Incredible new style roller coaster coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas for Wonder Woman.

It was just announced that a Wonder Woman roller coaster is being built at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and it will truly be one of a kind (for now). This new roller coaster, Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth, is looking to have a 2018 opening and as seen in the concept photos and video provided will run on a single railed track as opposed to a normal two railed track.

"instead of riding a set of two rails like traditional coasters, its narrow trains would soar along one 15.5-inch-wide steel track. It will be the world's first single-rail IBox track coaster."
The coaster will send out eight riders per train for a truly incredible experience.

"Wonder Woman will climb a 113-foot hill, drop about 100 feet straight down at 90-degrees, and hit a top speed of 52 mph. It will include overbanked turns and the free-floating sensation known as airtime. Among its three inversions will be a "180-degree stall," in which the train will roll halfway over and suspend riders for a few agonizing moments before it unrolls and returns them right-side-up."
Sounds pretty great to me. Check out the concept photo below to see the full coaster and see how some of the banked turns look unnatural for a coaster. The single rail system allows for new style of turns and inversions that a normal coaster wouldn't.

Because of the single rail system that this coaster will utilize, this is said to become one of the smoothest coasters that fans will ever ride.
"Traditional wooden coasters are known for knocking passengers around. Their rickety, rough-and-tumble ride experience is part of their charm. Steel-tracked coasters can mitigate some of the roughness, but even they have an inherent problem: Because they ride on two rails, the slightest misalignment between the left and right sides can result in moments of roughness. With Wonder Woman's single rail, nothing could get out of sync."
Below you can watch the concept video of the coaster and see how the single seat train will also change the riders' experience allowing them to look directly down to either side of them as they will not be seated next to anyone. This coaster looks and sounds like it will be an amazing ride and I cannot wait.

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Source: YouTube - Theme Park Point of Views
Source: USA Today


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