X-Men: Dark Phoenix set photos reveal a new visor for Cyclops.

When X-Men: Apocalypse revealed the new X-Men costumes at the end of the film fans went nuts. They looked great and were in tune with what we know and love from the comics. However, the curse of X-Men films is that they reveal great new costumes at the end of the film and then we never seen them again.

Staying in line with that trend, actor Tye Sheridan has been seen on set for X-Men: Dark Phoenix wearing a new visor for his character Cyclops. So far this is just a minor change so we'll see what happens but I'm actually torn about this change. I actually like that this new visor goes out to his ears like a set of glasses would but I feel the visor itself seems to be a little thick. I liked the thinner red visor from X-Men: Apocalypse, although that one was maybe a little too thin. I can only assume they did this to make it easier for Sheridan to see what he is doing while wearing it.

What do you think of Cyclops' new visor?

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be in theaters on November 2, 2018.

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Source: ComingSoon.net


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