Rapid Fire Review - A Quiet Place.

In his directorial debut John Krasinski (best known for his role as Jim in the US version of The Office) has landed himself a smash hit with the drama / thriller film A Quiet Place. I was able to catch this film this past weekend and thought that it was absolutely phenomenal. This film stars John Krasinski and Emily Blunt and features a family living in the not too distant future where creatures have appeared that hunt down and attack sound. As such, the human population must learn to live their lives without making sounds in order to survive and hide from the creatures. With minimal spoken lines this is essentially a silent film.To this end, the cast and crew did a beautiful job to bring such strong emotion into the film with their writing and acting when words were not readily available to them. There are moments of sign language in the film but that too is used sparingly (though much more than the spoken word). The acting in the film is wonderful and you really get a sense of how close this family has to be in order to survive in the world they now inhabit.

I think it was a bold choice to start the film 89 days after the creatures' appearance. However, even though there was little backstory given on what led up to the events of this film you find yourself not caring as you're pulled so deep into the story that you're more concerned with what's going on in the moment than what led up to it. Also, I thought it was a smart choice to only show the audience quick glimpses or specific body parts of the creatures before finally revealing the full creature later on in the film. Especially for this kind of film, this was key. The creatures themselves reminded me a small bit of a much smaller version of the Cloverfield creature and that's not a bad thing. I liked their look and the way they were brought to life in the scenes. They were not too scary in appearance but when put into the situation of the scenes and when you realized how fast and deadly they were they became scary.

Overall, I loved this film. At no point did it feel drawn out and I found my attention grabbed at even the simplest scenes due to the nature of the characters' situation of not being able to make sounds. I highly recommend this film to everyone out there. To everyone who worked on this project in front of and behind the camera, well done!

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