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Thor - Spoiler Free Review

Thor, the God of Thunder, is stepping into the realm of Midgard, but will the mortals of this world be accepting or turn their backs?

We're only half way through its opening weekend but fans all seem to be loving Thor and have not been holding in their thoughts. Rightfully so, Facebook and Twitter have been buzzing about how great Thor was. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, (known to many as Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets)the movie follows a solid (yet simple) storyline and delivers it well while staying true to the comics. It may have been done this way (Captain America may be written in the same manner) because Marvel is looking to this movie as an introduction movie that will pay off later when we reach The Avengers. There may not be a lot of bulk to this story but all the same the story that is in place does a fantastic job of introducing all the necessary characters and delivers a fun experience. One thing that I had not expected and found it to be a…

'Far East Movement' Enters D&D and Hogwarts

The group 'Far East Movement' had a hit with their song Like a G6 and it spurred a string of parodies that have amused fans across several fandoms. Two successful parodies are "Roll a D6" where you enter the realm of Dungeons & Dragons and "Like It's Quidditch" where you take a step into the shoes of a Harry Potter fan and party like a wizard.

Source: TotalFanGirl

Future of The Sarah Jane Adventures

With the death of actress Elisabeth Sladen the future of The Sarah Jane Adventures was in much debate. Some fans speculated they may end it with the last aired episode "Good Bye, Sarah Jane Smith" while others argued that they would at least air the few episodes that she had already filmed. Some die hard fans even thought that the BBC may have the show continue without Elisabeth Sladen. The BBC confirmed yesterday what the future of the show will be:

"Contrary to press reports today we can confirm that no new episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures will be filmed following the tragic death of actress Elisabeth Sladen in April, 2011. As a tribute to Elisabeth the six episodes that were recorded with her last year will be broadcast on CBBC at a date to be confirmed."

It's nice to see that they'll air what was already filmed and that fans will still have six more episodes to look forward to.

Source: BBC

May The 4th Be With You!


Besides being a general celebration of Star Wars today was the release of Star Wars on blu-ray. On Amazon you can find three different sets; Original TrilogyPrequel Trilogy, or the Complete Saga.

Reversed 'Skyward Sword' Music Is A Familiar Tone

A suspicious fan had the idea to reverse the music from the newest The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword trailer and found surprising results. When rawmeatcowboy listened to the reversed music he found that he was listening to a familiar tune. Click play to listen to the reversed trailer music from Skyward Sword.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - GDC 2011 trailer music in reverse by rawmeatcowboy

Upon listening to the reversed music you clearly here Zelda's Lullaby from Ocarina of Time. Could this be a mere coincidence (unlikely) or could Nintendo be sending its fans a hidden Easter egg? Or Nintendo could have just been lazy and recycled old music? (But lets hope that that is not the case here.)
Check out the trailer that this reversed music came from in my blog post here.

Source: SoundCloud

Kokiri Forest - Left 4 Dead 2

A dedicated fan has created an in depth map of Kokiri Forest from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the game Left 4 Dead 2.  Starting in Kokiri Forest, you fight your way through the hordes of zombies wearing green shirts to the Forest temple, fight your way through the temple and  then have to get through a devastating boss fight. I have provided Part 1 of this map. Check out Inker55587's youtube channel to see all the parts.

I love that you hear the actual Ocarina of Time (OoT) music for each section playing and that although it is clear that these players have played OoT and are fans, the majority of the players still get lost in the Lost Woods and you can listen to them run around screaming. All the joking references to OoT really made this entertaining to watch.