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Doctor Who: Top 10 Moments That Made Me Believe

Season 5 of Doctor Who certainly delivers many great moments. Many great moments. We are introduced to new companions, old companions (depending how you look at River) and more importantly Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor. Filling the shoes of the 10th Doctor, David Tennant, Matt had an uphill battle when it came to convincing Doctor Who fans that he was indeed the Doctor.
Of course we know that with each regeneration comes a new Doctor and with each new Doctor comes a new personality. Within Season 5 we are given some truly stunning looks at who Matt Smith is as the Doctor and the kind of Doctor that he will portray. But where are those connecting moments that link the 11th Doctor with his previous regenerations. There are so many moments that scream “Doctor” but I’ve tried to narrow down the few that really stood out to me. I had a lot of personal favorite moments that I had to cut from the list but I like the outcome. Let’s take a look at the top 10 moments that made me believe that M…

Sonic Generations - 20th Anniversary

Remember back in the day when Sonic the Hedgehog was awesome? Where it was classic side scrolling with great music? Well it seems that SEGA is beginning to remember those days too. It seems that to celebrate Sonic's 20th Anniversary that SEGA is going to be releasing a new game. Don't stop reading because I said 'new game' just yet!! I know the last several Sonic games have failed to meet any kind of decent standards but I have hopes for this one. Sonic Generations seems to take a dual approach to the game's gameplay type. You can play the game as a standard side scrolling Sonic game (which looks pretty awesome!) or you can play it as the new modern 3rd person 'racer' type game which is more 3D. It's a good way to get re-playability up and to draw in both crowds of fans. You can check out the official site with its trailer and screenshots. Generations will be released for XBox 360 and PS3. I was able to find some game footage that is a little longer tha…

R.I.P. Elisabeth Sladen

The Doctor Who universe is sadden today to hear that Elisabeth Sladen, better known as Sarah Jane Smith, has passed away earlier today at the age of 63. Elisabeth started her run on Doctor Who in 1973 beside the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, in The Time Warrior. She would go on to star in 80 episodes until The Hand of Fear in 1976 with the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. She would also later be in the first Doctor Who spinoff K9 & Company in 1981 and return again in 1983 for the special The Five Doctors. Elisabeth's popularity would have her come back to meet the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, in 2006 and make guest appearances in 5 more episodes throughout David's run as the Doctor. She held just a single adventure with Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, on her own spin off show, The Sarah Jane Adventures, which currently has 4 seasons, 47 episodes from 2007 to 2010.

Elisabeth Sladen has been a part of some amazing stories in Doctor Who and has been a great bridge between the classic…

New Spider-Man w/ New Suit Arrives

Its hard to keep track of what super hero is doing what and what new costume they are wearing these days. This has become abundantly true for our wall crawling hero Spider-Man. It appears that a new Spider-Man will be arriving and will be sporting an all new suit. As some fans may not want to be spoiled or see the new suit just yet I'm putting the information under a cut. Check it out if you don't mind spoilers or if you already know why a new suit is coming.