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Tonight I'm Frakking You

The newest geek music parody has hit the web! has created a hilariously great video in which Matthew Brian Brown finds himself in a geek's ultimate nightclub. The song is a parody of Enrique Iglesias' Tonight (I'm F**king You) and if you listen and watch closely you'll find references and cosplays from fandoms far and wide. (Perfect for this blog!)

You'll also notice roles from Alessandra Torresani - Zoe Graystone (Caprica), Nanul Nayyar - Raj Koothrappali (The Big Bang Theory), Amy Akuda - Tink (The Guild), Richard Hatch - Tom Zarek/Capt. Apollo (Battlestar Galactica), and Chad Vader.

Slave Leia, female Ghostbusters, Raj Koothrappali flying a tie fighter, and Captain Apollo serving me drinks? Yea, I am so there!

Firefly lands on Science Channel

The crew of the spacecraft Serenity is back on television and fans couldn't be happier. The Science Channel has picked up the rights to Joss Whedon's Firefly and this will mark a joyous occasion for Browncoats everywhere. Firefly will premier Sunday, Mar. 6th on the Science Channel at 8pm for the two hour pilot and then episode 1 at 10pm. has a short interview with Nathan Fillion about the return and what Firefly means to him.

Alice: Madness Returns

Some of you may recall a PC game that released in 2000 called American McGee's Alice. It was a twisted tale that took place after Through the Looking Glass in which Alice's family is killed in her burning house and she is later institutionalized in an asylum after loosing touch with reality. Ten years later she is sucked into a Wonderland that has become a warped and gruesome version of itself due to Alice's own insanity. She then must save Wonderland and in turn her own sanity.

American McGee is now releasing Alice: Madness Returns in the last quarter of 2011. This game is to be released for the PS3, XBox 360, and PC. You'll find this sequal to be just as gruesome as the original. Set eleven years after the first game, Alice is released from the asylum to the guardianship of a psychiatrist who is helping her deal with her parents' death. As her mind tries to cope she is again sucked into Wonderland only to find that it is being taken over by an unknown evil and t…

Felicia Day stars in Dragon Age: Redemption

The name Felicia Day has become synonymous with the web series The Guild (recently approved for season 5). Looking to ignite another internet web series hit, Felicia Day has written and co-produced a new series based off of BioWare's Dragon Age. According to USA Today this new six episode series, Dragon Age: Redemption, is set to come out later this year and will star Felicia Day as the Elven assassin, Tallis.

Redemption will focus around Tallis who is hunting down a renegade mage. Risking everything, including her freedom, Tallis embarks on this mission and soon realizes that she cannot accomplish it on her own and must track down allies to aid her. There is no word of who the allies will be as of yet but Day describes her character as, "headstrong, she fights dirty, and she has a really sarcastic sense of humor," she says. "I wanted to bring a modern sensibility to a fantasy character in a fantasy world."

If you are concerned that this will just be an intern…

Valentine's Day Star Wars style!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!