains in teal. Furthermore the boarders of each square tells us about the biology of each superhero (human, mutant, alien, ect) and the "Heroic Number" under the characters name tells us their overall power.

This is a well detailed look at Marvel and DC's superheroes and I have to hand it to Matt Cowan. He has done a fantastic job!

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Source: Flavor Wire

Fantastic Deadpool fan film captures the character perfectly [video]

Marvel's maniacal assassin has yet to make a true appearance on the big screen (not including X-Men Origins: Wolverine) but when and if he ever does, I can only hope that it'll look similar to this great fan film. Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday certainly captures the humor of the character and the fourth wall breaking ability that fans love him for. This is a great watch for Deadpool and comic fans but it can be a bit long at 17 minutes if you are not. So you have been warned. Enjoy!

"Marvel's popular crimson assassin has been hired to take out a specific target. Kill the man, get the cash. The problem is, he's not the only one on the job."

Source: Topless Robot

My Little Pony and Doctor Who cross-over - Doctor Whooves and the Assistant [video]

My Little Pony has made a huge comeback with its recent return to television and with a new show comes new characters. One of those characters happened to have a hourglass "cutie mark" (a play on the term beauty mark) on his flank/hip. Secondly, he just happened to have a similar appearance to the tenth incarnation of the Doctor from Doctor Who. Because of this fans have named him Doctor Whooves.
Recently one fan has started to create their own My Little Pony / Doctor Who cross-over mini episodes. So far there are only two episodes at about six and a half minutes each. You can tell that the story is just beginning and they are pretty cute to watch if you are a fan other either show. Enjoy!

Doctor Whooves and the Assistant episode 1

Doctor Whooves and the Assistant episode 2

Source: Youtube - PierceSmoulder

The Legend of Zelda themed hand painted nursery room! [video]

One thing that every child should have is a completely awesome bedroom and there is one little boy who will soon have one of the best out there.
Cole Bradburn spent 150+ hours drawing out and hand painting a The Legend of Zelda themed nursery that features both The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The room looks absolutely fantastic and its a look I wouldn't mind doing to a spare room in my future house!

Source: Geekologie

Paddington Bear will star in his own movie! Check out the poster!

Paddington Bear is set to receive his own full motion picture and I for one am interested and excited.As a child I loved reading his stories and can only hope that children of today still enjoy them as much as I did. If anything, perhaps this movie will spark their interest. "Harry Potter's David Heyman is on production duties, and he's been quick to talk up Paddington's potential to light up the big screen. "Paddington Bear is a universally loved character," he says, "treasured for his optimism, his sense of fair play, and his perfect manners – and, of course, for his unintentional talent for comic chaos."" Paddington will embark on his journey in 2014!

Source: Total Film

Hoverboard Light Saber Portal Gun Fight! [video]

It's summer time!Don't just sit there bored. Get your friends together and play the new hit game 'Hoverboard Light Saber Portal Gun Fight'! Battle against your friends using a lightsaber from Star Wars, a portal gun from Portal, and a hoverboard from Back to the Future! The person with the most points at the end of the game (or still alive) is the winner!

CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos
Source: College Humor

Where does your favorite vampire hunter rank? [infographic]

For as long as vampires have been around feeding on the living, there have been those that dare to hunt them down and kill them at all costs. This great infographic shows you some of the most well known vampire hunters and breaks them down to their origin, strengths, weaknesses and weapons of choice. Lastly, in the final column provided, you will find out how long it would take each particular vampire hunter to kill the sparkly nuisance known as Edward Cullen. So where does your favorite rank among the various hunters?

Source: ICanHasCheezburger