Marvel stunt doubles answer the question who would win in a fight between Elektra and Black Widow with an epic fight sequence.

Comic fans love pitting their favorite heroes and villains against each other to see who would win in a fight. Wondering which skills would topple the other and who would come out on top is a great debate between friends or a argument depending how it goes.

One pairing I had not thought of however has been brought up and it is brilliant. Who would win in a fight between Marvel's Elektra and Black Widow? To answer this question, Lauren Mary Kim, the stunt double for Elektra in the Netflix series The Defenders, got together with Amy Johnston who was Black Widow's stunt double from Captain America: Winter Solider and fought it out. Really. They put together an amazing choreographed fight scene with the help of stunt choreographer Tsuyoshi Abe. The resulting video which was shared on Lauren Mary Kim's Instagram is a lot of fun to watch. Watch the fight below and be sure to comment who you think came out on top here and who you think would win in either the MCU or the comics.

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Source: Instagram - Lauren Mary Kim


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