Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles - Episode 1 "Twisted" is released!

"Set in an alternate universe where Batman is actually Kirk Langstrom, the dark knight pursues a new, more unhinged Harley Quinn."
The first episode of Bruce Timm's Justice League: Gods And Monsters Chronicles has been released on Michinima and it focuses on Batman and Harley Quinn. It is titled "Twisted" and it definitely is. Be warned however as these versions of the characters are vastly different than what you may be used to. This 6 minute first episode (out of three) gives fans a lot of information about this universe's Harley Quinn and just how warped she really is and I love it. It also nicely reminds you of how Batman/Kirk Langstrom in this universe is a vampire.

Episode 2 will be released on Wednesday and I would imagine that it'll solely focus on either Superman or Wonder Woman with Episode 3 focusing on the character that is left.

Source: YouTube - Machinima


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