Doctor Who gains another new companion!

Recently, we received news that Matt Smith's incarnation of the Doctor on Doctor Who has officially gained a new companion. However, the eleventh Doctor (Smith) isn't the only Timelord currently running around!

For those unaware, Big Finish releases some amazing audio books in which you can follow the adventures of the eighth Doctor (voiced by Paul McGann himself!). In his last audio adventure, the eighth Doctor parted ways with his companion Lucie Miller in the thrilling story To the Death. The next box set adventure to come out will take place immediately after the last story and will be titled Dark Eyes which will be released later this year.
"'Dark Eyes is a new, epic story, a jumping-on point!' explains writer, director and executive producer Nick Briggs. 'It’s a whole new era of Doctor Who in a box! It's certainly bigger on the inside in that respect. My aim was to join the Doctor when he's at the point of desperation after having lost a close friend. But it's also a story about him finding someone new and finding new hope.'"
The Doctor's new companion will be voiced by Ruth Bradley who is known for her role on the British show Primeval. Ruth's companion will be a "young Irish girl called Molly O'Sullivan, a Voluntary Aid Detachment nursing assistant, saving lives during the First World War (1914-18)."

If you have not gotten to experience the Big Finish audio adventures of Doctor Who this could be the perfect time for you to check it out! You can pre-order Dark Eyes on the Big Finish website here.

Source: Big Finish


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