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Set Photos Confirm Superman's New Suit

In the beginning of the month I reported about Superman's new suit for the upcoming movie Man of Steel. The photo released by Warner Bros. sparked a lot of debate about whether or not Superman would be wearing the traditional red trunks over his pants since you could not see them in the photo. Fans went back and forth about whether he was wearing them and whether or not they wanted him to be wearing them.

The debate is now over. Recent set photos of Henry Cavill in the Superman suit reveal that Superman will not have the traditional red trunks as a part of his new suit.

I personally feel that the suit looks a little plain without the red trunks and therefore looks a little bad. If Warner Bros. wanted to get rid of them I feel a much better route would have been to make a movie version of Superman's new suit that is featured in the new rebooted DC Universe. He doesn't have the red trunks but does have a red belt. So it still gives you the classic look. Take a look at t…

Doctor Who - Amy & Rory; Proud or Disappointed Parents?

[Possible Spoilers for Season 6 Mid-Season Finale]

Though there many questions still unanswered, one of the biggest questions concerning River Song, a popular character in the Doctor Who television series, has been answered; who is she? This year's mid-season finale A Good Man Goes To War revealed to us that River Song is the child of Amy Pond and Rory Williams. However, the original name given to River by Amy was Melody Pond. It was explained that her name was changed because the People of the Forest do not have a word for 'pond' because the only water in the forest is the river. Though this doesn't explain why the translation of her last name became her first name and why she got rid of 'Melody' altogether. It also makes you question why she was with the People of the Forest in the first place.

Parents want to see their children grow up to be safe and successful. They want to know that they've done a good job at raising their child and that their child gr…

The 52 New Logos of the DC Universe

With DC Comic's recent decision to reboot the DC superhero universe, they had to choose whether or not to rethink and redesign the 52 comic logos to keep the new reboot of each comic looking fresh. Here is your chance to see all 52 new logos in one place. You'll notice that some logos are completely redesigned while some were kept the same. Which of the logos are among your favorites?
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Source: Newsarama