Incredible video figures out the net worth of DuckTales' Scrooge McDuck's fortune.

If you are familiar with Disney's DuckTales character Scrooge McDuck at all then you know he is insanely wealthy. But just how much money does Scrooge actually have? The Film Theorists have created an amazing video that dives deep into this question and completely dissects the character in his comics, shows, and more.

"Disney boasts a ton of classic franchises, but one of the best will always be DUCKTALES. I mean it created the childhood fantasy of swimming through a literal pool of GOLD! But one thing has always troubled me. Just how rich is Scrooge McDuck? Well buckle up, Theorists, because after days of research, hours of math, and a few good refreshing swims in the old money bin I have finally discovered the answer!"

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Source: YouTube - The Film Theorists


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