New trailer edit turns the Ghostbusters trailer into the 1997 Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon.

Fan reactions to yesterday's Ghostbusters trailer for the 2016 reboot is extremely mixed. There are people who are completely on board and those taking to the internet to scream about their childhoods being torn apart.

One dedicated fan, Mike Colver, decided to make his own edited cut of the trailer that uses footage from the trailer, teaser trailer, and the hidden viral video to make it look like the cartoon into to the Extreme Ghostbusters. Extreme Ghostbusters was an animated series that aired for a single season in 1997 and was a sequel series to the original series The Real Ghostbusters in 1986. The result is perfect. I've included both the trailer recut and the original intro to Extreme Ghostbusters below.

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Source: YouTube - Mike Colver
Source: YouTube -


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