Warner Bros. and DC announce that The Flash film will be titled Flashpoint.

In a surprise move, Warner Bros. and DC have revealed that the upcoming Flash film will now be titled Flashpoint. That's right! In a bold move they will adapt the Geoff Johns storyline for the DCEU (DC Extended Universe).

"Flashpoint was a 2011 series written by DC Entertainment President and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and illustrated by Andy Kubert. In the comic series, Barry Allen goes back in time to try to prevent his mother’s murder. However, time gets altered where Barry is no longer the Flash, and it creates an alternate reality for his Justice League friends."
This is a bold move indeed by Warner Bros. and DC. I personally think it is just way too soon to be introducing Flashpoint in the DCEU and that it is crazy that they would do that particular storyline as The Flash's first solo film. Don't get me wrong, the comic story arc is amazing but to bring it to the big screen this early is rushing it. Could Warner Bros. be using this storyline to alter things in their film universe that they know need to be fixed but cannot fix any other way? It'd be a smart move from a DCEU standpoint but again, just way too early.

How do you feel about Flashpoint being the first Flash film?

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Source: Deadline


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