Doctor Who Infographics

As a huge Doctor Who fan I find these infographics absolutely amazing!
If you have ever had a friend ask you to explain who the Doctor is to them, then you know the difficulty that this question can create and the eventual twitch you get halfway through the explanation because of Doctor Who's complexity. Bob Canada has solved this problem and created some brilliant infographics that gives an overview of the Doctor and can explain everything to that new Doctor Who fan. He has recently updated the infographic to fix a few minor information errors.

This first infographic explains to us who the Doctor is (including all 11 of his regenerations) and explains to us what the TARDIS is.

This second infographic maps out the occasions where the Doctor has teamed up with his prior regenerations to solve a problem that was simply too big for only one of him.

A full size revised infographic (1008x1512) for the Doctor can be seen here
A full size infographic (1200x1800) for the Doctor Team-Ups can be seen here.


  1. Hey, thanks for the shoutout! I appreciate it.

  2. @ Bob Canada - no problem! Your drawing style is fantastic and I love your Doctor Who stuff. Its my pleasure to share it with my readers :)


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