A new team defends New York from ghosts in the first official Ghostbusters trailer!

The much anticipated trailer for the new Ghostbusters film has been released!

I like how this new trailer acknowledges the original film (though the film itself will not). I still do not know how I feel about this film but I am definitely interested. The effects used for the ghosts looks cool but all the ghosts look the same so I'm hoping there's variety we haven't seen yet. Another change is that it looks like this film will use a more obvious style of comedy than the original. There is a nod to the Librarian Ghost as well as Slimer's big reveal. I did smile when hearing the original theme being played here and there throughout the trailer. They play with your nostalgia while still offering something new. I also have to say that the new ghostbusting equipment looks very interesting in action (in a good way). I also like that we see a wide range of ghosts in this trailer.

I have to let this trailer sink in and watch it again but I can say that I enjoyed it and I know many out there will as well.

[EDIT - 12:40pm] Did anyone else see the "That's a big Twinkie" billboard in the Times Square scene? Nice nod to Winston Zedmore.

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Source: Ghostbusters News


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