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Torchwood: Miracle Day - Episode Titles (Spoilers)

Set to air on Starz on July 8th, Tochwood: Miracle Day is quickly approaching and with the newest season of Doctor Who nearing its mid-season break you can bet that the people at Starz will be pumping out the advertisements and teasers. Below you'll find the episode titles for the 10 episodes on the newest Torchwood season.

*Do not read further if you want to stay spoiler free!

The episode titles are:

1. The New World
2. Rendition
3. Dead Of Night
4. Escape To L.A.
5. The Categories Of Life
6. The Middle Men
7. Immortal Sins
8. End Of The Road
9. The Gathering
10. The Blood Line

Source: Den of Geek

New Pokemon Game To Be Announced

It seems weird to be reporting on a new Pokemon game so soon after the release of Pokemon Black/White but if history has taught us anything it's that there's always a third game lurking in the shadows. Japanese magazine CoroCoro has stated that they will be revealing the new Pokémon game in its next issue which is set to be released on June 15th. However, if that is not soon enough for you, Dengeki Nintendo DS magazine had originally reported that they would release info on the game as well in its issue coming out on May 21st. 
Source: Serebii
Source: Andriasang

ABC Cancels 'V' and 'No Ordinary Family'

Its proving to be a rough day for television shows all around as news comes in that ABC has decided to pull the plug on two of its own shows V and No Ordinary Family. Coincidentally, these two shows made up ABC's Tuesday night lineup. 

After just 2 seasons and only 22 episodes, ABC has decided that their Sci-Fi alien drama 'V' was not drawing in enough viewers. Viewership declined slowly as the series went on and in the end it appears that fans had made up their minds that the show was not worth following. This is devastating news however to those fans who stuck with the show and saw the huge cliffhanger that V had left off on at the end of the second season. It was clear that the show had some big ideas for the third season and the story was beginning to get hot. Even bringing in Jane Badler and Marc Singer (Diana and Mike Donovan respectively from the original V) couldn't help the ratings.

Canceled after just 1 full season (20 episodes), No Ordinary Family couldn…

Wonder Woman Reboot Canceled

Wonder Woman seemed to be fighting an up hill battle from the start and it's now clear the show just did not have the strength it needed to prevail. NBC has decided to pull the plug on the reboot for Wonder Woman starring Adrianne Palicki as the title character. Even after the show redesigned Wonder Woman's costume (the first getting heavy backlash from fans on the internet) test screenings just did not go well.

With the show's premise being that Wonder Woman was apparently a successful corporate executive who has Amazonian powers, who decides to fight crime by night in tights and a halter top can you really be shocked that screenings didn't go well? There are fans who will surely be upset by this news but it seems that there are many who are happy to see NBC's decision, possibly because they rather not have a show than have a sub-par one. This is unfortunate however for Palicki who had stared in the show Friday Night Lights and was hoping that she had found her…

Robot Lightsaber Duel

Attendees of Shanghai’s International Conference on Robotics and Automation were treated to two Motoman robot arms (with 7-axis movement capabilities) pitted against each other in a lightsaber duel. The programmers must have had a great time creating this duel. Or at least we hope programmers were behind in this. This could be a scary glimpse into the future where robots have learned the art of the Lightsaber which cannot be good for anyone.
Duel picks up at 24 seconds.

Source: The Daily What

Burying The Gate - The end of the Stargate franchise.

May 9, 2011 will stand out to Stargate fans everywhere. It will mark the date of the last new Stargate episode in 14 years. After just 2 seasons on the SyFy channel Stargate Universe has ended its run. Whether or not the show had intended on the episode titled 'Gauntlet' to be the last episode it tied together the show quite nicely and was definitely a fun (and for some, emotional) episode to end on. Who knows, maybe SyFy or another channel will pick it back up in the future.

After the widely popular Stargate series SG-1 and Atlantis, many people are wondering why Universe didn't catch on like its predecessors. There could many different reasons but I feel that one reason might be the overall feel of the show. SG-1 and Atlantis both had a feeling of action and adventure. From encountering different alien races to battles both on planets and in space, these shows these shows had action and adventure written all over them. When you step over to Stargate Univers…

Pokemon / Dr. Seuss Mash-Up

Draw2D2 hosts a bi-weekly mash-up contest and the last contest mixed Pokemon with Dr. Seuss! I have attached two entries that I thought were particularly well done but would recommend stopping by Draw2D2's blog to check out the others as well. His next contest will mash-up Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean!
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Superhero Sleepwear

We've recently seen bathing suits that look like R2-D2 and C3P0 from Star Wars but what about clothes inspired to look like characters from other fandoms? Well Spencer's has created five new outfits in their loungewear category that will have any Marvel fan excited (both girls and guys). This sleepwear set for girls comes with a spaghetti-strap cami top and elastic-band sleep shorts designed to look like Spider Girl, Emma Frost, Captain America, She Hulk, or Black Widow and are priced at $25.

Harry and The Doctor - FreeFlight

Crossing two great fandoms, Doctor Who (the Matt Smith era) and Harry Potter, twisfer has created a short, exceptionally well done video that shows the Doctor rescuing Harry from Number 4 Privet Drive and taking him to the school that we all know and love, Hogwarts. Soon Harry will learn that it's true what they say; the Doctor can take you to places you never thought possible.