Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles - Episode 2 "Bomb" is released!

"Set in an alternate universe where Superman is the son of General Zod, President Amanda Waller turns to the man of steel when a weapon malfunctions and threatens to destroy a city. That weapon's name... is Brainiac."

I have to admit that although not much happens in this 6 minute episode it is completely packed with some of the strongest emotion that you will find in an animated film. This particular episode has Superman squaring off against Brainiac and delivers an extremely powerful performance. You would be strong pressed not to walk away from this video feeling some pretty strong emotion about what you just witnessed. That, or you didn't fully understand what the video was showing you.

This was brilliant. I loved it!

Episode 3 of Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles will focus on Wonder Woman and will debut on Friday.

Source: YouTube - Machinima


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