Bruce Timm states that Batman and Harley Quinn is set in the Batman: The Animated Series universe.

Bruce Timm, creator and artist for Batman and Harley Quinn, has come forward during an interview with stating something that fans are going to absolutely love. This new animated film featured the same art style and the return of several key voice actors from Bruce Timm's Batman: The Animated Series. As it turns out, this new film is set in the same universe as the iconic 1992 Batman series. While talking to ComicBook Timm stated,
"“It’s kind of classic Harley,” Timm says. “Early on we decided we were going to set the movie in the classic, Batman: The Animated Series universe. That meant the character designs and bringing Kevin [Conroy] and Loren [Lester] back to play Batman and Nightwing.
So it's kind of the classic Harley. She’s kind of the wacky clown girl. When we meet her in the beginning of the story she’s actually kind of tried to put that behind her and she’s out of prison and she’s just trying to get on with her life and then Batman, of course, just has to pull her right back into the whole capes and cowls thing and then Wacky hijinks ensue.”"
This is really exciting news as Batman: The Animated Series was arguably the best animated Batman to be released. When questioned whether or not this new film will be canon for the Batman franchise Timm was unsure but stated that it is to him.
"“I don’t really know. I personally kind of think that it is, but I’m not actually in control of what’s in continuity and what isn’t because there’s been several other classic Batman animated-style movies that I didn’t have anything to do with, so technically they’re canon even though I didn’t have anything to do with them, so technically this could be continuity or it could just be head-canon. I don’t know.”"
If it is canon for Bruce Timm then it is canon for me!

What do you think of this new revelation from creator Bruce Timm? Would you want to see more animated films in this style?

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Source: Comic Book


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