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Fan made The Dark Knight Rises opening sequence

Christopher Nolan should sit down and takes notes from this fan made opening sequence to The Dark Knight Rises because it is simply awe inspiring. An animator/compositor named Doğan Can Gündoğdu has created a brilliant opening sequence that would be perfect for Nolan's new movie. Doğan Can Gündoğdu cleverly uses candid photos of the cast and puts them against a newspaper background that gives the perfect lead in for the character of Bane in the movie. Many may say that it doesn't have the 'Batman' feel but you cannot argue with the talent that went into creating it.

From their Vimeo page you can see that Doğan Can Gündoğdu created and composited the sequence, while the modeling and animation were done by Günışığı Cihangir. The music used in this video is by Massive Attack and is called "Suck Me Up Dub."

The Dark Knight Rises - Opening Credits Project from Doğan Can Gündoğdu on Vimeo.

Source: ComicBookMovie

Every Doctor Who episode in 10 minutes

Stuart Humphryes, known on youtube as BabelColour, has updated his 2008 tribute video to Doctor Who and has now included every episode from 'An Unearthly Child' in 1963 to 'The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe' in 2011. (This video of course does not include the 106 episodes that are missing from the BBC archives.) The great thing about this video is that at the end he even goes as far as to include spinoffs and 'In Character' appearances in alternative media. The video is quite detailed and when it came down to numbering the stories Humphryes had this to say (and I personally agree with him):
"The numbering is a personal issue. I consulted with Wikipedia when compiling the tribute but I disagreed with some of the decisions made by the people who contributed to the page. 'A Good Man Goes To War' is not, in my opinion, part of a two-episode story with 'Let's Kill Hitler'. The storyline, locations, guest artists and directors are al…

Vampires return to Horror

When writer and creator Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre) sets out to write a vampire tale, you know you will get the very best. If you are familiar with 30 Days of Night then you know that his vampires are blood thirsty and will rip you apart if you cross them. For his next project, Niles has team up with artist Menton3 (Monocyte, Proof: Endangered, Crawl to Me) to create a vampire comic that will bring vampires back to the horror genre. Working with Dark Horse comics, Niles' new vampiric tale will be entitled Nosferatu Wars and will be released later this year. Synopsis:
The Black Plague was a time of death and misery ... except for the undead. For vampires the Black Death was a welcome relief from being hunted and a time of incredible growth for the undead. On the night of their wedding, two vampire lovers are torn apart and separated for five hundred years, setting off a sequence of events that will bring the modern world to its knees!

“I haven’t been this …

Doctor Who - The Eternity Clock trailer

At long last we get our first glimpse of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. This new game was created to be a whole new adventure staring the Doctor and River Song and the game designers worked directly with the show's production team in Cardiff. From the trailer we can see that the game will be a 2D platformer and will feature all the the current Doctor's main enemies. However, the Weeping Angels seem to be missing from this trailer. Perhaps they are a surprise villain later in the game?

Surprisingly, this new Doctor Who video game will be released only for the PS3, PS Vita, and PC. So Whovians who do not own a SONY system or a capable PC will have to head to friends' to play. Even more surprising is the graphics that the game has which doesn't seem to be on par with some of the newer PS3 games to be released. All the same the game looks like it will be fun. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will hit shelves in March 2012.